Another SC man caught in a craigslist pedo sting

Ryan Bowlen

Ryan Bowlen

Little River man arrested in internet predator sting by Georgetown authorities:

The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina recently arrested 26-year-old Ryan Sean Bowlen of Little River, SC. He was charged with allegedly soliciting a child for sex through craigslist.

Reports say that Bowlen placed an ad on craigslist soliciting sex and received a response from a minor. Of course that minor was actually an undercover Georgetown Sheriff’s Deputy. Bowlen allegedly arranged to meet the minor for sex but instead was greeted with an arrest at the meeting.

If this sounds slightly familiar that’s because the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office arrested another man on similar charges a few weeks prior.

Again craigslist still needs to monitor its own site as the community policing is just a myth. The only community policing that happens is by real police.

UPDATE 10/12/2013: Bowlen pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two 10 year terms to be served concurrently and that even had 5 years suspended so he got 5 years. Way to send a message.