Damien Echols celebrates an anniversary of death

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

I try not give triple convicted child murderer Damien Echols any more attention than he deserves because it’s what he thrives on. To that end he must be trolling everyone by posting the following on his Twitter account…


So what’s wrong with that you may ask? Why shouldn’t a man celebrate the fact that he’s alive? It’s because today also happens to be the 22nd anniversary of the day that he and his cohorts, Jessie Misskelley Jr. and Jason Baldwin, brutally murdered 8-year-old Cub Scouts Michael Moore, Chris Byers and Steve Branch. I’m sure this date is not lost on him. This is nothing more than Echols flaunting that he got away with triple murder more or less.

Not surprisingly, the Rolling Stone article I got his tweet from gets some information wrong.

Amid new DNA evidence, legal teams for the three men were able to secure their release from prison after changing their pleas from not guilty to guilty.

The ‘DNA evidence’ is no such thing because it does not implicate anyone else for the crime as much as the chalupas would like to think it does. Then again what do you expect from a widely discredited outlet like Rolling Stone.

On page 42 of the Rolling Stone

Yes, it’s true. If you haven’t heard by now yours truly was interviewed by Sean Woods of Rolling Stone magazine and the interview is in the current issue with Borat on the cover. It tells the story of how I got started doing this and of my brush with Kimveer Gill. It really is an interesting read and I’m not saying that just because I’m the subject. Mr. Woods also gives a list of what he calls the best crime blogs on the net including MyCrimeSpace, Steve Huff’s CrimeBlog.us, Mark Gribben’s The Malefactor’s Register, and Kim Cooper’s, Larry Harnisch’s, and Nathan Marsak’s 1947project.

Steve Huff also gave mention to some of his favorite crime blogs that he felt deserved attention. I’m going to add some more to both of those lists…

T.O. Crime

We here in the states are pretty much ignorant to the crime going on in other countries and we’ve kind of gotten the impression that our friendly neighbors to the north are virtually crime free. Not so says our good friend Harding who focuses and writes very eloquently about crime in Toronto.

Crime in Charlotte

This blog is about the crime happenings in my own town of Charlotte, North Carolina. It is written by a woman who was the victim of crime herself and who is very frustrated about the revolving door policy of the local courts. The Recent Arrests feature, complete with mugshots and arrest records, is my favorite.

Parents Behaving Badly

By one of the masters of blogging himself Jay Allen. This blog focuses on some of the stupid and sometimes downright evil acts parents can perpetrate on their children.

Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

Bonnie is a virtual packrat when it comes to crime news. When a crime story breaks that piques her interest you can bet that she’ll have all the links you’ll need for that crime.

Now, this isn’t to say that any of the other blogs on the blogroll are any better or worse. As a matter of fact, all the blogs on the true crime blogroll are worth reading.

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