Former school board president wanted “Daddy Daughter Role Play” on craigslist

Former school board president wanted "Daddy Daughter Role Play" on craigslist

Robert Vashaw

(Story broke 4/27/2017)

50-year-old Robert Vashaw was arrested by the Aurora, Colorado police back in September of 2016. Back in April. At the time he was a school board president, but resigned shortly after his arrest. Back in April, Vashaw pleaded guilty to child solicitation charges due to a craigslist ad he posted.

The ad was entitled “Daddy Daughter Role Play” and was not very subtle as to what he wanted.

The ad read in part, “Daddy knows you’ve been a naughty girl. I looked at your computer today and saw all the naked pictures of boys. I’m going to tell Mommy unless you do something for me?? Would you like to play?”

He then started communicating with Aurora police, who were posing as a 12-year-old girl who responded to his ad.

Vashaw: “HI, How old are you?”
Undercover female: “I’m almost 13 … totally understand if ur not cool with that …”
Vashaw: “Wow. That’s so hot.”
Undercover female: “Really.”
Vashaw: “Yes Really. But I don’t want to get in trouble. But I would like to know more.”

When he was arrested, Vashaw claimed that this was absolutely, scout’s honor, the very first time he had tried something like this. His ad sure as hell doesn’t sound like someone who was doing this for the first time. He’s looking at two years in county lockup when he is sentenced at the end of June.

Again, for every craigslist creeper that is caught by police before they can hurt a child, there are scores more out there who are not being caught. If craigslist were to actually spend some of the millions of dollars they make into moderating their ads, just think about how many children could be saved. Instead, pedophiles and sex offenders are using craigslist as their own personal Amazon for children.

UPDATE 6/27/2017: Vashaw was sentenced to a paltry one year in jail.