Mother on MeetMe tells child porn perv “I can’t put things in her mouth she gets sick she’s disabled.”

Mother on MeetMe tells child porn perv "I can’t put things in her mouth she gets sick she’s disabled."

Ronald Caryl

24-year-old Ronald Caryl, of Silver Springs, New York, has been arrested for allegedly receiving child porn from a woman he met on the social media site/dating app MeetMe. The woman, from Nashville, Tennessee, allegedly offered up herself for sex for money, but Caryl was reportedly looking for someone younger.

To get the real effect of their conversation I’ll just quote it here…

Officials say the woman wrote: “just $300 and u do what u want to me,” to which Caryl replied, “do you have a young girl who could join I’ll pay more…you into young girls?”

The woman responded, “as long as they r 18 and older.”

The defendant responded “Ya I meant younger I’ll pay 6000.”

The woman replied, “I can’t put things in her mouth she gets sick she’s disabled.”

Let’s stop right there for just a moment. While the instigator’s behavior is reprehensible, the mother’s response seems to indicate that she is actually entertaining the thought of allowing her one-year-old disabled daughter to be violated for money. Let that sink in for a moment while the conversation continues.

The defendant went on to say, “show me your daughter.”

The woman then allegedly sent a picture to the defendant.

Caryl continued to press the woman to send naked pictures of her 1-year-old daughter.

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What makes this even worse is that Caryl wasn’t even turned in by the woman. He was turned in by someone who worked at MeetMe who contacted the NCMEC who in turn contacted the FBI. So at least MeetMe is reporting some of the

Now if the charges are true then Caryl definitely deserves everything he’s got coming to him, but why have there been no reports of the girl’s mother being arrested. While not even the DOJ’s press release mentions if the picture he received of the girl was explicit, he was arrested on charges of receipt of child porn. If there has been arrest for the distribution of that child porn I’ve been unable to find it.

You know, I remember when MeetMe was known as MyYearbook, and was then touted as a safe social network for high school students. Now, it’s just a low rent mish-mash of MySpace and Snapchat with all the sexual subtlety of Tinder. While it’s nowhere near the level of Kik, MeetMe has its own long history of predators and sex offenders.

UPDATE 1/19/2018: Caryl has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to produce child pornography.