Virginia man killed in LetGo robbery, suspect still at large

Virginia man killed in LetGo robbery, suspect still at large

Joshua Grey

It’s been a while since I posted about a craigslist-like murder. In my absence, I’ve probably missed more than a few. Unfortunately, another one has happened recently. Last week, 23-year-old Joshua Grey was shot and killed after listing his iPhone for sale on the marketplace app LetGo. Joshua was said to have met his assailant alone at a local intersection in Richmond, Virginia. The killer shot Joshua and then took his iPhone. Joshua was able to get to a nearby convenience store where he tragically died from his injuries.

Police in Richmond have released surveillance video of Joshua’s alleged killer and are looking for the public’s help in bringing the man to justice. The video can be seen at this link. Richmond Police are asking for the public’s help in finding Joshua’s killer.

Anyone with any information about this homicide to call Major Crimes Detective T. Coates at (804) 646-0729 or contact Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000 or at The P3 Tips Crime Stoppers app for smartphones may also be used. All Crime Stoppers methods are anonymous.

Again I have to stress that if you use any classifieds site or app it’s imperative that you meet the other person involved in the transaction at a local police department. Many police stations have set up public meeting zones at their locations to better protect those buying and selling through classifieds. Some of these websites and apps have even set up listings of safe places to conduct these transactions. As I’ve said in the past, the old rules don’t apply anymore. Just meeting someone in public during the day isn’t enough anymore as the thieves and killers who inhabit sites like craigslist and apps like LetGo have stepped up their aggression in recent years leaving hundreds of bodies in their wake.

2nd arrest made in Va. LetGo murder

2nd arrest made in Va. LetGo murder

James McLaughlin III

Back in April, 16-year-old Jamaa Khalik Scott of Richmond, Virginia, was shot and killed after meeting someone through classifieds app LetGo. Scott was planning on stealing the phone being sold by grabbing it and running. Instead he was shot and killed by the seller who drove off.

Late in August, 20-year-old Roger Craig Brown III, of Chesterfield County, was arrested and charged with Scott’s murder. Now, a second arrest has been made. 20-year-old James McLaughlin III, of Chesterfield, has also been charged in connection with Scott’s murder.

Police are still being quiet about how the suspects are connected to the murder and which man allegedly pulled the trigger.

As I said before, it’s one thing to defend yourself during a robbery, it’s another to shoot a 16-year-old boy over a cell phone then flee the scene.

Arrest made in Va. LetGo murder

Arrest made in Va. LetGo murder

Roger Craig Brown III

I originally posted about the murder of 16-year-old Jamaa Khalik Scott here. He was shot and killed outside a middle school in Richmond, Virginia. Scott is said to have met up with someone who was selling a phone on LetGo, but Scott was allegedly planning on grabbing the phone and running. Instead, a struggle ensued with Scott being shot and later dying from his injuries. The suspect had been at large until now.

20-year-old Roger Craig Brown III, of Chesterfield County, was arrested and charged with the murder of Scott and is currently being held without bond. Police aren’t saying how they were able to connect Brown to the murder. However, police say the case is still currently under investigation.

Anyone with information regarding this offense is asked to contact Henrico police at (804) 501-5000 or Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000. Tipsters can also text Crime Stoppers at 274637, using the keyword “iTip” followed by their tip. Both Crime Stoppers methods are anonymous.

It’s one thing to defend yourself during a crime, it’s another to shoot a 16-year-old boy over a cell phone then flee the scene.

UPDATE 9/13/2017: Brown has had his charges upgraded to first-degree murder.

Va. teen murdered after trying to buy phone on LetGo

Va. teen murdered after trying to buy phone on LetGo

16-year-old Jamaa Khalik Scott of Richmond, Virginia, was shot and killed outside of a middle school after he went to meet someone who he thought he would be buying an iPhone from. Scott found the phone on the classifieds app LetGo. One witness and friend of Scott said Scott allegedly couldn’t afford the phone and planned on grabbing the phone and running. When the seller showed up, a struggle ensued, resulting in Scott being shot. The gunman was said to have picked up something off the ground before fleeing the scene. While the killing took place in Mid-April there still have been no arrests. Henrico County Police have asked LetGo for their help in finding the killer.

While there may be no good guys in this story, I have to add stealing a smart phone is not exactly a perfect crime. There are a multitude of ways smart phones can be tracked, and more than likely I doubt your average thief can think of all of them. The number of stories where cell phone thieves are caught are numerous and varied and usually end up in jail time for the thief. So the next time you think about stealing that phone, ask yourself if it’s worth the jail time, or in this case, the funeral.

Backpage pimp convicted of trafficking 14-year-old girl


Memphis man convicted of sex trafficking in Virginia:

32-year-old Dwane Washington of Memphis, Tennessee was convicted of prostituting a 14-year-old girl on Backpage. The pair was arrested in Richmond, Virginia this past April.

The girl was a runaway from Maryland who met up with Washington. She testified that Washington beat her and choked her on several occasions. She also testified that they had sex (child rape) on several occasions. Washington kept all the money that the girl made across several states.

Washington is only facing a minimum of 10 years behind bars.

Meanwhile Backpage continues counting its money made off of girls like Washington’s victim.

23-year-old woman charged with being a MySpace rapist

Jessica M. Thompson

Jessica M. Thompson

Woman, 23, arrested after ‘seducing teenager on MySpace and getting pregnant with his baby’:

Richmond woman arrested on sex-crime charge:

So the Daily Mail calls it ‘seducing’ and the local paper calls it a ‘sex-crime’. Again I have to point out that they should call it what it really is, rape. When did the term rape become so politically incorrect to use in a headline and for the Daily Mail no less?

Anyway 23-year-old Jessica M. Thompson of Richmond, Indiana was recently arrested after it was determined that she was allegedly knocked up by a 15-year-old boy that she met through MySpace. The pair met a year ago when Thompson was 22. Even a year ago who the hell was using MySpace? But I digress.

The boy initially told her that he was 18 but eventually Thompson learned the truth but continued to allegedly rape the boy.

The even sadder part is that she’ll probably only get 90 days in county while the boy gets a thumbs up and a pat on the back. If the gender roles were reversed we’d be calling for the suspect’s head on a pike and advising a life time of counselling for the girl.

Kentucky Breeders pimped out their teenage daughters


Couple charged with offering daughter for sexual favors:

Trial for couple accused of human trafficking delayed:

Ky. Couple Accused Of Trafficking Daughters For Sex:

As you can tell by the picture Ed and Bev Bighead up there are Anthony and Kathy Hart of Richmond, Kentucky. They’ve been charged with human trafficking for allegedly turning out their teenage daughters for prostitution. The Harts were arrested in December of 2010 and the trial is set to start this March.

According to reports the pair would go to local businesses and would ask men if they would like to ‘spend time’ with their 13 and 14-year-old daughters. The Breeders were first investigated when police found the two girls outside a movie theater dressed provocatively. The girls are said to have told police they would get gifts and money from men in exchange for sexual favors. The Breeders are also accused of taking pictures of the girls partially dressed. That’s important and I’ll tell you why.

While I can’t prove it and this is purely conjecture I can only think of one reason why they would take pictures of the girls like that. That’s so they could advertise them on the net on places like craigslist and backpage. I’m not going to get into why backpage and craigslist allow that. That’s for my other site. However I will say that both of those sites are prime territory for Breeders who are looking to turn out their kids. More than one person has been arrested for looking for ‘some time’ with someone’s kids.

I also wonder what the Breeders did with the money and gifts the girls got. Like most pimps I’m sure they kept it all for themselves and blew it on shit they didn’t need.

And to top it all off Anthony Hart had previously done time for trying to sell one of his daughters in a Wal-Mart parking lot back in 2001. How was this scumfuck even allowed to have any kids in his care after that?

I feel bad for these girls for having to be repeatedly raped by the pedophile johns at the urging of someone who is supposed to unconditionally love their children.

We have failed as a society.

Thanks to Diana for the tip.

Call and Respond to end world slavery


Human Trafficking Victim Speaks Out:

I’m sure you’ve noticed that haven’t made any posts the past two days. That’s because on Thursday I drove up to Richmond, Virginia to attend a screening of a movie called Call + Response. It was held at Richmond’s Byrd Theatre and was organized by the Richmond Justice Initiative and the International Justice Mission. I attended the screening with Greg Collier the CEO of The movie was also attended by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Janet Polarek.

Ms. Polarek spoke before the movie stating that the issue of human slavery and human trafficking was not an issue of Republicans or Democrats but an issue that we all need to be concerned about.

The funny thing was that when Greg and myself were talking to people before and after the movie that were completely unaware that craigslist and backpage were such huge sources of human trafficking in this country.

The movie itself was spectacular. It was a bout a musician who wanted to get other musicians together to bring awareness to the slavery that was still going on in the world today. Not only abroad but also in the US. It included music performances and interviews with politicians, journalists and activists. Unfortunately I was not moved by the movie. That’s probably because I’ve been writing about horrors like this for the past 10 years. However I am sure that most ‘normal’ people would be moved by it.

After the movie some of us retired to a restaurant across the street where a Q&A session was held. The one thing that stood out to me about the Q&A session was a woman who stood up and addressed the crowd. By looking at her you would think that she was just a regular person that you would see in an office setting or at the store or whatever. Her story was anything but regular as she told her story about how she was held in slavery in this very country as a prostitute.

After hearing her story about how many times she was almost killed and had her freedom taken away from her under the threats of extreme violence. I was so fascinated by her story I introduced myself to her using my real name. I told her about my website and how I’m using the site to call on sites like craigslist and backpage to end their facilitation of human trafficking and how I was working with Geebo to show that it can be done. When I was done she did the most amazing thing ever to me. She thanked me. For the first time in a really long time I felt like what I was doing was helping.

Which ties in with something that movie’s producer, musician Justin Dillon, said in the movie. He said if you want to help, find what you’re good at and use it to bring awareness to the problem. That’s what I am doing. I hope I can call on you to find what you’re good at and use it to bring awareness.

Marilyn Niqui McCown

One of my readers on the Latoyia Figueroa thread came forward and said that she too had a missing relative. A commenter by the name of Michelle said that she is the sister of Marilyn Niqui McCown. She has been missing since July 22, 2001, when she disappeared from a laundromat in Richmond Indiana. The link provides all the details you need. Take a minute and click on the link to see if you can help.

Didn’t this war end?

Lincoln statue ignites Confederate passion:

Thanks to Tongue Tied for the link. I’ve talked about this before the crash happened. Anyway, it made the news again for some reason. The National Park Service wants to put a statue of Abraham Lincoln on a historic Civil War site in Richmond, Virginia. The problem is Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy, and some people still think it still is.

According to the article “confederate heritage” groups have their white hoods in a twist over the Lincoln statue being placed in Richmond. They compare it to an Osama Bin Laden statue being put in New York. Say what? First of all Lincoln didn’t crash a plane into a building full of thousands of people. Secondly, he won the war and freed the slaves. They should be able to put his statue anywhere they want.

A member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans had this to say…

“The Confederate states never forgave Lincoln for the harshness of the Union Army’s bloody march through the South, which left Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley devastated and Atlanta and Columbia, S.C., in cinders. The statue, he said, “is a not-so-subtle reminder of who won the war, and who our heroes should be.”

First of all the war ended roughly 140 years ago. Secondly, there is no Confederacy anymore. It ceased to exist the minute that Robert E. Lee surrendered. Basically, if you oppose a statue of Lincoln you might as well just come right out and say that you’re in favor of slavery. And don’t give me crap about the Civil War being about states’ rights. It was about SLAVERY. That states’ rights argument is just so people don’t think you’re actually in the Klan.

And speaking of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, if you’re forming a group like that why don’t you just from Sons of Nazi Veterans while you’re at it. They lost a war too. Get over it you dumb, ignorant, racist white trash, hicks.