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It’s ok to kill craigslist prostitutes in Texas

Ezekiel Gilbert

Ezekiel Gilbert

Man Acquitted in Craigslist Escort Death:

Texas Man, Ezekiel Gilbert, Acquitted For Killing Craigslist Escort Lenora Ivie Frago:

The other day I brought you the story of the 2009 shooting death of 23-year-old Lenora Ivie Frago of San Antonio, Texas. I can’t call it a murder anymore but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Ms. Frago was working as a craigslist prostitute and had her services solicited by 30-year-old Ezekiel Gilbert. He paid her $150 but she refused to have sex with him. To get back his money Gilbert shot her. She was kept alive by life support for months until her family finally decided to take her off of it. If you’ve ever had family in that kind of situation you know how difficult that process can be.

Gilbert’s attorney argued that Gilbert used reasonable force to reclaim his property in this case the $150. I thought there was no way a jury could buy this but they did. Earlier today Gilbert was acquitted of the charges against him.

The Texas law allows citizens to use such force to “retrieve stolen property at night” or to hinder a burglar from escaping the scene of a crime during the night, as long as the person “reasonably” thinks that they have no other means of protecting their property.

So they don’t take into consideration that this shooting was done during the commission of another crime, the crime of prostitution. Last time I checked that was still illegal in Texas. If this was a drug deal gone bad would Gilbert have been acquitted? I doubt it. This is why no one cares about human trafficking. All its victims are seen as nothing more than human trash who deserve what they got.

Obviously Ms. Frago had a family that cared about her and all because some loser who couldn’t get laid on his own wanted his precious 150 bucks back she had to lie brain-dead for months while this jackhole is able to carry on with his life. Normally when a person is acquitted of a crime I remove all traces of it from my website, but not this one. This one needs to remain in order to show the injustice that was done and how poorly our society thinks of women like Ms. Frago who deserve better.

So if there are any aspiring serial killers out there head to Texas. You can kill all the hookers you want and just claim you were reclaiming your property.

The San Antonio craigslist killing that no one has heard about


Murder trial delayed for Craigslist escort killer:

This is the first I’m hearing about this story and I’m sure it’s the first time most of you have heard about it too. More on that later.

On Christmas Eve 2009 30-year-old Ezekiel Gilbert allegedly shot and killed 23-year-old Lenora Ivie Frago who was working as a craigslist prostitute in San Antonio, Texas. Ms. Frago was on life support until July of 2010 until her family decided to taker her off of it.

Gilbert’s defense is that the shooting was justified because he was trying to recover his ‘stolen property’. Gilbert is said to have paid Frago $150 for sex but then she declined after receiving the money. When dealing in illegal transactions there is always a risk that you may get ripped off. Most people would cut their losses at that point and get out without risking harm or attracting the attention of police. However this is not a ‘recovery of stolen property’, it’s a revenge killing over a measly $150. The article I linked to is about how the trial has been delayed due to a juror’s family emergency but is set to resume tomorrow.

Now it’s been almost 3 years since Ms. Frago’s death. Why hasn’t anyone outside of San Antonio heard about this. Is it because it happened in Texas and not Boston? Is it because Ms. Frago worked as a prostitute? Or was it because Ms. Frago may not be white? I think it’s safe to assume that it’s a combination of all three.

Just because Ms. Frago worked as a prostitute doesn’t make her death any less tragic and senseless.

San Antonio Backpage pimp tells teen ‘You belong to me now’.

Ysidro Esquivel

Ysidro Esquivel

Man charged with pimping teen runaway:

Police in San Antonio, Texas arrested 32-year-old Ysidro Esquivel for allegedly prostituting a 16-year-old girl on Backpage. The girl was a runaway who Esquivel allegedly took explicit pictures of in order to turn her out on Backpage. He made her go on about 10 dates.

Ok, hold up for a second. These meetings between johns and sex trafficking victims should not be called dates. They’re not going to an ice cream social, these girls are basically being violated for money. Let’s call them what they are, paid rapes.

Anyway, Esquivel plied the girl with cocaine in order to get her to stay awake and when she tried to leave he said that she can’t because she belongs to him now. I would almost guarantee that was said under some threat of violence.

These pimps and traffickers treat their victims much like an abusive third world farmer would treat their field animals. Backpage is fully aware of this and not only does little to stop it but there has been no real repercussions against them. What will it finally take before something is done about the sexual slave trade that Backpage willingly provides at a profit?

Another MocoSpace sex assault in San Antonio

Aaron Herrera

Aaron Herrera

Online Friendship Lands Man in Jail:

Man accused of sexually assaulting teen:

You can see my first post about MocoSpace here. For 7 years I’ve never posted a story about it and now not only am I posting 2 stories in 2 weeks but they both happened in the same city, San Antonio, Texas.

This time 22-year-old Aaron Herrera has been charged with having sex (child rape) with a 14-year-old girl that he mt on the mobile gaming social site. Police say that he had someone drive him to the girl’s house in Marion, Texas. The pair had sex on the way back to San Antonio. Then he kept the girl in San Antonio for three days where they repeatedly had sex. He then had someone else drive her back to Marion.

Herrera is using the ‘she said she was 19’ defense. Let me know how that works out for you. If you can’t tell the difference between a 14 and a 19-year-old than you have no business in the dating pool let alone the gene pool.

And where in the hell were this girl’s parents? She was gone for three whole days and was returned without so much anyone doing anything about it. According to the articles it was the girl herself who called police when she got home. A little false imprisonment maybe?

Texas man charged with assaulting mentally challenged girl that he met on MocoSpace

Jose Webster

Jose Webster

Man accused of sexually assaulting teen:

S.A. man accused of molesting mentally-challenged teen he met online:

Castro’s ugly nephew over there is 52-year-old Jose Webster of San Antonio, Texas. He’s been charged with the alleged sexual assault of a mentally challenged 16-year-old girl that he met over MocoSpace. I know what you’re thinking. WTF is MocoSpace? That was my reaction to? I had obviously heard of it before since it was on my Google News alerts but I’ll be damned if I could find another post I did about it. It turns out that MocoSpace is a mobile gaming social network that has been around since 2005 and boasts 22 million users.

One of those users was Webster who police say convinced the girl to meet him at a bus station. It’s always a bus station with these jokers. Webster is said to have fondled the girl on several occasions and gave her money and stuff to keep her coming back. Eventually the girl moved in with Webster. He also allegedly told her that if she didn’t allow him to touch her she would have to leave.

Webster turned himself in after the girl was reported as missing. He is using the ‘I thought she was 18′ defense.

I’m not ready to lower the boom on MocoSpace just yet. In 7 years this is the first time I can remember something like this happening through their site. However when I go to their website I do get that MyYearbook vibe.

This should come as yet another warning to parents. Not only should you be monitoring your kids’ activities on their computers but their phones as well. If you think it’s too difficult because you don’t know how you better learn before your kid ends up in at a bus station in the hands of a predator.

Texas mutants signify the start of school year with arrest

Judson and Murray

Judson and Murray

Two jailed in Alamo Heights High threats:

I can always tell when the new school year is about to start even though I don’t have school age kids anymore. I can usually tell because some mutant inevitably gets arrested for plotting or threatening a school shooting. This year is no different.

This year’s contestants are Marshall Judson, 18, and Matthew Murray, 17, both of Alamo Height High School in San Antonio, Texas. It seems the criminal geniuses were tripped up when someone else spotted their Facebook posts comparing themselves to the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold.

The initial post, which police say was made by Murray, was a graphic photo of the Columbine suspects lying in a pool of blood with the caption, “BEST FRIENDS TILL THE END!!”


In a Facebook exchange littered with typos, one said he thought he could get a car and another said, “lol can I borrow a shotgun I making the ipebombs,” police said.

They also discussed making different types of shotguns, police said, then Murray stated, “so wanna be Dylan klebold” and Judson responded, “lol yes matt,” and then, “I wanna b eric harris I acvt like himxD.”

No weapons were in their possessions and they’ve both been charged with making terroristic threats.

As usual no word on where the parents were in this case. Also no word on motive other than they’re mutants.

Man turned out teen on backpage, kept her hooked on crack


Man accused of sexually assaulting, trafficking teen:

Man charged with sexual assault of a child:

In San Antonio police arrested 38-year-old Robert Parton for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl. Some other reports have stated the girl’s age as 15. Police say that Parton not only supplied her with crack for ‘sexual favors’ but that he also turned her out on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

The victim referred to Parton as her boyfriend of course. Parton would also take the money the girl made to buy more crack to give to the girl. That may be the most disgusting vicious cycle I’ve ever heard of.

Yet this is the type of person, and I use that term loosely, that backpage and VVM say has a first amendment right to post ads on their site in order to exploit underage girls.

Otty Sanchez: Not guilty by insanity

Otty Sanchez

Otty Sanchez

Mom Who Killed Son to ‘Prevent Apocalypse’ Found Not Guilty in Insanity Plea:

You remember Otty Sanchez don’t you? She was the San Antonio Breeder who not only murdered her own 3 1/2-week-old son Scott Wesley Buchholtz Sanchez by stabbing him but she also decapitated him and is also said to have eaten piecees of his brain.

Well rather than being sent to death row she’s been found not guilty by reasons of insanity last week.

Instead of having a date with the needle she’ll be kept in a state run mental facility until she is deemed sane. Her case will be reviewed by a judge annually.

Now this is where I have a problem with taxpayer money going to house a criminal since she’s not actually being punished for her crime.

No justice here.

‘She said she was 18’ trotted out again

You would think people would learn by now that underage girls may lie about their age online yet here we are.

23-year-old Enrique De Luna of San Antonio, Texas was arrested for having sex with a 13-year-old girl that he met on MySpace.

DeLuna allegedly took a bus from San Antonio to Indiana where the girl lived. The Girl snuck out of her window which should have been a hint that she was underage and the pair went back to San Antonio.

The girl told police they had sex several times while there.

He’s allegedly using the old standby of ‘she said she was 18’. Even if she did it sucks to be you. And how come a lot of these losers don’t have drivers licenses. Oh that’s right. It’s because they’re predatory loser scum.

C’mon people. Please tell me how he’s innocent.

Woman decapitates baby, cannibalizes brains

San Antonio baby found stabbed, decapitated:

SAPD: Mom Killed Baby With Knife, Sword:

Texas investigators stunned by child dismemberment:

Mom told police she killed newborn:

Gruesome murder of San Antonio newborn shocks the nation:

I’m sure I’ve said this before but one of the questions I get all the time is people ask me how I keep posting these horrific stories without having it affect me. I usually give some flippant answer about how I’ve been doing this for nine years and I’ve become kind of numb to all the atrocities I post. This story isn’t one of them. This story literally makes me want to cry. Rare is the story that pierces my cold black heart.

Since myriads of my readers have sent me this story I’m sure most of you know it by now. 33-year-old Otty Sanchez of San Antonio, Texas allegedly killed her 3 1/2-week-old son Scott Wesley Buchholtz Sanchez. Killed is too kind of term though, so is murdered. The atrocities that Sanchez inflicted on her newborn son don’t even have a fitting word to describe them.

Sanchez is accused of stabbing her baby son multiple times before decapitating him and skinning him and gutting him. She’s also accused of eating pieces of his brain and some of his toes.

Sanchez tried killing herself by stabbing herself in the chest and abdomen but she survived. She claims that she heard voices and that ‘the devil’ made her do it. The real reason may be because she recently split with the baby’s father.

You know what? I’m too disgusted to write anymore so I’ll leave you with this.

The only devil here is you Otty Sanchez. You deserve the death penalty probably more than anyone I can think of in recent history. I really hope that Texas lives up to its reputation and executes you hastily and with extreme prejudice.

Rot in hell.