Grandma’s Meth Lab

Grandma’s meth found in baby’s diaper:

In Sidney, Michigan police arrested 5 adults for having a meth lab in their house. Among those adults were Lorri Compo and her main squeeze Roman Sobie. Also present at the drug raid was Compo’s 1-year-old grandson Steven Rish Jr. After the bust Steven was released to his paternal grandmother who found a baggie of meth in his diaper.

Steven’s mother also lives at the residence and wasn’t home at the time of the raid. She claims she had no idea meth was being cooked in the house. I’m a little leery of that because meth productions causes a distinct odor. But she hasn’t been charged with a crime so that’s neither here nor there.

This is just further evidence of the trashification of our society. Grandmother’s are supposed to bake apple pies not cook meth.

Thanks to Leah for the tip.