Woman on the run in suffocation death of daughter

San Jose police seek mother in death of infant girl:

Police in San Jose, California are looking for 23-year-old Christina Robledo. Check the mugshot in the article. She looks a lot older than 23. Then again police say she’s a known drug and alcohol abuser so that would explain a lot.

Police say that in a drug and alcohol influenced stupor she passed out on top of her infant daughter Neveah Salinas Robledo. The autopsy report showed that she died from asphyxiation.

Again people, when you have kids it’s time to stop doing drugs and drinking like a fish. If you love your drugs more than your kids either don’t have kids, don’t screw around, and if you do have kids just give them up for adoption so they could at least have a fighting chance in the world.

Now an infant girl is dead because of stupid choices her birth organism made.

Thanks to LiLO for the tip.

Cali craigslist rapist convicted

Santa Clara County jury convicts Craigslist attacker:

26-year-old Kanari Nelson of San Jose, California was convicted yesterday for the assault and rapes of various craigslist prostitutes. He’s looking at a max of 200 years behind bars. That’s not a misprint. He could be sentenced up to 2 centuries.

Let’s hear from the D.A.

“Anytime this guy wanted to sexually assault somebody, he just had to go online and pick from a menu,” said Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney James Leonard, who won the case.

Craigslist, of course, had no comment but their mouthpiece, Susan Mactavish Best, said there would be a significant announcement about that topic today. I’m all a-flutter wondering what that announcement might be. You don’t think it could be *gasp* that they’re eliminating the erotic services section? Nah. They’d never do that no matter how many women get raped.