PA man arrested for showing his wiener on MyYearbook

I wonder if his wiener has a first name

I wonder if his wiener has a first name

North Whitehall Township man posted nude photos of himself on social website, police say:

Police in North Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania (again with Pennsylvania) arrested 21-year-old Ryan Michael Geiger for allegedly showing his wiener on MyYearbook. His words not mine.

In an Aug. 9 interview, Geiger apologized for “posting pictures of my wiener to minors,” records say.

Geiger is said to have posted the same pic of his junk on MyYearbook on six different occasions. MyYearbook, now known as MeetMe, alerted the NCMEC who in turn contacted police.

Wonder if he’ll get a foot long in lockup.

UPDATE 9/3/2013: Early last month Geiger pleaded guilty to unlawful contact with a minor. HIs sentencing is scheduled for November but he’s currently out on bond.

UPDATE 11/17/2013: Geiger only got three years probation. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up on these pages again.