Florida school employee caught up in Kik child porn sweep

Florida school employee caught up in Kik child porn sweep

William Napolitano

William Napolitano was a Pasco County Schools transportation manager. That was before he was picked up by Homeland Security in a years long child porn investigation. HSI found Napolitano after busting a prolific child porn trader on Kik. Investigators say that Napolitano was in the trader’s contacts list. Napolitano was said to have used the alias of William Snyder and his Kik username was ‘routemeup’. Under that Kik user name he allegedly communicated with undercover investigators on Kik with subjects such as ‘Into yng rape’ and ‘Ynger the better.’

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When investigators caught up with Napolitano, he was said to be in possession of lube, a ‘male-enhancement’ device, a screw driver and baby wipes. What some of these scumbags are caught with is almost as funny as the excuses they give. However, child porn is no laughing matter. Whenever one of thsee images is shared it’s like the victim is being violated all over again and Kik is one of the largest trading avenues of the vile material. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Kik is in any hurry to discourage it.