Central High shooter pleads guilty

Jamar Siler

Jamar Siler

School shooting victim’s family agreed to shooter’s plea deal:

It’s been an extremely long time since I posted about the 2008 shooting death of Ryan McDonald in the halls of Central High School in Knoxville, Tennessee. However it seems that this story has finally reached its conclusion.

It was in 2008 when a then 15-year-old Jamar Siler shot and killed 15-year-old Ryan McDonald. To this day I have not heard the motive behind the shooting. However I have seen reports that McDonald suffered from alopecia and was bullied by Siler. That’s right, the it’s the gunman who was believed to be the bully. Ryan was not afraid to defend himself though and that may have led to him being shot by Siler.

Fast forward to this week where Siler entered into a plea deal where by pleading guilty to the shooting he would be sentenced to 30 years with the possibility of parole in 20. Ryan’s family agreed to the plea deal.

As you can discern from this Siler was charged as an adult.

Brother of Central High shooter sentenced for bank robbery

Jamal Siler

Jamal Siler

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about the shooting at Central High in Knoxville, Tennessee. In 2008 a then 15-year-old Jamar Siler shot and killed 15-year-old Ryan McDonald within the walls of the school. To this day I have yet to hear what the motive was behind the shooting. Siler is still awaiting trial.

Two months after the shooting Siler’s sister, Ciara Siler, was arrested by US Marshalls on murder charges after she fled to Atlanta.

Now, Siler’s brother, Jamal Siler, has been sentenced to almost 15 years in prison for robbing a bank at gunpoint.

It seems that the Siler family can’t do anything without resorting to gun violence. Some would say that’s more reason to not try Jamar Siler as an adult. I say that’s even more reason since obviously he grew up in a criminal element that was well aware of the consequences of killing.

Central High Shooter killed because mommy drank says lawyer

Jamar Siler

Jamar Siler

Defense calls for brain scan of accused Central High shooter:

It’s been a while since we talked about Jamar Siler. Back in 2008 Siler is said to have shot classmate Ryan McDonald in cold blood inside the cafeteria at Central High School in Knoxville, Tennessee. To this day I have not heard a motive for the shooting. By all accounts Ryan McDonald was nice kid who never bothered anybody.

Siler’s lawyer has been granted a motion in which he will get a brain scan for his client. It seems that the defense is trying to blame the shooting on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome because Siler’s biological mom allegedly drank while she was pregnant.

“We have enlisted the help of one of the nation’s top authorities on fetal alcohol syndrome,” Greene said. “We’re of the opinion that’s a problem Jamar has had all his life.”

“If your brain doesn’t develop, that can take the intent away,” Greene said. “We’re not going to say he didn’t (kill McDonald), but did he intend to do it? Was it premeditated?”

Again with the so-called undeveloped brains. Siler was 15 when he killed Ryan and was charged as an adult.

Siler’s brain wasn’t so undeveloped that he wasn’t able to escape briefly from the correctional facility he was being housed in.

If he knew why he was being held he knows what he was doing when he shot Ryan.

I’ll give them this much, it is an original defense. Not a good one but original.

Central High shooter to be tried as an adult

Central High shooting suspect to be tried as an adult:

Accused Central High School shooter to be tried as adult:

Today a judge in Knoxville ruled that 15-year-old Jamar Siler will be tried as an adult in the murder of Ryan McDonald. Siler shot and killed McDonald in Central High School lat year.

Siler’s defense attorney, as defense attorneys are want to do, trotted out the old ‘blame society’ dog and pony show.

Siler’s attorney says the situation isn’t cut and dry. “This is a case– a classic case– of someone who has fallen completely through the cracks all his life,” Russ Greene said.

Greene brought in an expert witness who argued that because of his client’s chaotic and disturbed childhood, he should be committed into treatment.

You can fall through all the cracks you want it doesn’t change the fact that it’s common knowledge that if you shoot someone in cold blood like that you go to jail.

The judge has to be commended for mentioning a concept you often don’t hear in these matters…

Justice. I know that’s a common statement in situations like this, but that’s all we have. We just want to make sure that the outcome, whatever it may be, serves Ryan,” Roger McDonald said.

That’s what this is about. Justice for Ryan McDonald, not how hard a killer’s life was.

The McDonald family has set up a scholarship fund in Ryan’s name.

Central High shooter caught after escape attempt

Update: Escape will bring about changes at juvenile detention center:

Teen suspect in school shooting soon caught after escaping Knoxville facility:

If you’ll recall 15-year-old Jamar Siler allegedly shot and killed Ryan McDonald in the cafeteria of Central High School in Knoxville, Tenn. last August.

Apparently Siler didn’t care for his accommodations as he tried to make a break for it earlier today. Siler and another inmate were caught two hours after they bolted.

It sucks that he doesn’t like the living quarters but I’m pretty sure Ryan McDonald isn’t thrilled about his either since it’s six feet under.

No word yet if Siler will be tried as an adult yet but I’m sure this little stunt won’t help.

Central High shooter’s sister captured

Ciara Siler

Ciara Siler

Knoxville woman wanted for murder nabbed in Atlanta:

Ciara Siler was wanted in Knoxville, TN for the shooting murder of Jerri Lynn Goodman. US Marshals and Knoxville police have been looking for her for two months. Marshals finally apprehended her in Atlanta.

Ciara Siler is the adoptive sister of Jamar Siler. Jamar Siler is in juvenile custody for the shooting death of 15-year-old Ryan McDonald at Central High in Knoxville.

It seems the Siler family like to settle their disputes all in the same way, behind a coward’s gun.

I guess the rest of the family will have to alternate which prison they have to go visit.

Central High shooter may be tried as an adult

Prosecutors seek to try 15-year-old Central High shooter as adult:

Prosecutors have filed a petition to have Jamar Siler tried as an adult in the shooting death of Ryan McDonald.

The decision on whether Siler rates transfer to the adult court system rests solely with Irwin and could mean the difference between a few years of punishment and rehabilitation efforts in a juvenile facility and a minimum 51-year sentence in a state prison.

Under the law, Irwin must consider two key things – is Siler committable to a mental health facility and, if not, are there programs within the juvenile justice system to rehabilitate Siler.

No and no. Cue the whiners.

Knoxville teachers want students’ criminal records

Knoxville teachers want students’ criminal records:

After the shooting death of Ryan McDonald at Central High in Knoxville, teachers there say they want to know about students’ juvenile criminal records and who can blame them?

Personally I think they should do away with the whole sealed records thing. If you got caught drinking underage, big deal. Shoplifting, who cares? Vandalism, no big thing. Murder, rape, violent crime, that’s something that people need to know.

I can hear the whiny voices now though…But Trench what about second chances? Screw second chances. Their victims didn’t get second chances. Ryan McDonald won’t get a second chance. There are no guaranteed second chances in life. Deal with it.

More on the Central High shooting

More details are emerging about yesterday’s shooting at Central High School in Knoxville.

The victim Ryan McDonald suffered from Alopeica which is a disease that leaves you bald. According to family members he was teased horribly because of it. So maybe this is not unlike the E.O. Green shooting where the victim was the one actually being harassed.

As I mentioned yesterday the shooter is 15-year-old Jamar Siler. His sister, 22-year-old Ciara S. Siler, is a wanted fugitive in another shooting murder. The elder Siler allegedly shot and killed Jerri Lynn Goodman and is believed to be hiding out in the housing projects of Nashville. Jamar Siler was adopted into that family so it makes an interesting argument for nurture over nature.

Now tell me if this sounds like someone who deserved to be shot because I’m sure there is someone out there that will say that he did…

According to his uncle, Ryan already had a desire to help others — particularly those with challenges to overcome.

“He wanted to work with children. He was going to Helen Ross McNabb, and they would work with him there,” Roger says. “And I think he saw that he could help kids, because of stuff he had been through.”

Also according to that article donations in Ryan’s name can be sent here.

Also like I said yesterday Jamar Siler is being charged with first degree murder. Prosecutors have said they’re not sure yet if they will seek to have him tried as an adult. By now you should know my thoughts on that. Siler also had his probation revoked but his previous charge has not been made public.

Apparently Siler had quite the family support for his court appearance yesterday…

Siler’s adoptive mother and his custodian, a woman identified by the judge as his sister, were both in court, along with his biological mother and grandmother, plus several other family members.

Some of those family members say Siler’s biological mother lost custody of her six children years ago.

Quite the family history but still no excuse for murder.

Parents have been saying that there has been a lack of discipline in the school.

According to this article both victim and suspect had minor run ins with the law. It didn’t say what Ryan McDonald’s transgressions were but it did say that Siler had previously been cited for public intoxication.

The school flew the flag at half mast today.

Police are now saying that they know the motive behind the shooting but will only say it wasn’t gang or race related. They say the motive will be revealed on the 28th when a court hearing is scheduled.

Shooting at Central High School in Knoxville

Student guns down classmate at Tennessee high school:

As by now I’m sure you’ve heard there was shooting at Central High School in Knoxville, Tenn. where a 16-year-old student died.

The victim has been identified as Ryan McDonald. The suspect is 15-year-old Jamar Siler. No motive has been given as of yet. Siler is charged with first degree murder and is being held in a juvenile facility.

Witnesses say that Siler just walked away calmly after shooting McDonald.

More on this as details become available and time allows.

Thanks to Gage for the tip.