Freeman High School shooting decided on coin flip

Freeman High School shooting decided on coin flip

More news from back in September about the Freeman High School shooting near Spokane where one student, Sam Strahan, was killed and the 16-year-old shooter, Caleb Sharpe, was taken into custody.

According to documents released by investigators, Sharpe allegedly claimed that he made the decision to commit the school shooting based on the flip of a coin…

“Heads meant he would do it (shoot students at the school) and tails meant he would not do it and never think about it again, but the coin landed on heads,” according to court documents released on Wednesday. While searching Caleb’s room after the shooting, detectives found two coins, a quarter that was tail side up and a penny that was head side up.

That last part about two coins being found makes me think Sharpe is lying about the coin flip. In my opinion, he had his mind made up from day one and added the coin flip story to try to make himself sound cooler somehow. If you’re not familiar with the lore of Batman, or didn’t see The Dark Knight, Two-Face (pictured above) is a Batman villain who makes all his criminal decisions based on the flip of a coin. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that Sharpe made this up and probably borrowed from the movie to make himself seem more of a badass. Instead, it makes him look more like an unoriginal coward.

Sharpe also is said to have claimed that he did not intend to kill himself after the shooting which conflicts with the fact he left a suicide note behind.

Police also released some of the writings in Sharpe’s notebook such as…

“They will be my slaves in the afterlife”, “Killing is fun and I enjoy it”, “I’m smarter than the cops”, and “Did you figure out my name yet?” were also written inside the notebook.

A longer note in the second notebook read: “Caleb Sharpe is a stupid fat f*** that can never get anything right! I am nameless I am the true spirit of the f***** known as Caleb Sharpe that stupid bitch is to (sic) soft to do what I am going to he is an ugly piece of s*** that shouldn’t be alive. I am the one who deserves to live, but I still need Caleb until I kill all of those f******* kids. Then Caleb will finaly (sic) die while I live on even if it is in prison I will live on. Semper Fi. Common sense!”

Let’s not forget this self-proclaimed Marine surrendered to the school custodian after the custodian told him to get on the floor, but I digress. To me these writings prove the shooting was not about bullying, even though Sharpe claims this, but had more to do with his own feelings of inadequacy, just like every other school shooter.

UPDATE 11/5/2017: A hearing will be held in April to determine if Sharpe will be tried as an adult.

Student killed in Freeman High School shooting in September

Student killed in Freeman High School shooting in September

Once again, I have to apologize for taking so long to post this story. I’ve been having my own personal issues to deal with which has kept me from working on the websites. But that’s neither here nor there.

Back in September, 15-year-old Caleb Sharpe entered into Freeman High School in Rockford, Washington, with two guns. He shot and killed a student of the school who was trying to talk him out of committing a school shooting. Sharpe then fired on other students wounding three. During the initial reporting of the story, bullying was mentioned as a motive.

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich declined to identify the suspect or discuss what may have motivated the gun violence in detail but said: “It sounds like a case of a bullying-type of situation.”

Personally, I think that’s rather irresponsible of the good Sheriff by mentioning bullying as a motive so soon because it perpetuates the myth that most school shooters were bullied.

Sharpe was able to be subdued by a school staff member.

Again we have another parent saying ‘it can’t happen here’.

“He called me and said, ‘Mom, there are gunshots.’ He sounded so scared. I’ve never heard him like that,” Moser told the newspaper. “You never think about something happening like this at a small school.”

School shootings in the middle school to high school level almost always happen in small towns. In the biggest city in the country, New York City, they just recently had the first in-school murder of a student in 25 years and not a school shooting in that time, so stop thinking it’s a big city issue because it isn’t. In my opinion, that’s because kids who are raised in cities are exposed earlier to the reality of life not being fair.

The deceased victim was later identified as sophomore Sam Strahan and was said to be close friends with his killer.

And what do we have here? According to a classmate of Sharpe’s, Sharpe was obsessed with school shootings. I wonder if his parents were aware of this or were they of the clueless variety? That same classmate said Sharpe was not bullied. However, according to a police affidavit, Sharpe told detectives he was not targeting anyone specific but wanted to teach everyone a lesson about what happens when you bully others. Again, the question has to be asked if he was known to be a columbiner before he was allegedly bullied. Also what did the alleged bullying consist of? Sharpe also allegedly claimed that Sam Strahan bullied him, but did not target him specifically. According to this report, psychologist Peter Langman studied 83 school shootings and only four shooters were actually bullied, and I personally dispute some of the shooters he claims were bullied, but he’s the professional.

Not only was Sharpe said to be obsessed with school shootings, but he also allegedly posted videos online of himself playing with guns. And speaking of the parents, Sharpe’s father told police that Sharpe knew the combination to their gun safe. Considering that Sharpe was said to be under the care of a school counselor for suicidal leanings, that probably wasn’t the best idea. Parents need to be held responsible under the law for allowing their guns to be used by their kids in crimes like this. In my recollection only a handful of parents have actually been charged and that was usually either for obstruction or illegally purchasing the gun for their kid. Here we have a report of a witness claiming that Sharpe bragged about owning guns, making homemade bombs, and that his father bought guns for him. When you brag about things like this, like a psychopath, you kind of invite any kind of bad treatment toward you. In that same article, Sharpe’s mother says she allegedly found a suicide note from her son which was written a week before the shooting, so he may have been planning on taking the coward’s way out like most school shooters who came before him. Prior to the shooting, Sharpe was suspended from school for passing around notes to friends saying he was going to ‘do something stupid’. The day of the shooting was his first day back from suspension. Again, what did his parents do about this?

Sheriff Knezovich goes on to blame video games and other entertainment for the shooting but I’m not even going to dignify that kind of ignorance with a response. Oh wait, I guess I did.

Not surprisingly, police say they found a ‘manifesto’ in Sharpe’s bedroom and a school yearbook with Xs over some of the pictures.

As an aside, 33-year-old Nicole D. Jensen was arrested for allegedly stealing a purse out of a car of one of the mothers who went to the school to find their kid. Jensen reportedly ran up $36,000 in fraudulent charges. As far as I’m concerned this woman has no soul. Anyone who throws salt on the wounds of tragedy like this deserves more than whatever the legal punishment is for such a crime.

Sharpe has pleaded not guilty which is to be expected. It will be interesting to see what defense his legal representation will try to use.

That’s all I can do today. Remember, the sources I used are all from September around the time the shooting happened. I’ll make any corrections in a future post, but I’ll close with a question. Outside of the Pacific Northwest, did anyone even hear about this shooting?

UPDATE FROM SEPTEMBER: Two additional people were arrested for allegedly stealing the purse and running up fraudulent charges. They have been identified as 37-year-old Renee Mann and 39-year-old Larry Flett.

UPDATE 11/16/2017: Renee Mann has pleaded guilty to one count of second degree theft and one count of identity theft in the second degree.

UPDATE 1/18/2018: Nicole D. Jensen has pleaded guilty to identity theft charges. She’s looking at a sentence of 22 to 29 months.