Remorseless craigslist pimp gets the max

Sahim Lucas

Sahim Lucas

Bronx judge sentences “despicable human being” to max for pimping out 13-year-old girl on craigslist:

34-year-old Sahim Lucas of The Bronx was sentenced to 25 years in prison for prostituting a 13-year-old girl on craigslist. Bronx Supreme Court Justice Megan Tallmer gave him the max sentence allowed under New York law and had this to say about the defendant.

“You are as despicable a human being as I have ever come across,” she said sternly. “There is nothing here that would call for any type of leniency.”

Like so many other pimps and predators Lucas promised the runaway girl a career in modeling after meeting her in my old stomping grounds of Atlantic City in 2008. Once they got back to the Bronx things were much different. He advertised the girl on craigslist with explicit photos that he took of her. Also like most cowardly pimps he assaulted her and tortured her into working the sex trade for him.

During his trial Sahim showed no remorse even going as far to represent himself. Insert cliché quote about what kind of person represents himself.

“This is about you smiling for the cameras,” he shouted. “I didn’t do anything to this girl.”

You know, except for the assault, and torture and making her work like a slave for you.

We need more judges like Judge Tallmer that aren’t afraid to put these scumbags away for a long time where they belong.

If there is any true justice in the world Lucas will be traded around prison like the bitch that he is.