Va. man accused of MySpace abduction and rape

Rony N. Herrera Deleon

Rony N. Herrera Deleon

Fairfax man charged with raping teen:

27-year-old Rony N. Herrera Deleon of Falls Church, Virginia is not only accused of meeting a 17-year-old girl from MySpace but also abducting her, raping her and stabbing her.

After picking up his victim Deleon allegedly said that he had to stop at his aunt’s house and the girl went inside with him where Deleon stabbed and raped her. He also allegedly violated her with a foreign object.

Luckily, if you can really say luckily in this instance, the victim survived and was able to identify Deleon.

Kids, I implore you to stop going on these MySpace hookups no matter how well you think you know the person from meeting them online. The odds are that you don’t know them at all.