107 injuries

The two-year-old girl who ‘died from 107 injuries inflicted by her parents’:

From the country that brought us the story of Baby P comes this story about two-year-old Sanam Navsarka.

She died from the injuries she received from her mother, Zahbeena Navsarka and her fiancé Subhan Anwar. Allgedly Sanam had 107 injuries from the abuse she received from the both of them. Here’s just a sampling…

Sanam was afraid of the dark but was shut inside an unlit cupboard by Anwar ‘as a punishment’, the court heard. He and Navsarka exacerbated her nappy rash by applying aftershave to bleeding sores and there was evidence she was battered with two metal poles.

Jurors were reduced to tears by contrasting video footage recorded on a mobile phone. The first showed a pig-tailed Sanam laughing and happy. The second, recorded by Anwar on the day before the girl died, showed her, eyes bulging and shaking as she had a fit on the floor.

The fits Sanam was having were a direct result of the effects on her body of her fractured thighbones, the court heard.

A post-mortem examination revealed the 107 injuries over her body. They included 36 bruises to her head and neck, 26 to her arms and ten to her abdomen.

She died when the couple left her alone so they could go to her doctor for their checkups. Yet they never sought medical treatment for Sanam’s injuries.

Again what kind of sick cosmic lottery brought these two monsters together?

Thanks to Ema for the tip.