Reward offered for Giovanni Gonzalez’s return

Ernesto and Giovanni Gonzalez

Ernesto and Giovanni Gonzalez

Reward Offered For Missing Lynn Boy:

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nine months since Giovanni Gonzalez disappeared. If you don’t know who Giovanni Gonzalez is I’m not surprised. The story has hardly been a blip on the national media’s radar.

Giovanni is a 6-year-old boy from Boston who back in August of last year was supposed to have spent the weekend with his sperm donor, Ernesto Gonzalez of Lynn, Mass. When Giovanni’s mother went to pick Giovanni up he was gone and Ernesto Gonzalez said that he didn’t know what happened to him. Ernesto has been in jail ever since, refusing to give police any information on his son’s whereabouts.

Ernesto Gonzalez gave an interview to Boston media claiming that he killed Giovanni but police say there’s no evidence to back that claim up.

National (U.S.) media could probably assist a great deal helping to find Giovanni but they’re too interested in the Casey Anthony story. The only national media outlet that has featured Giovanni’s story is America’s Most Wanted.

Ok, enough ranting for now.

Anyway the police in Lynn, Mass. are offering a $7,000 reward for the return of Giovanni Gonzalez.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Lynn police at 781-477-4436.

Since national media won’t help to find Giovanni I guess it’s up to us. Please spread the word about Giovanni’s plight. Let’s do what the national media refuses to do. Let’s help get Giovanni home.