We get letters: Swift kick in the ass

We get letters: People can change

I’ve been doing this for so long (coming up on 19 years, thank you) it’s not unheard of for me to get an email from someone I’ve written about before. Surprisingly, most of them are very polite and often ask me to remove the post I’ve written about them after they’ve served their time. As long as their crime is relatively minor I’m more than happy to oblige.

Recently, I received an email from someone I never thought I would. In his much younger days he had been arrested for plotting an attack against his high school not once, but twice. At the time of his initial arrest, he was working at McDonald’s and not only did I refer to him as a fry cook but I called the plot The Fry Cook Plot.  After some of the things I’ve said about him I never expected to receive the following email…

What’s up? Yes, this is the “fry cook”. Anyways I actually just wanted to comment to let you know that you were right in your reporting. I should’ve gotten over it and if I wasn’t weak it would’ve been done with. Regardless I served my time and now actually own my own business and have a beautiful wife and kids and three cars here on Long Island. I lost mad weight and gained significant muscle. I feel absolutely amazing in life now. Prison toughened me up real quick. I actually laughed at some of your writing on me because of how funny you spun the story. I know it’s odd but I just came across it today and gave me a good laugh. Anyway, I just wanted to write to you and say that there are people who can change everything around. Just need a swift kick in the ass such as myself.  It goes to show that some people rise to the top while others fall sometimes. Keep writing so I can keep laughing. Your favorite fry cook.

The reason I’m posting this email is not to boost my own ego but to use this email as a wake-up call to any kids out there who think that violence is the only solution to whatever you’re experiencing at school or home. You don’t have to let prison or worse be your kick in the ass. Turn your life around now instead of wallowing in self-pity and letting it eat you alive. Take it from someone who’s been there, your life will be better for it.

Blood is dumber than water: Man hides guns for his columbiner son

Blood is dumber than water: Man hides guns for his columbiner son

Connor Chargois

19-year-old Connor Chargois of Saugerties, New York, was arrested back in February after his then high school caught some disturbing posts that Chargois made to social media. It turns out that Chargois is a columbiner. Again for the uninitiated, a columbiner is someone who admires school shooters and often wants to copy them. Chargois was no different as he posted the following on Instagram.

“I envy Eric (Harris) and Dylan (Klebold),” one post by Chargois said, according to police. “It must’ve been so f—ing fun. They had the right f—ing idea. I’m so full of rage. … Nothing f—ing matters anymore.”

“I feel as though I’m not the type of person you’d want to call your friend, but I firmly believe that you do want to call me your enemy. Just remember: when the sh-t hits the fan, there won’t be any time for mercy.”

The high school he was attending at the time caught wind of these posts and contacted local law enforcement. Police asked if there were any weapons in the household and Chargois’ father, Bruce Chargois, said there weren’t any. Actually, there was this many…


These were all guns that Connor Chargois was building in the house. The elder Chargois took a number of these guns after the police’s initial contact and hid them at his place of business.

Both father and son have pleaded guilty to the various charges against them.

Now hear me out for a moment because I have this radical idea. If your son is posting on social media about how much he admires school shooters just maybe you shouldn’t let him build guns in the basement. Then again, due to the actions of the father, I would imagine that this is probably a family of ‘responsible’ gun owners.

I wonder what dad’s excuse would have been if sonny boy went on to kill a bunch of people.

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NJ mom stops KY racist from committing school shootings

NJ mom stops KY racist from committing school shootings

Dylan Jarrell

A white woman from New Jersey was harassed on Facebook by some cretin from Kentucky for having three biracial children. The threats the racist assclown made were so harrowing she contacted not only her local police but authorities in Kentucky as well. Before we get to the heart of the story let’s see what this less than enlightened individual had to say to the poor woman.

“There’s no such thing as white privileged . . . I hope your black children gets hung for you being so stupid. They have all the same rights we have now a days so please you and your monkey children go die.”

Truly, the greatest mind of a generation.

Joking aside, with what this hate-filled troglodyte is accused of it’s only by providence that a mass tragedy was avoided.

When Kentucky State police approached 21-year-old Dylan Jarrel he was leaving his home and was allegedly armed with a gun, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a kevlar vest, and the plans to shoot up not just one but two separate school districts.

So far, no motive has been divulged but you probably wouldn’t be too far off if you said it was probably racially or politically motivated. Since the last Presidential campaign, it seems that the racists of our country have cast off their hoods and have become emboldened in their hate and violence. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

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VT student who tried to buy 5000 bullets may have some kind of police fetish

VT student who tried to buy 5000 bullets may have some kind of police fetish

Yunsong Zhao

I’ve posted about Yunsong Zhao before. He’s the former Virginia Tech student from China who was arrested back in January after trying to purchase 5000 bullets. After police arrested him for allegedly having an illegal 30-round magazine for an AR-15, charges against him were dropped for lack of evidence. Previously, I was under the impression that Zhao illegally kept the AR-15 on campus, however, according to the most recent report, Zhao stored the gun at the campus police department. That did not stop the school from expelling him for the unauthorized possession of a knife on campus.

Another disturbing aspect to the case besides the fact that Zhao kept an AR-15 on campus and tried to buy 5000 bullets was that Zhao owned a decommissioned police car that still had police markings on it, and was actively searching on how to purchase body armor. My thought was that he would try to disguise himself as a police officer to commit some type of crime. However, his fascination with police may go a little deeper than that.

According to Roanoke.com

…he had attracted the attention of authorities by owning a Ford Crown Victoria, a vehicle often used by police agencies; shopping for police lights; following and recording police officers; carrying a backpack bearing a police patch; wearing fingerless black gloves and camouflage; and possessing a baton and zip ties that police sometimes used as handcuffs. A Roanoke indoor shooting range had barred Zhao and a pawn shop had asked him to leave after he spent three hours inside “aiming his gun around the aisles,” the papers said.

While possibly not acting in a criminal manner, he sure seems to have acted in a reckless manner with a side order of an unhealthy obsession.

After Zhao had posted bond from his arrest he was taken into ICE custody. He is now willingly leaving the country going to Canada before heading back to China.

Charges dismissed against Virginia Tech student who had an AR-15 on campus

Charges dismissed against Virginia Tech student with an AR-15

Yunsong Zhao

Back in January, Chinese national and Virginia Tech student Yunsong Zhao was arrested for allegedly being in possession of an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine. In Virginia, it’s illegal to own an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine but a 20 round magazine is A-OK. I mean, what’re 10 bullets between friends, am I right? Xhao’s arrest took place after he had tried to purchase 5,000 bullets. Investigators also alleged that Zhao was researching how to purchase body armor and owned a decommissioned police car that still had police markings on it. After his arrest, Zhao was expelled from Virginia Tech for allegedly having an assault rifle on campus. Considering Virginia Tech was the site of one of the worst school shootings, you can imagine that the school’s administrators were probably justified in their decision. Zhao was also taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after he had posted bond.

At the time of his arrest, I was convinced that Zhao was plotting some type of crime. Of course, I would lean towards that he was plotting a school shooting considering he allegedly and egotistically claimed he would make a victorious return to China, but it could have been any number of crimes. However, police and prosecutors could not prove Zhao was in possession of a 30 round magazine so yesterday, the charges against him were dismissed. I could see why police may have jumped the gun, so to speak, in arresting Zhao as they probably wanted to prevent any mayhem he may have been planning. While I’m of the opinion they more than likely did stop a heinous crime from occurring, the would-be perpetrator has escaped justice for the most part. However, authorities have said that he will be likely deported back to China.

While I shouldn’t be surprised, Zhao had his own contingent of supporters outside the courthouse while his charges were being dismissed. They claim that the police racially profiled Zhao because he was Asian who liked guns. I may be foolish for thinking this but it probably had more to do with the fact that he had the mass shooter’s weapon of choice on the grounds of a university where 32 innocent people were killed by a mentally unstable loser who liked guns. The fact that both Zhao and Cho Seung-Hui are both Asian is coincidental. Let’s also not forget the fact that he owned that police car and was supposedly trying to find body armor. As I said before, I doubt he was starting a one-man crime-fighting force.

Oh well, he’ll soon be China’s problem when he returns to them in a not so victorious manner.

Pa. exchange student built gun from parts

Pa. exchange student built gun from parts

Some of the evidence seized in alleged Monsignor Bonner High plot

Back in March, here we are again, 18-year-old Taiwanese exchange student An Tso Sun was arrested for allegedly plotting a school against Monsignor Bonner High School outside of Philadelphia. When he was initially arrested, police in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, say they had found a ski mask, a crossbow, a tactical vest, a few thousand rounds of various types of ammunition and a garrote. They then later announced that they had found a 9mm semi-automatic pistol that Sun had allegedly built from parts that he purchased separately. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Sun allegedly told a classmate he planned to shoot up the school on May 1st and warned the student not to come to school that day. There is also a video of someone said to be Sun using a flamethrower, that I can only imagine was probably homemade. Sun’s attorney is claiming Sun is unfamiliar with our strange American ways and this was only intended as a joke and his client has an interest in law enforcement. If he’s so unfamiliar with our ways, then why is he using the most common excuse plotters give when they’re caught? It also turns out Sun’s mother is some kind of celebrity in Taiwan and has said her son made the threat as a joke and the gun police found was only a prop. Well, it’s nice to see that ‘Not My Kid Syndrome’ isn’t exclusively American.

Now getting back to the gun, in my opinion, his willingness to assemble a gun from parts shows his willingness and methodical dedication to committing a school shooting. However, this is not a new way to obtain a gun while circumventing background checks. According to this post from a criminal defense website, ghost guns can be made with untraceable parts if you know where to get them. If I had to hazard a guess where Sun may have gotten the majority of his parts I would probably say that it was Armslist, the so-called craigslist of guns. Again, you can read more about Armslist here.

If the fact that an 18-year-old non-citizen can fashion a gun in such a manner that it flies totally under the radar doesn’t make you realize the gun laws in our country are severely lacking, then you’re not paying close enough attention.

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UPDATE 6/4/2018: Sun was sentenced to 4 to 23 months in Delaware County prison. Once he’s released from prison he will be deported back to Taiwan.

Two fathers arrested for their sons’ school shooting plots

Two fathers arrested for their sons' school shooting plots

Back in March, two different fathers were arrested in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles for the alleged school shooting plots of their sons. In the home of a 16-year-old, two revolvers, one semi-automatic handgun, a rifle and 90 rounds of ammunition were found to be unsecured in the home. In the home of a 17-year-old, police are said to have found a loaded semi-automatic handgun unsecured in a bag. Both teens had threatened to shoot up their respective schools. Both fathers were arrested on charges of unlawful firearms storage.

Since Columbine I’ve been saying that parents need to be held more responsible for what takes place under their roofs. How many times have kids like this have gotten their guns from parents who either gave them the guns or improperly stored their guns around the home and didn’t even notice they were missing? That’s a rhetorical question. The answer is too many. If these kids had gone on to kill using their parents’ guns, how could we not hold the parents responsible?

Maybe if we had started pressing criminal charges against the parents of school shooters who allowed the shootings to take place, parents of future shooters would have gotten involved in their kids’ lives and prevented further bloodshed.

UPDATE 4/3/2018: The father of the 17-year-old has pleaded not guilty.

Parents find out about school shooting plot a year after arrest

Parents find out about school shooting plot a year after arrest

Parents in Titusville, Florida, just recently learned that two students of Astronaut High School were arrested in early 2017 for allegedly plotting a school shooting. That’s more than a year later for those keeping count. Not surprisingly parents are upset, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about what was reportedly found in one of the suspects’ rooms.

Police said they found an arsenal Inside the bedroom of one of the students, including a .22 caliber rifle with two fully loaded magazines, a .380 pistol, Airsoft guns, over 15 homemade axes, knives and machetes, a bulletproof vest, two face masks and more.

So where did the guns come from?

Police said they found an arsenal inside the Titusville teen’s bedroom closet. His father said he has answer for that – all of the weapons belong to him.

“It’s mine! It’s mine! It’s in a locked safe in my bedroom closet,” he said. “Along with the .380 pistol which is my wife’s.”

Apparently, not locked all that well. He also seems to have a case of ‘not my kid’ syndrome as he says his son is a nice boy even though his son appears to be a columbiner.

This shows the one of the real problems behind school shootings, inattentive parents who are just as inattentive with their guns. As soon as one of your guns falls into the hands of your child for an illegal act, your privilege of owning a gun should be revoked.

VT student who tried to buy 5000 bullets taken into ICE custody

VT student who tried to buy 5000 bullets taken into ICE custody

Yunsong Zhao

19-year-old Yunsong Zhao was the Virginia Tech student from China who was arrested back in January after allegedly trying to purchase 5,000 bullets for his AR-15. He was also supposedly researching how to obtain body armor and was in possession of a decommissioned police car that still had police markings on it. While in jail he considered himself a celebrity and expected a “victorious return to China.” His return to China may be more imminent than he thinks, but it may not exactly be victorious.

Zhao was originally held on no bail, but after police determined the ammunition clip used for his gun was a legal 20 round magazine, his bond was lowered to $2500. However, after posting bond, he was immediately taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and will more than likely be facing deportation. As I’ve said before, while no evidence of any kind of plot has been discovered by police, I highly doubt he was planning on becoming his own one-man police force.

While I don’t believe guns cause school shootings, you still can’t have the shooting part without the gun. It seems almost backwards that in Virginia you can purchase a high-capacity rifle at the age of 18 but can’t buy a handgun until you’re 21. Even though a 20-round magazine is considered legal, it’s obvious that such a capacity is designed for only one thing and it’s not hunting. If you need 20 rounds to bag a deer you need to work on your marksmanship. Since doing away with all guns in our country is a pipe dream, I would at least raise the age of gun ownership nationally to at least 25 and ban the sale of high-capacity magazines. I would also increase the penalties for people who don’t properly store or handle guns, you know, because of all the responsible gun owners out there.

Washington school shooting narrowly avoided

Washington school shooting narrowly avoided

Overshadowed by the news of the Parkland shooting in Florida, a school shooting was narrowly avoided in Everett, Washington. 18-year-old Joshua Alexander O’Connor was arrested for allegedly plotting an attack against ACES High School in Everett. O’Connor was turned in by his grandmother after she found evidence of his plot and the evidence was alarming.

O’Connor had the usual school shooter’s journal but we’ll get to that in a moment. The major part of the evidence was the Hi-Point 10+1 9mm Carbine rifle that he kept in a guitar case. Another idiot who thinks he’s El Mariachi. The reason that O’Connor bought the 9mm Carbine was because it was the same gun used by the coward Eric Harris during Columbine. That’s right kids. O’Connor is a columbiner. I wonder what his Tumblr user name is. As with most cowardly Columbine copycats, O’Connor planned his shooting for around the anniversary of Columbine. Not an original thought between the lot of them.

Below is the search warrant affidavit detailing what evidence police found in their investigation. I want to draw your attention to page 4.

In case you’re wondering which part I’m referring to, it’s this one.

The part where he says how easy it was for him to buy a gun, a gun he planned on using to beat all known mass shooting body counts.

In case you think that this troglodyte was nowhere near committing a school shooting, you’re wrong. O’Connor is also accused of using that gun to hold up a convenience store and getting off on it. He is said to have written in his journal about how powerful he felt threatening the female clerk.

Too many guns are easily finding their way into the hands of these degenerates. You may say that guns don’t kill people, but they sure do make it a lot easier. While the cowards who wield them are ultimately responsible, no other commercially available weapon can rack up the number of dead innocents quite like a gun.