Politicians want vaping banned on airlines who already ban it


Politicians really make my head hurt with just how clueless and out of touch they with the American public. Recently seven US Senators, all Dems for those of you that care, called on the Department of Transportation to ban vaping and e-cigs on all US commercial flights. The thing is that all commercial carriers in the US already ban vaping and e-cigs on their flights without government interference.

Why do we need a government ban if there is a private ban already in place? Your tax dollars at work people.

Here’s a list of the Malfeasant Seven…

Signing on to the letter were Barbara Boxer of California, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Tom Harkin of Iowa, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Jack Reed of Rhode Island and Edward Markey of Massachusetts.

I’m not surprised to see Blumenthal on there but where is Senator Jeff Merkley? This is right up his alley. Maybe he’s too busy working on a ban of anything that has a flavor from being carried on a plane.

Richard Blumenthal compares vaping to Joe Camel

Choose your destiny

Choose your destiny

In my opinion U.S Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) has a history of backing legislation that is only designed to get him elected/re-elected and goes back to at least when he was the Connecticut Attorney General. In the past he has written legislation that does nothing to solve the actual problem but makes people feel like they’re doing something about it. So it’s not surprising that he’s taking a similar stance on vaping.

He’s spouting the usual rhetoric of how flavors specifically market to kids and then goes one step further. He brings up the specter of Joe Camel. For those of you who either didn’t smoke or don’t remember Joe Camel was an anthropomorphic camel that Camel Cigarettes used as a mascot in their print and billboard advertising in the 80s and 90s. The government gave R.J. Reynolds (no relation) Tobacco the smackdown saying they were using a cartoon character to market to kids all because kids could identify Joe Camel. Blumenthal calls vaping the new Joe Camel.

Blumenthal called on the federal government to ban the “despicable” marketing of e-cigarettes and e-hookahs to kids, branding these products “the new Joe Camel.”

The senator brought props to the press conference: packages of “crazy apple,” “strawberry margarita,” and “blueberry blast” disposable “hookahs.”

“All of these flavors should be prohibited,” Blumenthal declared.

In my opinion Blumenthal could not care less about vaping and e-cigs but wants the pear twisters to think he does. It’s how he gets to keep his job or get a new one.

As the article is quick to point out you don’t see Blumenthal calling for a ban of flavored alcohols do you. Or how about a ban on cigarettes all together? Isn’t menthol a flavor?

If this assclown ever ends up in the White House we’ll all be moving out of country just so we can vape.

18 Attorneys General call for the shutdown of craigslist’s adult services but one is missing


AGs Call for End of Craigslist Adult Services:

Attorneys general target Craigslist:

Missouri AG Chris Koster joins other attorneys general asking Craigslist to remove adult ads:

Ohio AG: Craigslist should drop adult services:

Tennessee AG joins in call on Craigslist to eliminate adult services section:

AGs demand Craigslist drop adult services section:

Gansler among 17 state AGs calling for Craigslist to drop adult services:

Kansas AG Asks Craigslist To Remove Adult Ads:

In case you couldn’t tell this is big news.

18 U.S. State Attorneys General have called for craigslist to shut down the adult services section. Among those are Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Martha Coakley of Massachusetts, Chris Koster of Missouri, Richard Cordray of Ohio, Bob Cooper of Tennessee, Dustin McDaniel of Arkansas, Douglas F. Gansler of Maryland, and Steve Six of Kansas. Not mentioned are the AGs from Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

Of course craigslist was quick to pay lip service to the AGs…

Craigslist supports states’ efforts to stop illegal exploitation, spokeswoman Susan MacTavish Best said in a statement that did not indicate whether the website plans to get rid of its adult services section.

Of course they have no intention of getting rid of adult services. Craigslist has a history of flying in the face of common decency.

While this is a big piece of news there’s something missing. It’s easy for these attorneys general to call for craigslist to shut down adult services. There’s only one attorney general who if he put his name behind this movement would have a huge impact. I am of course referring to former governor, former mayor of Oakland, current gubernatorial candidate and current attorney general of California…


Jerry Brown

Attorney General Brown, we may be politically opposed in some of our views but for a man who cares about the environment and opposes the death penalty I would imagine that you would be opposed to the trafficking of women and children that is being facilitated by craigslist.

Craigslist is headquartered in your home state. In my opinion craigslist’s shameful record when it comes to prostitution, child prostitution and human trafficking is a black eye for the Golden State. If I can’t appeal to your heart I will appeal to your aspirations. How much of a huge political coup would it be in your current gubernatorial race if you got the biggest facilitator of human trafficking in the country to get that section of the website shut down?

Mr. Brown, I beg of you to add your name to that of the other state attorney’s general in asking craigslist to shut down the adult services section. Maybe they will listen to you.

Today Show exposes craigslist, Backpage gets another pass

Exposes is kind of a strong word. It’s more like they explained the obvious to the rest of America. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Please watch the following video from the Today Show on NBC as reporter Jeff Rossen shows that craigslist’s claims of cleaning up its site of prostitution is a sham.


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

What I found most interesting is how some of the women say that they’ve never had a problem getting their prostitution ads on craigslist.

As usual craigslist did not respond to this report except to point to Jim Buckmaster’s blog which in my opinion is nothing more than the ramblings of a man so greedy he’s convinced himself of his own lies.

This report does one good thing. It brings craigslist’s facilitation of prostitution and human trafficking to the attention of mainstream America and not just the tech elite. However the report did have some misses.

The first is that they gave camera time to Conn. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. In my opinion Mr. Blumenthal cares more about his own political aspirations then the women and children being exploited on craigslist.

The second is once again the Village Voice Media owned Backpage gets yet another pass.  According to the Village Voice Media website their CEO is a guy by the name of Jim Larkin. As far as I’m concerned his name should be spoken in the same breath as Jim Buckmaster when it comes to CEOs who are aiding in the facilitation of prostitution and human trafficking.

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of craigslist and Jim Buckmaster however I’m also not a fan of double standards and I will work just as hard to see that the media spotlight is shone on Backpage just as brightly as craigslist.

Blumenthal subpoenas craigslist but not backpage

Connecticut AG subpoenas Craigslist over personals:

My favorite Attorney General is at it again.

Conn. AG Richard Blumenthal has issued a subpoena to craigslist to see if craigslist is ‘fulfilling its promise to help stop advertisements for prostitution.’

Apparently Mr. Blumenthal has a vision problem if he can’t tell that craigslist is not fulfilling its promise just by looking at the adult services or casual encounters sections. And that vision problem must be tunnel vision because Blumenthal is so focused on craigslist, not that they don’t deserve it, but does nothing about the Village Voice Media owned Backpage.

Is it any wonder that a lot of our populace have become disenfranchised with our politicians? They are absolutely clueless.

Conn. predators one step ahead of the state

Sex offender removal from social sites:

It seems that the sex offenders from our favorite MySpace bashing state of Connecticut were one step ahead of the clueless administration, especially our good friend State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

Connecticut just recently passed a law that said registered sex offenders not only have to surrender their names, which was in the old law, but now also have to surrender their e-mail addresses also to make sure they’re not on social sites like MySpace and Facebook. Why wasn’t this in the old law to begin with? Oh that’s right, because as I’ve shown time and time again AG Blumenthal is clueless when it comes to these matters and inly uses sex offenders on social sites as a crutch to garner votes.

Let’s hear from Blumenthal himself…

“Previous to now, we used simply names. Now, we’re using e-mail addresses, so we can take the e-mail addresses and simply cross-check what appears on Facebook or MySpace with the State Police,” said Attorney General Richard Blumenthal [D] of Connecticut.

Just now? That’s ridiculous and he’s talking like he should be proud of this fact. However it still doesn’t address the parents that don’t monitor their kids’ web activities, the registered sex offenders who don’t give their real info or the sex offenders who have yet to be caught.

Don’t believe the hype citizens of Connecticut.

AGs to meet with craigslist in NYC tomorrow

3 AGs to meet with Craigslist over sexual ads:

Attorneys General from Missouri, Illinois and Connecticut, Chris Koster, Lisa Madigan and Richard Blumenthal respectively, will be meeting with representatives from craigslist in New York City tomorrow. Those three represent a group of AGs who entered into the much-lauded agreement with craigslist in November. The goal of the meeting is to see what can be done about the erotic services ads.

I have a few questions about this meeting. The first is will Jim Buckmaster or Craig Newmark be there to represent craigslist or will they send one of their 28 other employees. I wouldn’t put it past craigslist to send some bewildered intern. “Hey Johnny, do you want to take a trip to New York?” I’m digressing again.

Secondly will the Attorneys General actually accomplish something at this meeting or will it be just more feel good PR for them so they can go back to their constituents so they can say “Look’ we’re doing something about it.” And where were the AGs before Julissa Brisman was killed? There’s nothing like knee jerk legislation.

I’m not saying that craigslist needs to be federally regulated but I do think they have a responsibility to their users to keep them from getting killed.

90K sex offenders on MySpace

MySpace Finds 40,000 More Sex Offenders, 90,000 Total:

After being subpoenaed by Conn. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal MySpace has identified 90,000 sex offenders that had accounts on MySpace. This is definitely bad news for MySpace that was supposed to be active in deleting accounts that belonged to registered sex offenders.

Let’s hear from AG Blumenthal…

“These convicted, registered sex offenders creating profiles under their own names unmasks MySpace’s monstrously inadequate countermeasures,” Blumenthal, co-leader of the state coalition focused on Internet social-networking safety, said in a statement. “MySpace must purge these dangerous offenders now

While MySpace definitely dropped the ball on this one I still believe that parents should be the first and last line of defense in protecting their kids. You obviously can’t trust MySpace to do it and I would add that you shouldn’t rely on the government to do it either.

Conn. AG wants sex offender data from MySpace, again

Conn. AG to MySpace: Turn over sex offender data:

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has subpoenaed MySpace, again, to get them to turn over information about sex offenders belonging to their sites.

Yet another PR move from the AG’s office in my opinion.

You know MySpace isn’t the only site where sex offenders reside. You may want to try Facebook and MyYearbook as well but MySpace is the face of sex offenders by the soccer moms that Blumenthal is courting for votes.

I have an idea. Why doesn’t the AG’s office try to find these sex offenders themselves. It’s not that hard really. Myself and other bloggers constantly find various criminals on MySpace. It’s not that hard.

But then AG Blumenthal wouldn’t have anyone to blame but his own office and that won’t happen. Nor will calls for more parental responsibility.

No easy MySpace answers

No Easy Answer for Protecting Kids Online:

A report issued by the Internet Safety Technical Task Force, led by Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society and ordered from 49 state attorneys general says what I’ve been saying for years. There is no software solution to protect your kids from online predators on MySpace among other threats. The report also says that parental oversight combined with technology and education are the best protection for you children. Parental involvement? What a concept. Why hasn’t someone said that before? Oh wait, that’s right, I did.

Now let’s hear from two of the most outspoken attorneys general on the matter. First up is North Carolina AG Roy Cooper.

Attorney General Roy Cooper of North Carolina said in an interview Tuesday: “Clearly, the main responsibility is on parents.” But he added that “because technology companies are providing this gathering space and encouraging children to come, they have a duty to put in place technologies that can help protect kids.”

I don’t remember AG Cooper saying anything about the main responsibility being om parents leading up to the election. Now that he’s been re-elected he’s putting the onus on the parents. Funny how that works. By the way I did not vote for him.

Now Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal…

Mr. Blumenthal said these measures are a step in the right direction.

“We see in our police work, in the trenches, that young people continue to be lured and enticed to very dangerous situations, sometimes resulting in criminal assaults as a result of contacts on social-networking sites,” he said.

Notice that he didn’t say anything about parenting.

My advice to parents has always been don’t expect the government or MySpace to have your children’s best interest at heart. You are the first and last line of defense when it comes to your children on the internet.