Plea deal reached in MySpace child prostitution offers

Deal reached in MySpace case:

I originally posted about Ryan Clewell here. He’s the 26-year-old from Wisconsin who offered money for sex to underage girls on MySpace.

Today he pleaded no contest to seven counts of soliciting a child for prostitution.

Under the terms of the plea prosecutors are recommending sentence of four to six years with eight years of supervision once he gets out.

So he’ll be 32 at the most by the time he gets out. That will give him plenty of time to re-offend.

There should be no pleas and no light sentences for child predators.

Wisc. man used MySpace to solicit teens

Man accused of using MySpace to solicit girls:

Just when I think I’ve e heard it all comes a story that makes me realize that I haven’t.

25-year-old Ryan Clewell of Appleton, Wisconsin is accused of using MySpace to solicit underage girls as young as 12 from Neenah, Wisc. into having sex with him. Sounds like your usual MySpace creeper story but here’s the twist. Clewell allegedly offered them between $150 and $600 to his victims depending on what kind of sex he wanted. That little trick there got him charged with soliciting child prostitution.

Luckily it seems that he didn’t have sex with any of the girls. I wonder if he was actually going to pay them or if he was just using that to lure them. Either way he seems like a dangerous predator that needs to go away for a long time.