Maryland craigslist creeper pleads guilty

Richard E Woodward

Richard E Woodward

Maryland Man Pleads Guilty to Posting Ads on Craigslist to Entice a Minor to Have Sex:

I originally posted about 54-year-old Richard E. Woodward of Brunswick, Maryland here. He was the guy who posted on craigslist that all he wanted for Christmas was a hot young boy.

The hot young boy that responded was law enforcement. When police searched Woodward’s car they found boys briefs, a pornography video, condoms, and lubricant, and child pornography. He also promised the ‘boy’ that he would teach him how to perform sex acts at a park.

For all his creepiness and being a stereotypical pedophile Woodward was only sentenced to 10 years after pleading guilty. he’s also getting a lifetime on the infamous registry that doesn’t really stop offenders from re-offending.

Again it was probably the casual encounters section that Woodward posted his ad on. And again the much vaunted community policing did nothing to stop this ad.

All he wanted for Christmas was a hot young boy

Bail lowered in sex solicitation case:

You know how when someone says if you look up such and such in the dictionary it would have his picture? I think if you looked up child molester in the dictionary it would have this guy’s picture.

Anyway, Webster over there is 54-year-old Richard E. Woodward of Brunswick, Maryland. He’s been arrested on charges of sexual solicitation of a minor and child pornography. It seems that he allegedly posted an ad on craigslist that said “all I want (for) Christmas is a young hot boy,”. 

Someone on craigslist tipped off police who posed as a 14-year-old boy. Woodward allegedly sent the ‘boy’ a link to a website containing child porn.

Notice that someone called police about the ad. Notice there was no mentioned of the ad being flagged on craigslist. I wouldn’t really call that ‘community policing’ as craigslist would refer to it.

Thanks to Bay for the tip.