Teen sentenced to LWOP for murder and rape of 5-year-old girl

Dustin Wallace

Dustin Wallace

Teen who raped and murdered girl, 5, gets life without parole:

In July of 2010 a then 16-year-old Dustin Wallace was arrested for the murder and rape of 5-year-old Sahara Dwight. Wallace’s father was visiting Sahara’s mother when the murder and rape took place in Roseburg, Oregon. As I’ve reluctantly posted before Wallace killed Sahara before raping her.

Wallace’s defense stated that he suffered from Aspereger’s and that if he was on his meds at the time he would not have committed these atrocities. As I’ve said many times before Asperger’s does not limit your ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. If Wallace didn’t know what he did was wrong he wouldn’t have tried to lie to investigators.

So far in my recollection Asperger’s has never been used successfully as a murder defense and it shouldn’t be. There are many people who legitimately have Asperger’s who would all be thought as prospective killers if a defense like that was to ever succeed.

Wallace was charged as an adult and was convicted back in June. This past week Wallace was sentenced to life without parole. I’m sure some people may think that this is an overly harsh sentence, those people are fools. Wallace is a monster and at the very least should be caged like one.

Killer and rapist of 5-year-old girl goes on trial

Dustin Wallace

Dustin Wallace

Tears flow on witness stand in Roseburg murder trial:

Teen goes on trial in rape and murder of 5-year-old girl:

I haven’t posted about Dustin Wallace in a long time. In 2010 he was arrested for the murder and rape of 5-year-old Sahara Dwight. Disgustingly yes, it was in that order. Along with his father the then 16-year-old Wallace was visiting Sahara’s family in Roseburg, Oregon. Wallace’s father was dating Sahara’s mother. Wallace is said to have punched Sahara in the stomach and put his entire weight on top of her covering her mouth until she stopped moving. Then he raped her.

The reason I first posted about this story is because of Wallace’s age. In Oregon if anyone over the age of 15 is charged with a grave crime like this they’re automatically charged as an adult.

In my last post about Wallace I supposed that the defense would more than like try to raise some kind of mental defect defense even going so far as raising the bogeyman of Autism. I was right.

This past week during Wallace’s trial it was said by the defense that Wallace suffers from Asperger’s This is Trench’s shocked face. 😮

She said the defendant suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which contribute to his lack of impulse control, mood swings, and difficulty relating to others. Although he takes medication for these conditions, Fine said he failed to bring them with him on his visit to Oregon.

To my knowledge Asperger’s has never been successfully used as a murder defense in child or adult and I doubt it will be this time. And again every time that Asperger’s is used as a defense, especially in such a monstrous crime like this, it makes people think that anyone who suffers with Asperger’s legitimately is a killer or child rapist just waiting for an opportunity.

There’s a kid in my extended family who has been medically diagnosed with Asperger’s and he is the nicest, most respectful and talented kid you’d ever want to meet and has not had one incidence of violence. Unfortunately because of self-diagnosed assclowns who are just socially inept and equally ignorant lawyers it’s going to be seen as some kind of killers’ disease if we’re not careful.

And where’s the kid criminal crowd on this one? I have hardly heard a peep out of them in a while. This case is tailor-made for them. The kid is white and claims to be an Aspie. How dare he be charged as an adult.

UPDATE 6/24/2012: Wallace was found guilty on all counts. Sentencing to come at a later date.

He then raped the girl after she stopped moving

Documents: Ore. teen says he raped 5-year-old girl:

I originally posted about Dustin Wallace here.

He’s the 16-year-old from Roseburg, Oregon who’s been arrested for raping and killing 5-year-old Sahara Dwight. Both Wallace and Sahara lived in the same home as Wallace’s father was dating Sahara’s mother. Wallace has been charged as an adult.

In my last post there weren’t a whole lot of details about how he allegedly killed Sahara but court documents have been released that give further detail.

According to the documents Wallace allegedly told investigators that Sahara stared putting up resistance when Wallace was touching her. Wallace then put his entire weight on her, put his hand over her mouth and punched her in the stomach…

He said he then raped the girl after she stopped moving.

Then he checked Sahara for a pulse and there was none to be found. So for all we know he raped her after she had already been killed.

How could anyone argue that this piece of filth should not be tried as an adult?  It sure as hell sounds like to me that his warped mind was developed enough to know what he was doing.