Minnesota woman charged with starving disabled daughter to death

Minn. mother accused of starving disabled daughter:

Sandstone woman accused of starving daughter, 10, to death:

29-year-old Ludusky Sue Hotchkiss of Sandstone, Minnesota is being charged in the 2006 starvation death of her disabled 10-year-old daughter, Lakesha Victor.

Lakesha was disabled and required a feeding tube. Hotchkiss is accused of not feeding Lakesha properly and not getting her proper medical attention. She’s also accused of signing off on time sheets for a medical attendant and planning to split the money.

Sheriff’s deputies who filed the charges say that Hotchkiss has shown no remoree. Apparently she showed a lot more than that when Lakesha died.

When police came to the house for Lakesha’s death they say that Hotchkiss was outside crying and vomiting claiming that she hjad been raped the night before…

When approached by authorities, she gave her daughter’s name and birthdate. Then she “immediately” changed the subject, alleging that she had been raped the previous night, the criminal complaint said.

At one point, Hotchkiss pulled down her pants and asked a deputy if he could see bruises on her body. The deputy refused, noting that a female officer could examine her. At another point inside the home, Hotchkiss asked officers to stop their investigation into Lakesha’s death so they could take pictures of her body where she thought she was bruised from a rape.

The rape claims never amounted to any charges being filed.

Thanks to Gina for the tip.