Adoptive Florida Breeders water tortured blind handicapped son

Sad Clown and The Clown of Many Chins (Ronald and Tammy White)

Cops: Ronald & Tammy White locked blind, mentally handicapped adopted son in cage:

Spring Hill mom accused of abusing teenage son:

Ok kids, get out your scratch paper and your #2 pencils. It’s time to do a little trailer math. In this case the term trailer is more of a state of mind than an actual dwelling.

When Ronald and Tammy White lived in Georgia they managed to rack up over $150K in debt and twice declared bankruptcy. They also defaulted on both bankruptcies because they couldn’t make their pre-arranged payments. They adopted 3 teenage children which according to most reports would have netted them close to $18K a year. Now X equals why did they adopt the kids? Give me the answer and don’t forget to show your work.

Now I believe X equals they adopted teens in order to collect the benefits that the state of Georgia would have allowed them because at least one of them they allegedly didn’t take very good care of to say the least.

It seems that the Whites moved to Florida with their three adopted children. Recently they were arrested for basically water torturing their blind and mentally handicapped 16-year-old son. Police say that not only did the boy receive the stereotypical beatings at the hands of Ronald White but he was also forced to drink gallons of water as punishment then not allowed to use the bathroom.

Because of that police say the boy’s body began to shut down and he was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor dying of sepsis. Luckily he is recovering and all 3 children were removed from their Spring Hill home by DCF.

At last report it was still unclear if they were still receiving payments from either Georgia or Florida.

Whenever I see these stories about adoptive or foster Breeders who are just in it for the money I often have to wonder if it would be cheaper just to take care of the children they’ve allowed in their homes instead of going to these long and drawn out ways of abusing their kids. Not to mention for an adoptee being adopted is supposed to be a time of them being saved from a life without a family and not being thrust into an even worse situation because two assclowns can’t manage their finances.

How did two people like this even manage to adopt three children when for most people looking to adopt it costs them thousands of dollars? I understand that an incentive needs to be made for people to adopt older or special needs children but obviously there needs to be a better screening process. If I was a worker at whatever agency they got the children from two defaulted bankruptcies would have been a red flag that they could be adopting the children just for the money.

Anyway, these two assclowns should have their urinary tracts surgically sewn shut then forced to drink as many gallons of water as possible until they friggin’ burst. They deserve no less.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.