Rub my breasts

Man Wearing Bra, Slip Asks Woman To Rub His Breasts, Police Say:

Here’s another reason why not to invite craigslist buyers to your house.

A woman from Central Florida placed an ad on craigslist selling some of her bras. The person who showed up was 56-year-old Ronald Grocoff. He wasn’t buying them for his wife, or his daughter, or his mistress. Nope, they were for him…sort of.

When Grocoff got to the woman’s residence he asked to try on the bras. He did and also tried on a slip. Now here’s where it gets weird. Grocoff asked the woman to grab his pseudo-rack then started grinding against her and grabbed her boob.

Grocoff said, “I’m getting turned on,” according to the woman. “This is making me hot.”

Grocoff asked the woman if he could masturbate, the arrest report said.

The woman’s boyfriend restrained Grocoff until police arrived.

Who in the blue hell thinks you can just walk into a stranger’s home and start cranking one out while wearing her old underwear? Ew.

I know you probably wouldn’t want to be selling your bras in public but I wouldn’t let any craigslist ‘buyer’ into my house.