Woman and bad boyfriend indicted for missing boy’s death

Mother, boyfriend indicted in death of Idaho boy:

I’m sure you’ve all seen this story by now. 30-year-old birth organism Melissa Jenkins and her penis, 36-year-old Daniel Ehrlick Jr., have been indicted for the murder of Jenkins’ son, 8-year-old Robert Manwill.

Robert was reported missing in late July and his body was found in a canal August 3rd. Police aren’t saying exactly how Robert died but that it was not accidental.

She has a previous history of abuse and he has a criminal record.

What gets me about this story is here we have another alleged case of a parent killing their kid, leaving them in a ditch (canal, close enough) and then the child is reported missing. In this case the Boise police department, the FBI and a multitude of volunteers were involved. Why do people think that their trailer trash intellects can fool not only local police but also the federal arm of law enforcement?

You’re not that smart. If you were you wouldn’t hurt your kids.

Thanks to Karen B. for the tip.

UPDATE: According to the indictment Ehrlick had a history of abusing Robert while Jenkins did nothing to stop it. This is a capital case but it’s not known if the death penalty will be sought yet.

Thanks to VB for the update.