A postscript to a brutal craigslist rape that’s six years overdue


Ever since I combined my many websites into the one you see today I’ve been doing a lot of maintenance on the site. I’ve been fixing dead links, broken images and the like. While working on some of the posts from 2009 I came across a story that I remembered vividly. It was the rape of a woman from Kannapolis, North Carolina. If you’ve been following me for any length of time you may know that Kannapolis is not too far from where I live. I was even interviewed by local media when the story first broke. The fact that it was local was not the reason it stands out so vividly for me. Instead it’s because the victim’s rape was solicited by her husband on craigslist. The husband posed as his wife on craigslist posting an ad claiming that she was into rape fantasies and wanted a man to come to her house and rape her. While others like Jebidiah James Stipe and Justin Crawford have committed similar crimes, this was the first instance of what I call rape by proxy on craigslist that I can remember. I never forgot this story because I never found out what became of the husband and the man he convinced to rape his wife.

The husband’s name was never made public to my knowledge in order to protect the identity of the victim. The actual rapist was a man by the name of Rodney Liverman. It bothered me that news of their convictions or sentencing were never made public. Not in the “I need to know because I’m a faux-journalist” kind of way but I couldn’t stop this gnawing feeling of curiosity for the outcome. I really wanted to know if justice was served and this feeling of not knowing has eaten at me for the past 6 years. So when I came across the story again while doing site maintenance I decided to finally find the answer once and for all. Fortunately, I actually know the name of the victim’s husband. I’m not bragging, it was sent to me by a tipster shortly after the crime happened. However, I have not made his name public in respect to the victim, and if she’s out there reading this please believe me when I say no disrespect to you is ever intended.

Anyway long story even longer I was able to find his information on his status. In 2011 he was convicted and was sentence to 32 1/2 years behind bars with a minimum of 25 years. I’m going to refrain from posting any information about him to avoid any connection to the victim. However I can provide a link to what happened to the actual rapist. Rodney Liverman was sentenced to 18 years with a minimum of 14 1/2 years.

Neither of these sentences seem long enough for the heinous crime they perpetrated but I am glad that it’s not a slap on the wrist. I also hope that the sentences were long enough for the victim to find some kind of solace.

More on Rodney Liverman, the alleged NC craigslist rapist

Craigslist rape case may cause legal hurdles:

More information has been released about Rodney Liverman, the man accused of raping a Kannapolis, NC woman whose husband arranged the rape through craigslist.

Last fall he broke up with his common law wife in Minneapolis, MN. She was able to get a restraining order against him claiming abuse. The pair have two children ages 9 and 12.

Kannapolis police are also saying that from the e-mails between Liverman and the husband that there is no question that Liverman knew he was committing rape and not participating in a role play.

According to the article from local station WCNC some local legal experts believe that due to the strangeness of this case not only is there a good chance that Liverman could actually beat the charges but that some other rules that are normally followed in rape cases, such as the victim’s past, could potentially be thrown out the window.

What I think the legal experts are forgetting though is the people of Cabarrus County that would more than likely be sitting on this jury. For the most part these would be down to earth people who have a very basic sense of right and wrong.

Police say NC craigslist rapist knew what he was doing

Suspect arrested in Craigslist rape:

Police in Kannnapolis, NC are saying that accused craigslist rapist Rodney Liverman knew that this was not a case of role play when the unnamed husband arranged to have his wife raped.

“It is complicated because there is an allegation of role-play,” said Capt. Chuck Adams of the Kannapolis Police Department. “However, the information leading up to this encounter has made it clear to us that this individual should have known this was not going to be a role-play.”

Liverman also has a previous criminal record. In 1994 he was convicted of assaulting a female and spent 10 days in jail for it.

These new allegations make this case even more scary. Not only the fact that a husband thought it was a good idea to have his wife raped but also because he actually found someone willing to rape his wife.

Kannapolis craigslist rape suspect caught

Police arrest second suspect in Craigslist rape case:

After receiving a tip from the Secret Service police have arrested 39-year-old Rodney Wayne Liverman of Norwood, North Carolina. He is believed to be the man who committed the rape of the Kannapolis, NC woman whose husband arranged for her rape over craigslist.

He’s currently being held on $250,000 bond.