Airman charged with MeetMe sex assault of teen in Utah

Luis Salguero

Luis Salguero

Hickam airman booked in Utah for allegedly luring girls for sex:

Man facing Roy sex charges being investigated by multiple agencies:

27-year-old Luis Salguero is an Airman stationed in Hawaii who is from Utah. Police say that while in Utah visiting family Salguero had sex (child rape) with a 15-year-old girl that he met on MeetMe. Salguero allegedly posed as a 15 to 17-year-old boy with the alias of Jon Anders.

Police in Riverdale, Utah caught him in a car in a cul-de-sac waiting for a 13-year-old girl. Luckily the father of the girl called the police reporting Salguero as a suspicious person in the area. Further investigation discovered that he was allegedly ‘involved’ (raping) with underage girls from Roy, Utah. Police believe he may have other victims as well in Salt Lake City.

Now before all the ephebophiles, aka pedo defenders, open their vile mouths the age of consent in Utah is 18 with the exception that 16 and 17-year-olds can consent to sex with someone up yo 10-years-older than them. This does not apply to Salguero since all his known victims so far are under 16. The man is a predator plain and simple.

Parents, once again I urge you to find out if your underage child has a profile on MeetMe. It’s not a harmless social network. For the most part it is nothing but a hook up site and its users make no bones about that. It really should be called MeatMe since it is the internet’s meat market.

Child found covered in feces: This is not a repeat

Mother arrested after toddler tests positive for drugs:

Sharpie Eyebrows over there is 20-year-old Sara Jerz of Salt Lake City. Back in August police say they found her 19-month-old daughter home alone and covered in feces. Again, no word if they were human or animal. Anyway at the time of finding the girl police said her breath smelled like alcohol.

Well the toxicology report came back and it wasn’t alcohol at all. Instead the girl had cocaine and amphetamines in her system. And by amphetamines I’m going to assume it was meth.

The decline of American civilization continues unabated as I fear that good parents are slowly being outnumbered by garbage like this.

Thanks to Christie for the tip.

Assistant Pimp

Man charged in Salt Lake as Internet pimp:

A 20-year-old unidentified Salt Lake City man has been charged with being a craigslist pimp and forcing a woman into prostitution.

In his defense the alleged pimp was sought out by another man to be his assistant pimp.

Assistant Pimp? Does that mean he wears a paper wide brim hat with a name tag that says ‘Pimp Trainee’? Do a certain amount of hos need to feel the sting of your pimp hand before you can get promoted?