Yes there’s a Sandy Hook video game and why you shouldn’t be outraged

Sandy Hook-inspired game sparks outrage:


Yep, someone actually made a video game about the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. While most people are outraged my first thought was “What took them so long?” although not in a good way.

First off let’s discuss the term ‘video game’ in this situation. This is not a game you can go to the store and buy. It was not developed by Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or any one of their many licensed developers. This game was made by a single idiot in Flash, possibly in a parent’s basement, then posted on the internet for everyone to see.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way I actually played the game. It starts off in Historic Mode where you simplistically reenact the actions of Adam Lanza on that December day. The object is to go from room to room shooting as many teachers and students as possible after shooting your mother in the head. You have 10 minutes to kill as many as possible and once time runs out the game says the police have arrived and your character commits suicide. Once you finished Historic Mode it unlocks Gun Control mode. In this scenario you’re using a katana instead of a gun. When that mode is completed it unlocks a third mode where the teachers are armed. In case you were wondering I scored the highest on the armed teacher level.

When you complete the game you can hear a recorded message from the game’s creator stating that the game was made since after living in Texas the designer lived in Australia where they have tight gun control and believes the US should follow suit. In a nutshell he claims this game was made in support of gun control, but I call bullshit.

The game was made by one Ryan Lanbourn. If the name sounds familiar he made a similar game in 2007 called V-Tech Rampage about the Virginia Tech shootings. Was he arguing for gun control back then? Not really. He was extorting the internet instead.

I will take this game down from newgrounds if the donation amount reaches $1000 US, i’ll take it down from here if it reaches $2000 US, and i will apologize if it reaches $3000 US.

The newgrounds he speaks of is which hosts all sorts of tasteless games but surprisingly they have taken the Sandy Hook game down.

Now here’s why you shouldn’t be outraged. First of Lambourn is nothing but a troll and lives off of your outrage and as you should know by now you never feed the troll. Secondly in this day and age of the internet some jackass is going to post something that’s offensive after every tragedy that happens. If we’re outraged every time they do this they’ll just continue with every tragedy that happens. That’s why I was surprised it took this long for the game to become public knowledge. It took less than a month for Lambourn’s Virginia Tech game to come out.

So in conclusion stop being a bunch of knee jerkers and pearl twisters every time some assclown does something offensive. You’re only guaranteeing they’ll do it again.

Here’s his picture from 2007 by the way.

Ryan Lambourn

Ryan Lambourn

Australian V-Tech student reacts to V-Tech Rampage

Virginia victim blasts V-Tech:

This article is about an Australian girl who was at Virginia Tech at the time of the massacre. She had the following to say about the V-Tech Rampage game.

AUSTRALIAN Virginia Tech student Eleanor Brentnall survived the university massacre in which 33 people were killed and 29 injured.

After returning home to recover with family, the rising basketball star has been made to relive that horrific day by a video game created by a Sydney “sicko”.

“I can’t think why he would do something like this,” Ms Brentnall, 19, told The Daily Telegraph yesterday.

“I’m embarrassed this guy is from Australia. He gives us a bad name.”

Ms Brentnall, who has returned to her family home in Melbourne, said yesterday her Virginia Tech classmates would be devastated.

“It’s easy for someone who hasn’t ever been put though something like that to sit at home and make a video game as some kind of sick joke,” Ms Brentnall said.

“He should be thinking of the families that lost loved ones. Obviously he hasn’t had a great amount of life experience to be doing something like this and he probably just hasn’t thought it through.

“‘My team-mates knew people who were killed and injured and everyone is just devastated by this.

“An apology wouldn’t mean anything coming from him because he is asking money for it.”

Don’t worry Ms. Brentnall. The sane among us realize that this shouldn’t reflect badly in all Australians just because of one degenerate assclown.

Speaking of said assclown this article goes on to explain why he has obtained such levels of assclownery…

Unemployed western Sydney man Ryan Lambourn, 21, developed “V-Tech Rampage” and has demanded $US2000 ($2400) to take it off the internet and another $US1000 to apologise to victims and their families.

His website was shut down yesterday but the game is still available on the internet.

Mr Lambourn, who lives with his father at St Clair, posted this message on another website: “LOL (laughing out loud) my site is down because they got too many angry emails and they won’t put it back up with vtech still on it.”

Unemployed and still living at home. That speaks volumes.

Editorial on V-Tech Rampage

32 slain, and it’s just an online game to him:

Here’s a Virginia reporter’s take on the V-Tech Massacre game…

My urge was to buy a ticket bound for the land Down Under, to kick some Aussie.

Ryan Lambourn, a 21 -year-old Australian man, has designed an online game. Players walk a gunman through a college-campus bloodbath.

“V-Tech Rampage” begins with a murder designed to occupy police. You stop to mail a message to NBC after evading cops. Next up, “To Norris Hall so the real fun can begin.”

“I understand people’s objections… and don’t care,” Lambourn wrote in a posting online, using the online alias PigPEN.

His online name fits. It’s tough to say what art is, but this slop is hateful porn.

I played the game to see if Lambourn had anything to say about the tragedy I covered for a terrible week last month. There was no moral, just a path where progress equaled easy murder.

“I was kinda trying to prove a point with how easy it was,” Lambourn wrote online.

I’m kinda not buying that.

The Aussie’s game isn’t the first to make sport of the Blacksburg slayings. A website hosting the game has drawn more than 125,000 visits.

The same site also features other pieces of Flash animation about Virginia Tech. One is a graphic cartoon of the killings that was posted on April 18 – two days after the massacre.

That animation, “Virginia Tech Shootout! ” was the work of Karri Esala, 20, of Finland. I asked him what he thought of Lambourn’s game.

“I think making a game of the shootings this early is in very bad taste,” Esala said, “but that’s how it’s intended to be…. Let’s wait a couple of years and there will be a major movie studio making money on the V-Tech shootings, too.”

Other offerings at the site include “The Suicide Bomber,” where you play the title character; “Oklahoma City Escapades,” where you play Timothy McVeigh, and “Sniper’s Revenge,” starring you as John Allen Muhammad.

In Lambourn’s game, it’s easy to spot the reference to Liviu Librescu, the heroic Tech professor who blocked a door from the killer to shield his students while they escaped through second-story windows.

Librescu was shot and killed. He was 76, a Holocaust survivor. Last month in Blacksburg, I read messages to him at memorials, including: “You saved my best friends…. I will never forget.”

Lambourn memorializes him with an anti-Semitic remark.

Curiously, I’ve yet to find a game about the 1996 Port Arthur rampage that left 35 people dead in Australia.

Too close to home, mate?


I haven’t played the game yet because I wasted most of my tasteless game outrage on SCMRPG. But now after reading this editorial I’m definitely going to give it a try over the weekend.

V-Tech Rampage site shut down

US uni massacre game website taken down:

Well, well, well. It seems that one Mr. Ryan Lambourn has had his site taken down. The site that was hosting the flash-based game V-Tech Rampage has been shut down by his web host, Liquid Web. Not only that but somebody has taken it upon themselves to post Mr. Lambourn’s home address and phone number online. However the game is still being hosted at Newgrounds.

V-Tech Rampage hits the press

Ryan Lambourn

Ryan Lambourn

Outrage over Virginia Tech game:

V-Tech Rampage has made it to the mainstream press, in Australia anyway. The game’s creator, 21-year-old Ryan Lambourn, is just another mutant.

Lambourn said that while he felt remorse for those who had lost friends and relatives in the massacre, he also had sympathy for the gunman.

“No one listens to you unless you’ve got something sensational to do.” he said. “And that’s why I feel sympathy for Cho Seung-hui. He had to go that far.”

That’s a great message to send isn’t it? If you don’t get your delusional way go out and kill a whole bunch of people. Pathetic.

Let’s throw in some disrespect for the victims as well…

The game text also refers to “Emily”. Emily Jane Hilscher, 18, was Cho’s first victim. The subject of his infatuation, she was shot in a dormitory.

“Emily stayed overnight with her boyfriend, Karl, again last night. He’ll be dropping her off at school as always …,” the game text reads.

And sprinkle in a little bit of internet tough guy…

Players who fail to shoot the characters get the following message at the conclusion: “Mediocrity. You let Emily get away!

Are you always full of shit, McBeef? Try again, this time don’t be such a wuss.”

Mix it all together and what do you get? Just another attention whore mutant trying to cash in on a tragedy.

Or as one blogger put it…

“People like this need to be publicly beaten,” reads one blog comment. “This asshole is possible the worst little piece festering of pond scum in years.”