Drunk Breeder flips SUV with kids in car

DUI investigated in ‘horrific’ crash near Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport:

The California Highway Patrol arrested 23-year-old Christian M. Galvan of Santa Rosa after she flipped her SUV while allegedly drunk.

CHP says that Galvan was speeding when the truck hit the guardrail which caused the truck to ejecting Galvan and two of her daughter, ages 4 and 6. Not ejected from the truck was Galvan’s 2-year-old son who apparently was the only one of the children that was strapped in. He was still in his carseat.

Did I mention the truck went 350 feet after hitting the guardrail?

A lot of times in these drunk driving accidents the drunk survives innocent victims are killed. Luckily in this instance none of the kids were seriously hurt.

And it also seems that the CHP is a division of the Irony Police because prior to the crash family members say that Galvan and her husband were allegedly arguing about her drinking. What a crappy way for a husband to win an argument.

No word on her BAC so she does not make the board.

Thanks to Faithful for the tip.