Convicted school bomb plotter runs for mayor in Utah

Bomb plotter runs for mayor: Joshua Hoggan candidacy will mean primary election for Roy seat:

Joshua Kyler Hoggan

Joshua Kyler Hoggan

Early in 2012 police in Roy, Utah arrested a then 16-year-old Joshua Kyler Hoggan for allegedly plotting an attack on Roy High School. At the time of his arrest Hoggan was offended when police compared him to the Columbine cowards. He thought that his plan would have done more damage because of how intelligent he is. I think the word he was looking for was arrogant and not intelligent. Hoggan was supposedly so obsessed with his plan that he flew to Colorado, unattended and unknown by anyone, so he could interview Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis about what happened at Columbine. Hoggan and a cohort were also said to be in possession of bomb making materials. For all his problems Hoggan only got 6 months in juvenile detention.

Fast forward to June of 2013 and a now 18-year-old Hoggan is running for mayor of Roy. Since Hoggan was sentenced as a juvenile his criminal record is technically sealed even though everyone knows what he was convicted of. This is just one of the many reasons why this arrogant toad should have been charged as an adult. I would say he has no shot in hell of becoming mayor but stranger things have happened. So there’s a possibility that the city of Roy, Utah could have someone who wanted to blow up a school that had more than a 1000 students at the time as their mayor. Good luck with that.

UPDATE 8/23/2013: Last week Hoggan lost his bid for mayoralship with less than 5% of the vote. How did he get that much? Who voted for him? Angry suburban 18-year-olds who think Green Day is punk? Whatever. At least we don’t have to worry about a Utah mutant enclave. Utah mutant? Mutahnt?

Teenage white supremacist arrested in school bomb plot

Derek Shrout. Did you ever notice that the so-called master race is filled with a lot of idiot rednecks?

Derek Shrout. Did you ever notice that the so-called master race is filled with a lot of idiot rednecks?

Russell County authorities intercept school terror plot:

RCHS student accused of making bombs and terrorist threats:

Police in Russell County, Alabama have arrested 17-year-old Derek Shrout for allegedly planning a bomb attack at Russel County High School. A teacher found his misplaced journal that supposedly contained his plans and contacted police. Shrout said that the journal was a work of fiction but when police searched his house they say they say they found dozens of chewing tobacco cans with BBs in them for shrapnel and holes drilled in them for fuses. They say the only thing that was missing were black powder and fuses. Two things that are not actually hard to obtain but these bombs couldn’t be any more redneck than if he made Molotov cocktails with Bud bottles.

Before anybody jumps on the bullying bandwagon you can probably put the bandwagon back in the garage. Shrout is an admitted white supremacist. Police say that he was targeting six students and a teacher although there’s no information on why they were being targeted yet. Investigators also say that they believe Shrout may have been convinced to act after what happened in Newtown but I’ll reserve my personal judgment on that. If Shrout was bullied he probably deserved it for being a racist douche.

UPDATE 1/7/2013: Six of the seven people on Shrout’s hit list were black and the seventh was perceived as gay. I think we have a motive.

UPDATE 1/8/2013: Shrout has been released on $75K bond. Sleep well Alabama. Shrout has been ordered to wear an ankle monitor and must be supervised while on the internet. Any bets on if Shrout tries to lose the ankle monitor?

UPDATE 10/19/2013: Shrout’s request to be tried as a youthful offender has been denied. That means the now 18-year-old Shrout will be tried as an adult.

UPDATE 5/5/2014: Shrout has pleaded guilty to attempted assault in the first degree and is asking for probation. If he does get probation I doubt it would be long before he was back in jail.

UPDATE 7/18/2014: Shrout was sentenced to two years probation. At the end of that two years a judge will determine if Shrout should go to prison for three years.

Freedom High plotter sentenced to 15 years

Jared Cano (poor baby)

Jared Cano (poor baby)

Foiled Freedom High School shooter Jared Cano sentenced to 15 years in prison:

The last I had heard after 18-year-old Jared Cano pleaded no contest to plotting to attack Freedom High School in Tampa his defense attorney said that he was only looking at possibly 1 year in jail. If I was Cano I would fire him since last week Cano was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

On my last post about Cano even I thought a year would have been fine since the kid is a full-blown idiot and would have been lucky if he didn’t trip over his own ineptitude trying to carry out his master plan.

Imagine my surprise last week when I read that he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Am I saying that he should get a reduced sentence? Not at all. It’s finally nice to see a judge who takes these things seriously without falling into the ‘think of the children’ trap.

Cano had this to say prior to his sentencing…

“I don’t want to be the bad guy. I want to be the good guy. The state ain’t gonna make an example. They’re gonna put me in prison. Let me make an example. I had a bad life. Let me change it around and do something good, not bad. Don’t make me the poster child for something evil. Let me be the poster child for something good. Let me do right. Give me a chance to do something right. To make my family proud. I don’t want all these people to think I’m crazy, trying to kill everybody. I want people to look at me as someone who was wrong and changed… and did something right.”

Too late scarecrow, you had that opportunity before you planned to kill as many people as possible at your school. Now you’ll have to wait for 15 years to change.

Freedom High plotter’s cell phone video released

Jared Cano and Freedom High School bomb plot: Videos show teen plotting New Tampa high school attack:

A few weeks ago the cell phone video of convicted Freedom High School plotter Jared Cano was released. In it he talks about his plans to attack the Tampa high school. Most of the local media call it a chilling video. Chilling is not exactly the word I would use. I would call it more comical than anything.

In the video Cano sounds exactly like the loser stoner hick that he is. With his badly scrawled out plans and bold talk he comes off as just another loser who blames his own shortcomings on everyone else but himself. In my opinion there was absolutely no way he would have even been remotely successful in his plot.

I can see why he’s only looking at a year in jail now. He was a loser at this just like he’s a loser at everything else.

He’s scheduled to be sentenced on December 5th.

Freedom High plotter pleads no contest

Jared Cano

Jared Cano

Teen charged in plot to blow up school pleads no contest:

Future career criminal Jared Cano, 18, has pleaded no contest to plotting to blow up Freedom High School in Tampa, Florida. A then 17-year-old Cano was arrested in August of 2011 when police were tipped off by another kid. Cano was found to be in possession of bomb making materials. Police were already aware of Cano since he had previous run ins with the law for such things as possession of a firearm, drug possession, burglary and altering the serial numbers of a firearm. So this is no wayward teen we’re talking about.

A no contest plea means that he doesn’t plead guilty but believes that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict him. Cano was charged as an adult and faces sentencing in December.

Cano is only looking at a year according to his defense attorney and since he’s already spent more than a year in jail he’ll probably get time served.

He’ll be back. The only question is when and how many victims will he have.

No one expects the Spanish Mutants

Juan Manuel Morales Sierra

Juan Manuel Morales Sierra

Suspect planned to re-create Columbine massacre, police say:

Spaniard admits plan to bomb university:

Spain averts Columbine-style massacre:

Last week police in Palma de Mallorca, Spain arrested 21-year-old Juan Manuel Morales Sierra for allegedly plotting a bomb attack at the University of the Balearic Isles. Surprise, surprise kids. It turns out he’s a full-fledged mutant. Police say they found the usual journals and web ramblings proclaiming his admiration for the cowardly scumbags Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. He even named his plan “Columbainero”. Once again originality is not the mutants’ strong point.

Morales was no mere mutant though. While he was thwarted at every attempt to purchase firearms, legally or otherwise, that didn’t stop him from procuring over 300 lbs. of explosives that he planned on using to plant shrapnel bombs all over the campus. Luckily Spanish authorities were already on to him at that point and arrested him when the explosives were delivered.

Speaking of the campus Morales didn’t even attend UIB. He learned electronics from a trade school and made money playing online poker. However he bitched about hatred towards society and the university students. Once again another coward who wanted to take out his own failings on the innocent.

If he thought the university students were bad I can’t wait to see what he thinks of his new cellmates.

2nd Roy High plotter gets 105 days

Dallin Todd Morgan

Dallin Todd Morgan

Roy High student sentenced to jail for bomb plot:

For lack of a better term 18-year-old Dallin Todd Morgan was the lackey in a plot to bomb Roy High School in Roy, Utah. He was the Dylan Klebold to 16-year-old Joshua Kyler Hoggan’s Eric Harris. The plot was to detonate a bomb at school and then escape on a stolen aircraft.

Hoggan had even flown commercially on his own accord to Columbine High School to interview Frank Deangelis under no one’s authority. For his role in the plot Hoggan only received 6 months in juvie and will be out next month if he’s not out already. Hoggan’s story was that he was trying to show the school how lax security was. When arrested he even bragged that he was smarter than the Columbine cowards. Apparently the courts bought it since he only got 6 months and was not charged as an adult.

Morgan was mostly the cheerleader in this duo. For his role he was sentenced to 105 days in jail since he’s 18. I really have no problem with this sentence because it appears once you remove the influence of his cohort he seems to revert to a relatively normal teen. The problem I do have is that someone as dangerous as Hoggan was not charged as an adult, will have no record and will be released back out into the public.

Your Honor, my client couldn’t have blown up the school because he’s a moron

Jared Cano

Jared Cano

Defense: Freedom student couldn’t have blown up school:

Jared Cano was 17-when he was arrested for plotting to blow up Freedom High School in Tampa, Florida back in August of 2011. Police say that he was in possession of bomb making materials and wanted to ‘beat’ the body count of Columbine. Now Cano’s defense attorney is calling the bomb making materials into question and using it as part of the defense.

Cano’s attorney is saying that since no actual explosives were found among the materials that the charges should be dropped against his client…

The bomb-making materials included fuel, fuses, shrapnel and timers.

Defense attorney Canella sent most of the materials to an explosives expert, Dale C. Mann, who concluded that the “person mixing them had little or no knowledge of explosive materials. These mixtures are not explosive and may not even be combustible.”

So basically his defense attorney is saying that his client could have not blown up Freedom High because he’s retarded. I don’t think that anyone will argue with that. However the State’s Attorney displayed in court how the law really works…

But Terry said that expert conclusion is irrelevant under the law: “He was attempting to make an explosive device…The statute doesn’t require that the bomb actually works.”

One witness reports that Cano had allegedly detonated homemade explosive devices before and constantly spoke of Columbine.

Before everyone goes ‘Aw what a poor child’ on me let’s not forget that Cano has had a pretty stellar criminal career including being in possession of a firearm, drug possession, burglary and altering the serial numbers of a firearm.

While the kid may be educationally stunted he sure seems to know a lot on how to be a criminal. Mass murder would not have been a stretch for this punk.

Roy High plotter only gets 6 months in juvie

Joshua Kyler Hoggan

Joshua Kyler Hoggan

Teen who plotted to bomb Utah school sentenced to detention:

Roy High student sentenced to 6 months in plot to bomb school:

16-year-old Joshua Kyler Hoggan must be some kind of Jedi because he pulled a big ol’ mind trick on the Utah court system and just about everyone else.

Hoggan was the ringleader of a plot to attack Roy High School in Roy, Utah. Prior to his arrest Hoggan took it upon himself to go to Columbine to interview Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis about the tragedy that occurred there. Hoggan planned to attack the school then hijack a small plane and flee the country. He was offended at the time of his arrest when he was compared to the Columbine shooters saying that he was smarter than them and could have been more ‘successful’ than them.

Today Hoggan was sentenced to only 6 months in juvenile detention after pleading guilty. He told the judge that the real reason behind the plot was to bring security awareness to the school. Essentially he says that he was trying to protect the school from an attack.

Upset at being “dismissed” about the dangers of a mass shooting, the teen in January decided to try “a last ditch attempt” to scare teachers and students into awareness, Nickle said, by creating the bomb plot and sending a text to a student who likely would contact school administrators.

“I felt invalidated,” the boy told Second District Court Juvenile Judge Janice Frost. “My initial goal was awareness.”

And it seems the judge and prosecutor fell for that line of crap. Of course we also have the parent with the ‘Not My Kid’ syndrome…

Hoggan’s father, Ron Hoggan, said his son had unsuccessfully tried to raise the topic of school safety with administrators.

“My big thing is there was lots of indicators given to lots of individuals. If attention would have been paid to what he was trying to project, this could have been avoided,” he said. “If you’re not willing to talk to kids when they have fears, then you do invalidate them.”

That’s it. Let’s coddle the psychopath a little bit more. Does anybody really think that the citizens of Roy and students of Roy High school will be any safer in 6 months? Not a chance.

His cohort, 18-year-old Dallin Todd Morgan, has yet to face a judge. Don’t be surprised if the lackey gets more time than the ringleader.

Roy High ringleader released

Joshua Kyler Hoggan

Joshua Kyler Hoggan

Teen suspect in alleged Utah bomb plot freed from custody:

2nd teen charged in Roy High bomb plot released to custody of parents:

This past week 16-year-old Joshua Kyler Hoggan was released into the custody of his parents. His lawyer successfully argued that Hoggan was not a threat to the community and is not a flight risk.

Maybe I’m missing something here but Hoggan is accused of plotting to bomb Roy High School in Utah. Part of his plan was to hijack a private plane to escape the country. Hoggan also caught a plane to Colorado on his own to interview Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis. Hoggan was also allegedly insulted when he was compared to the Columbine killers saying that he was going to more damage than them since he was so much more intelligent than them.

So someone please tell me how in the blue hell is this mutant not a danger and not a flight risk. Supposedly there are precautions in place to prevent him from running but somehow I imagine they won’t be enough.

Prosecutors are seeking to have Hoggan tried as an adult.