Robert Hull Marko gets life and then some

Robert Hull Marko

Robert Hull Marko

I last posted about Robert Hull Marko here. He was convicted for the brutal 2008 rape and murder of 19-year-old Judilianna “Judi” Lawrence in Colorado.

Judi was 19 and had met Marko over MySpace.

Yesterday Marko was sentenced to life in prison plus 84 years.

Outside of a death sentence this is a sentence befitting such a monster like Marko.

Robert Hull Marko convicted of MySpace rape and murder

Robert Hull Marko

Robert Hull Marko

Back in October of 2008 Robert Hull Marko, who was a soldier stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. was arrested for the rape and murder of Judilianna “Judi” Lawrence. Lawrence was a mentally challenged 19-year-old at the time of her brutal death. Marko met her on a Friday and  she was never heard from again. The pair had met through MySpace.

When police approached Marko about Judi’s disappearance he said that they had gotten into an argument and that he left her in the mountains. He then led police to her body. It was determined that Marko had raped Judi Lawrence and slashed her throat.

Last week Marko was convicted of Judi Lawrence’s murder and will receive at least a mandatory life sentence when he is sentenced at the end of this month.

More on Marko

Slaying Suspect Mother Says Son Should Get Death Penalty:

The mother of Robert Hull Marko believes her own son should get the death penalty for what he allegedly did to Judi Lawrence.

If you’ll recall 21-year-old soldier Marko met 19-year-old Judi Lawrence over MySpace. He’s accused of taking the developmentally challenged girl up to the mountains in Colorado, having ‘rough sex’ with her (ie, rape) and slitting her throat.

On Marko’s MySpace his mom, Elizabeth Hull, left the following comment on his MySpace…

“Open (your) eyes up. This could have been one of you. I am devastated by what my son has done and I will never know how her poor mother must be going through right now, but he has not only destroyed his (life) but he has destroyed her family and his own family. I believe with all of my heart even though I am his mother I will always love him, but he deserves the death penalty for what he has done.”

If you’ll remember yesterday when I checked Marko’s MySpace there was at least one female who was swearing her undying allegiance to him.

In interviews with Ms. Hull she reiterated her stance even though she removed the comment from his MySpace.

Marko also bragged of killing people in Iraq but there is no proof that ever happened.

Colorado does in fact have the death penalty but have only executed 1 person since 1977.

Personally I think Marko should be #2 but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

The rape and murder of Judi Lawrence

Decatur soldier accused in rape, murder led chilling life online:

I’m sure by the time I post this you’ve already heard about the arrest of 21-year-old Robert Hull Marko. He’s a soldier who was stationed at Fort Carson and had served in Iraq.

He was arrested in the rape and murder of 19-year-old Judilianna “Judi” Lawrence. The pair had met and communicated through MySpace. Lawrence was said to have had a learning disability. She met Marko for the first time on Friday and never returned.

When police approached Marko about her disappearance he claimed they got into an argument and he left her in the mountains. He eventually led police to her body.

When you look at Marko’s MySpace it seems that lived in a fantasy world. From his ‘About Me’ section…

I’m pure blooded Black Raptor born as human and one day will join the ranks of my fellow people, until till them i will keep fighting against humans and will do so till the day i die, i’m becomeing a true Black Raptor already, i’m becomeing a cold hearted killer and can kill without mercy or reason. Also it is my lifes goal to bring down the word of god by fear and by doing all those that belive in fucking false god will come to fear my name and the name of my people The Black Raptors.

The article states that this was based on an online role-playing game (RPG) but I think that it’s half from the game and half Marko’s own sick fantasies.

According to some of the comments left on his MySpace in the wake of his arrest one woman says that she still loves him and will stick by him (fool) but another recounts the horror of the accusations.

Scum like Marko are the lowest of the low. He took advantage of a trusting girl who didn’t know any better with a loving family. I wouldn’t doubt it if he planned on raping and killing her all along. Another social site profile of Marko’s said he was looking “for any kind of female that likes pain”. I’m thinking that Judi Lawrence was not that woman.

Thanks to Tony for the tip.