Tigard craigslist rapist convicted once again of craigslist rapes

Tigard man who met victims through Craigslist convicted of rape again:

Ronald Leistiko

Ronald Leistiko

Justice delayed may be justice denied but at least it’s justice served. Ronald Leistiko of Tigard, Oregon, was the very first craigslist rapist I ever posted about way back in 2007. He was accused of raping two people that he met through craigslist. One was a 25-year-old exotic dancer and the other a 15-year-old child prostitute. In 2008 Leistiko was convicted of rape and sentenced to 25 years behind bars. Then in 2012 the craigslist rape convictions were overturned after the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that a witness who claimed that she was raped by Leistiko but not one of the victims in the trial was allowed to testify.

This past week Leistiko was convicted once again of raping these two victims. Once again his lawyers tried arguing that the sex was consensual.

Defense attorney Lawrence Taylor argued that the victims were not believable.

The teenager refused to take the cash Leistiko offered her, Taylor said. Prostitution is all about money, he argued, so it didn’t make sense for her to turn down payment.

And, Taylor said, the girl’s pimp didn’t seek retribution for her even though part of a pimp’s job is to prevent rape.

Wow, who’s lower a child rapist or the man who tries to justify his clients intentions?

He’s scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow so keep your eyes out on this post for the outcome. I pray to God that it’s more than the 25 years he originally received. This scumbag fits the definition of monster to a t.

Ronald Leistiko’s convictions all upheld except for craigslist rape convictions

Ronald Leistiko

Ronald Leistiko

Oregon Supreme Court says convictions, except rape, still stand in Tigard Craigslist case:

Ronald Leistiko of Tigard, Oregon was the first alleged craigslist rapist that I remember posting about. I now have to say alleged because his rape convictions were overturned back in back in July. Originally Leistiko was convicted of raping two women he met on craigslist and acquitted of a third. The convictions were overturned because of the victims who testified never brought charges against him.

Now the Oregon State Supreme Court has upheld all his other convictions except for the rape convictions. That means that Leistiko is still guilty of sex abuse, strangulation, kidnap, assault, delivery of cocaine, furnishing liquor to a minor and prostitution.

Leistiko is not out of the woods yet. He could be retried for the rapes or prosecutors could try to get him to plea out. Personally I hope they go back to trial. Everything I’ve read about Leistiko just screams scumbag and I think they could easily score another conviction. If they offer a plea deal I’m sure it will be for less than the pitiful 25 years he got originally.

Original craigslist rapist has convictions overturned

Ronald Leistiko

Ronald Leistiko

Rape convictions overturned in Tigard Craigslist case:

Ronald Leistiko of Tigard, Oregon was probably the first craigslist rapist I ever posted about. There may have been others before him but he’s the first one that sticks out in my mind. He was arrested back in November of 2007 and charged with raping women and girls that he met through craigslist. Some of his victims were prostitutes but Leistiko claimed that the sex was consensual during his trail. At the conclusion of his trial he was convicted for raping two of the women and he was sentenced to 25 years.

Last week his convictions were overturned. The Oregon Supreme Court ruled that one of his victims should not have been allowed to testify. That victim was a masseuse advertising in craigslist but was not a ‘happy ending’ type of masseuse. The court ruled that since charges were never filed from this victim that she should not have been allowed to testify at Leistiko’s trial.

So now the case will head back to Washington County and possibly also Clackamas County where prosecutors are eager to try him again. One prosecutor even said that there was a victim that was hesitant to come forward then but that they hope will change her mind now.

Hopefully Leistiko’s gamble will not pay off and he’ll be sentenced for more than the lousy 25 years he got and get a more lengthy sentence that he deserves.

Tigard craigslist rapist sentenced

Craigslist rapist sentenced to 25 years in prison:

The holiday has put me behind on my postings. This actually happened last week but I’m just getting to it now.

Anyway, one of the craigslist rapists has been sentenced to 25-years behind bars. That would be 53-year-old Ronald Marcus Leistiko of Tigard, Oregon. If you’ll recall Leistiko raped several women, mostly escorts, that he met through their craigslist ads. He also drugged up a minor to rape her as well.

I can live with 25 years but a serial rapist like this needs to be behind bars permanently at least.

Leistiko found guilty of rape

Tigard man convicted of Craigslist rapes:

Ronald Marcus Leistiko of Tigard, Oregon was convicted yesterday for raping two craigslist escorts one of which was only 15-years-old. He also supplied alcohol and cocaine to the 15-year-old.

He claimed at trial that he didn’t remember the 25-year-old escort who he tackled and raped after she only agreed to a striptease.

He was acquitted of raping an 18-year-old who placed a personal ad that said she was lonely and wanted to meet men.

Leistiko almost seemingly bragged about all the sex he had through craigslist. I wonder how many of those alleged conquests were victims who didn’t come forward.

He’s looking at 26 years.

Oregon craigslist rapist on trial

Craigslist ads at center stage in Tigard rape trial:

The first craigslist rapist I ever posted about on this site was Ronald Marcus Leistiko. He would respond to ads including escort ads and rape the women who came to his house in Tigard, Oregon. One of his victims was a 14-year-old girl.

His trial for multiple counts of rape among other charges started this week.

Not surprisingly Leistiko’s slimy lawyer is trying to blame the victims. You know, the ones that were raped.

“Craigslist has taken the world’s oldest profession into the Internet age,” defense attorney Timothy Bowman told jurors Wednesday in his opening statement. “You will hear some startling evidence about the nature of advertising on Craigslist.”

Bowman said as many as 2,000 ads a day are posted by women looking for men, just on the Portland section of Craigslist.

“The competition is fierce and the enticements are alluring,” he said. “And the promises are, well, for full satisfaction and that sort of thing.”

The defense is that the sex was consensual, in the context of prostitutes being paid for their services.

While I’m constantly posting some of the exact same things that the slimy lawyer said I would never use them as excuses for rape. I don’t think the prostitutes were paid to be beaten, strangled, and raped.

Leistiko is nothing but a serial predator who purposely preyed upon these women because I’m sure in his mind he figured no one would care about them or take them seriously. I hope the jury in Oregon proves me wrong.

More on accused craigslist rapist

Tigard man in court accused of Craigslist rapes:

In one of the posts I made about accused craigslist rapist Ronald M. Leistiko a commenter asked what kind of ad was Leistiko posting to lure these women to his house.

According to the article he wasn’t posting ads but responding to ads…

Leistiko allegedly answered ads on Craigslist along with other Internet sites, which offered services such as lingerie modeling and escort service.

That makes this case even more disturbing since one of his victims was 14.

Police need help with attacker

Police search for more victims of alleged Craigslist attacker:

Oregon police are looking to the public’s help in the case against 52-year-old Ronald M. Leistiko. He’s the Tigard, Oregon man accused of luring girls and women to his house via craigslist and raping them.

Investigators say Leistiko targeted escorts and strippers he met on Craigslist. The victims ranged in age from 14 to 35, police said.

He’s charged with assaulting three women, but an undercover officer believes there are likely dozens more who are afraid to call police.

Police say they won’t charge admitted prostitutes if they come forward to report they were raped.

Anyone who may have information or possible involvement is urged to contact either Portland Police Bureau Detective C. Waddell at (503) 823-0697 or Officer M. Burkeen at (503) 823-0424.

In addition, callers can also contact Tigard Police Detective Kevin Dresser at (503) 718-2576.

Oregon male used craigslist to lure girls

Police: Man Used Craigslist To Lure Girls:

52-year-old Ronald Leistiko of Tigard, Oregon is under arrest for a slew of charges all stemming from accounts that say he used craigslist to lure girls and women, some as young as 14, to his home in some cases assaulting them.

Leistiko was booked into the Washington County Jail on a laundry list of charges. He could be charged with rape, kidnap, prostitution, sex abuse, menacing, attempted rape, strangulation and unlawful sexual penetration.

Investigators believe there may be other unreported incidents that have happened at Leistiko’s home.

Anyone with information is asked to call 503-823-0697, 503-823-0424 or 503-718-2576.

Be vigilant ladies. I would not recommend using craigslist for dates. This is not the first story I’ve posted about someone using craigslist to lure someone to their home.