Another VF stalker

Bothell man stalked teens on goth Web site:

30-year-old Sean E. MacMartin of Bothell, Washington has been arrested for stalking and grooming teenage girls for sex on the goth social site VampireFreaks.


Within the past few months, he’s been charged with five counts of rape of a child in the third degree in cases involving girls between the ages of 13 and 14. He coerced them into coming to his Bothell home.

Detectives fear there could be more victims.

The girls got to know MacMartin online. He used nicknames including Soroth, Darklord, and most frequently – Soth.

Eventually they agreed to meet in person at his home, believing the then 29-year-old was in his late teens or early 20s.

Some of the underage girls had sex willingly,

But for at least one, it was not consensual.

In court papers, one alleged victim says:

“… when “Soth” was cooking he asked (the victim) if she wanted some wine with her dinner. (the victim) told “Soth” that she was fourteen. “Soth” said that there were no cops around.”

After dinner, the victim says she fell asleep, then:

“… (the victim) said that she woke up to “Soth” biting her neck. (the victim) said that “Soth” held her hands above her head and sex with her even after she told him to stop.”


Charges have also been filed against MacMartin’s roommate, Robert Schwarzinger, who is accused of having repeated sex with a 13-year-old girl.


MacMartin was able to post his half million dollar bail and is currently out of jail.

I have a feeling we might be seeing Mr. MacMartin’s name in the future…repeatedly.