Death Sentence upheld in Ohio craigslist killings

Death Sentence upheld in Ohio craigslist killings

Richard Beasley

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since Richard Beasely was sentenced to death. Not surprisingly, he hasn’t been executed yet. If Ohio doesn’t impose a moratorium on the death penalty, I give him about another 15 years before his date with the needle.

In case you may not remember Richard Beasley, he concocted a plot where men would be lured to Ohio for a phony farm job Beasley posted on craigslist. Three me were shot and killed by Beasley after responding to the ad. Those men were Ralph Geiger, David Pauley, and Timothy Kern. A fourth man, Scott Davis, was able to escape from Beasley’s attack.

Beasley also employed a teenage henchman by the name of Brogan Rafferty who helped Beasley dispose of their victims’ bodies. The pair would split any ill-gotten gain they were able to claim from their victims. Rafferty was tried as an adult and sentenced to life without parole.

Beasley was attempting to steal the men’s identities, probably because he was already facing criminal charges for drug and human trafficking.

This past week, the Ohio State Supreme Court upheld Beasley’s death sentence. Beasley’s defense argued there were errors in the trial which should cause a new trial. However, not only did the Ohio Supreme Court vote unanimously that Beasley’s conviction should stand, but the court also voted 6-1 that the Beasley’s death sentence should remain. The only thing more perfect than that in Ohio was the Cleveland Browns 0-16 season last year.

But again, as is the problem with most death penalty cases, Beasley will probably never get the justice he truly deserves. While Beasley can file appeal after appeal, Ralph Geiger, David Pauley, and Timothy Kern can’t appeal their death sentences and they didn’t even commit any crime.

Accomplice of Ohio Craigslist killer has life sentence upheld

Brogan Rafferty

Brogan Rafferty was 16 when he helped Richard Beasley commit the murders of three men in Ohio back in 2011. Beasely lured his victims to Ohio by using a craigslist ad promising employment on a ranch. Instead Beasley would shoot them and try to steal their identities in order to evade the drug and human trafficking charges he was facing. His victims were Ralph Geiger, David Pauley, and Timothy Kern. Beasley tried killing a fourth victim wo was able to escape which eventually led to the pair’s capture.

Rafferty’s involvement consisted of digging the shallow graves for the victims, driving Beasley around and splitting the take with Beasley. He was tried as an adult and prosecutors alleged that Rafferty was well aware of what crimes he and Beasley were committing. A judge and jury agreed as he was convicted on aggravated murder charges and sentenced to life without parole in 2012.

Recently Rafferty had his sentence upheld by the 9th District Court of Appeals. He tried arguing that his confession to police was coerced as he unsuccessfully did prior to his trial. He also tried arguing that juveniles are not eligible for LWOP sentences which if memory serves me correct juveniles are only ineligible for mandatory life sentences. Rafferty’s sentence was not a mandatory sentence. I’m surprised they didn’t argue that the teenage brain is not fully functioned and can’t grasp simple concepts like life and death. That’s been a favorite of those convicted of murder as a juvenile.

Rafferty’s next stop will more than likely be the Ohio Supreme Court.

Richard Beasley sentenced to death for Ohio craigslist killings

Richard Beasley

Craigslist killer Richard Beasley sentenced to death:

Previously an Ohio jury recommended the death penalty for 53-year-old Richard Beasley after he was convicted of killing 51-year-old David Pauley, 47-year-old Timothy Kern and 56-year-old Ralph Geiger. Yesterday Beasley was officially sentenced to death for killing the three victims in the craigslist job scam murders. Beasley was in danger of going to jail for drug and human trafficking charges and was going to steal the identities of his victims to avoid capture.

By my estimation Beasley will more than likely be 73 when his execution date finally rolls around. Since Beasley appears to be in not so good health he’ll probably die of natural causes long before then.

Beasley stated in court that his conviction will be reversed. Don’t hold your breath on that one.

Richard Beasley convicted of Ohio craigslist killings, jury recommends death

Richard Beasley

Ohio jury recommends Craigslist killer be sentenced to death:

First I apologize for not being current in this story, real life and all that.

Anyway last week 53-year-old Richard Beasley was convicted in the killings of 51-year-old David Pauley, 47-year-old Timothy Kern and 56-year-old Ralph Geiger. Beasley lured them to Ohio by posting craigslist ads promising employment on a ranch but instead killed the three men in order to steal their identities. Beasley was facing criminal prosecution on charges of drug and human trafficking. Beasley enlisted the aid of a family friend, the then 16-year-old Brogan Rafferty. Rafferty was convicted and sentenced to life without parole. Beasley’s schemes unraveled when a fourth victim got away after being shot in the arm.

Yesterday an Ohio jury recommended the death penalty for Beasley. The judge is expected to issue her sentence next week. Ohio is no slouch in the death penalty department having executed over 50 criminals since 1999. On the downside by my estimations it’s usually an average of a 20 year wait between crime and execution.

Brogan Rafferty gets LWOP for craigslist murder scheme

Brogan Rafferty

Brogan Rafferty

Teen gets life in prison for Craigslist killings:

Previously when I’ve posted about Brogan Rafferty and his role in the Ohio craigslist killings I said that I doubt that he would receive a life sentence. I felt that he was more coerced into the crimes he committed by the ringleader of the plot, Richard Beasley. Boy I couldn’t have been any more wrong. Last week Rafferty was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

It seems both the judge and jury felt that Rafferty was more of a willing accomplice than a terrified teen…

Judge Lynne S. Callahan made it clear that she didn’t accept Brogan Rafferty’s claims of being a frightened kid unsure of where to turn for help as he helped Richard Beasley kill three men.

Beasley’s actions were evil. “You embraced the evil. You studied it. You continued it,” Callahan told Rafferty during his sentencing hearing Friday in Summit County Common Pleas Court.

Rafferty dug the graves of the victims, served as Beasley’s wheelman, and had even shared meals with the victims knowing full well what Beasley had planned for them. At any time Rafferty could have gone to police or warned Beasley’s victims. Fear is a great motivator but at what point do you see someone else being killed that you finally do something. We’ll never know at what point that would have been for Rafferty because their fourth victim survived. So maybe it was somewhat naive of me to think that Rafferty wasn’t fully complicit in this scheme.

Beasley is looking at a possible death sentence when he goes to trial in January.

Brogan Rafferty convicted in Ohio craigslist killings

Brogan Rafferty

Ohio teen faces life in prison after aggravated murder conviction in deadly Craigslist scheme:

17-year-old Brogan Rafferty was convicted last week for his role in the murders of three men in Ohio. Rafferty, along with the mastermind of the plot 52-year-old Richard Beasley, were accused of luring at least four men to Ohio with phony craigslist ads that promised long-term employment and boarding. Three of the men were killed. Beasley allegedly concocted the scheme in order to steal the identities of his victims since he was facing human trafficking and drug trafficking charges. The victims were 51-year-old David Pauley, 47-year-old Timothy Kern and 56-year-old Ralph Geiger.

Rafferty was charged as an adult and faces a life sentence. As I’ve stated before I don’t think that Rafferty will receive a life sentence since there is evidence that indicates that Rafferty was forced to assist Beasley under the threats of violence to himself and his family. I wish they would have tried Beasley first to possibly get a better understanding of Rafferty’s involvement.

Beasley is looking at the death penalty.

More details revealed in Ohio craigslist killings

Brogan Rafferty

Brogan Rafferty

Details of ‘Craigslist Killings’ Revealed:

This past week in court the recorded statements of Brogan Rafferty were played. Rafferty is a suspect in the Ohio killings of three men who were lured there by fake craigslist ads promising long-term employment. The ads were allegedly placed by 52-year-old Richard Beasley who is also believed to be the actual killer. The then 16-year-old Rafferty has been charged as an adult.

Rafferty’s lawyers are trying to get the statements thrown out claiming that the police coerced Rafferty but that’s neither here nor there right now.

In the taped statements Rafferty did not admit to killing any of the victims but admitted to helping Beasley dispose of the bodies and splitting the stolen items. Rafferty said that he knew what he was doing would help Beasley run from the law. Beasley was a friend of Rafferty’s family for 20 years.

Beasley supposedly was trying to steal the identities of his victims so he could escape prosecution for drug and prostitution charges. Beasley allegedly prostituted over a dozen women and a girl as young as 17.

Rafferty is looking at life for his role in the murders however I don’t see him getting a life sentence and I’m not sure he deserves one. Considering how twisted Beasley seems to be I wouldn’t be surprised if Rafferty was being threatened by Beasley into helping him with his dirty work.

Beasley is looking at the death sentence if convicted. That death sentence should be Beasley being tracked down in the woods and being hunted like his victims.

Richard Beasley charged with Ohio craigslist killings

Richard Beasley

Richard Beasley

Adult in Ohio Craigslist case charged with murder:

This past Friday 52-year-old Richard Beasley was indicted for the craigslist murders of Ralph Geiger, David Pauley, and Timothy Kern. Beasley is accused of posting a phony craigslist ad for employment at a nonexistent ranch then killing the perspective applicants when they showed up.

The indictment states that Beasley was allegedly the triggerman in all 3 murders and the attempted murder of Scott Davis who was able to escape his assailant.

Beasley was being held on drug and prostitution charges while investigators worked on the murder charges.

His alleged accomplice, 16-year-old Brogan Rafferty, has been charged as an adult.

Prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty for Beasley.

Teen suspect in Ohio craigslist killings to be tried as an adult

Brogan Rafferty

Brogan Rafferty

Craigslist suspect to be tried in adult court; teen cooperative with authorities:

16-year-old Brogan Rafferty has been charged as an adult in the Ohio craigslist slayings. Rafferty is accused, along with 52-year-old, Richard Beasley of luring 3 men to their deaths with a phony ranch hand job offer on craigslist. If his case was to go to trial he could be looking at life without parole.

Now normally I’d be all for charging a 16-year-old accused of murder as an adult but there has been so little about Rafferty’s involvement released that I’m not quite sure right now. So far the only thing I really heard about him was that he may have dug the shallow graves that the victims were found in. His father claims that Beasley led him to believe they were drainage ditches.

Anyway according to most reports it sounds like that Rafferty is going to enter into a plea deal in exchange for testifying against Beasley. I wouldn’t be surprised if that plea came with limited jail time if any.

Ohio craigslist killings post for 12/7/2011

Richard Beasley

Richard Beasley

I know I’ve been behind so today I’ll be posting the updates on this story in daily posts as I get them. This post may be updated throughout the day.

Texas OK’d Craigslist suspect release:

Authorities in Texas allowed Richard Beasley to remain free after he violated his parole in Ohio on drug charges. Texas was only interested in bringing Beasley back there if he was convicted on the Ohio drug charges. While this is unfortunate Texas could not have known that Beasley was going to go on to allegedly kill three people.


Craigslist shootings suspect back in Akron court, pleads not guilty in prostitution case:

Beasley pleaded not guilty to the prostitution charges against him. If you’ll recall he is accused of profiting from prostitution. Allegedly 14 people were under his employ including a 17-year-old girl.


3rd Body Possibly Tied to Craigslist Ad Identified:

The 3rd fatality possibly connected to the craigslist killings has been officially identified as 56-year-old Ralph Geiger of Akron.


Craigslist serial murder suspect faces death-penalty trial in Summit County:

As you can surmise by the headline prosecutors in Summit County, Ohio have announced that they will seek the death penalty against Beasley.


Possible 3rd Ohio Craigslist Victim Died in August:

Investigators say that Ralph Geiger was murdered back in August which could make him the first victim of the craigslist murder scam.