Child raping couple used craigslist to find others

Man, estranged wife charged with filming themselves raping girl, 4:

Our story starts with 38-year-old Richard Hockaday of San Diego. He’s a sex offender who posed as a single mother on craigslist looking for others to have some sort of ‘fantasy’ in either San Diego or the Seattle area. Hockaday is accused of sexually abusing a boy he was mentoring between 2003 and 2007.

Through craigslist Hockaday was able to meet Brian Beston, 36, and Hollie Beston, 31, of Burien, Washington. Allegedly the 360 lb Brian Beston would have sex with a 4-year-old girl while filmed by Hollie Beston in exchange for other child porn images from Hockaday.

Both Bestons have pleaded not guilty.

It shouldn’t be very surprising that these child molesting scumbags used craigslist to find each other. It seems to be the bulletin board of choice for pedophiles. I would love to know from Jim Buckmaster personally as to why that self policing of craigslist didn’t prevent this.