Reno craigslist pimp bragged of turning woman into prostitute

Robert Pariset-Bailey

Busted For Prostitution Post On Craigslist:

Citizen tips lead to arrest of alleged Reno pimp, help get alleged teen prostitute off the street:

White Reggae Man over there is 27-year-old Robert Pariset-Bailey. He was recently arrested in Reno, Nevada for allegedly prostituting a woman in exchange for drugs.

Police in Reno received a citizen’s tip about the craigslist ad allegedly posted by Pariset-Bailey that offered a woman in exchange for drugs. Police set up a meeting with Pariset-Bailey and gave him cash and fake meth. He allegedly bragged about turning the 20-year-old woman into a prostitute and said that he had other women as well.

The woman was arrested as well however she was referred to resources to help her get out of the business.

But Trench, isn’t prostitution legal in Nevada? Yes, but not in Reno or Las Vegas. This goes to prove my point that legalizing prostitution does not make the dark side of it go away. You can go to all the other counties in Nevada you want yet prostitution is still prolific in the two casino towns.

By the way craigslist, this is real community policing. Not your bullcrap way of letting the criminals on your website decide which ads should be flagged. Maybe you should look into real community policing.