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Parents of JeffCo student want principal removed for not warning them of school shooting threat

Parents of JeffCo student want principal removed for not warning them of school shooting threat

Governor’s Ranch School

Jefferson County in Colorado contains the most infamous school in the history of school shootings, Columbine. So it would be natural if parents became concerned about a possible shooting at the school their children attend. It might not be unfeasible for parents to be outraged when the threat of a school shooting is made at their children’s school and the parents aren’t informed of the incident.

At Governor’s Ranch School, also in Littleton where Columbine is, a student allegedly told another student he was going to go home, get his father’s shotgun and shoot the other student.

A threat assessment document, obtained by Denver7, indicates that one student was joking with other students about “being like Donald Trump,” and the other said, “I’m going to bring my Dad’s shotgun and shoot you.”

The threat was reported to a teacher who reported it to the school psychologist, however, law enforcement was not called. Why were police not called you might ask? Shouldn’t we be taking every step possible to prevent a future school shooting, especially at the Ground Zero of all modern school shootings? Normally I would say yes, but the students in question are 8-years-old and the school in question is Governor’s Ranch Elementary School. That sounds like one of the most pretentious public school names I’ve ever heard, so I’m not surprised the two parents sound like over-reactive divas who want to shield their kid from all negative emotions.

The parents of the student who made the threat were informed and the student was disciplined, but this isn’t enough for the pearl clutchers with their fainting couches, saying their family has been ruined by the event. They want the principal removed for not following the protocol set forth by the school district in the wake of Columbine.

It sounds like to me these parents are projecting their own over-emotional sensitivities onto their child. In the real world not inhabited by the pretentious and the melodramatic, the problem is solved with these four words: They’re 8-years-old.

If this had happened in a less prosperous school district, this would be a non-story.

Two separate students make school shooting threats against same school in Texas

Two separate students make school shooting threats against same school in Texas

(Story broke 4/20/2017)

Two separate students at Clear Brook High School in Friendswood, Texas, were arrested for allegedly making unrelated threats to shoot up the school on the anniversary of Columbine. Both threats were made on the picture sharing app Snapchat. A freshman is said to have posted a video where he was pointing a gun at the camera and warned people not to show up to school on April 20th. A sophomore is said to have posted a picture of the butt of a gun with the message that he was doing this for ‘The heroes of Columbine’.

The fact that two separate threats were made on the same day at the same school scares the hell out of me. Both of these kids are probably what are known as columbiners. These are kids, usually, who for some reason or another identify with the Columbine shooters, usually because of falsehoods that have become legend since the Columbine shooting. Friendswood seems to have an inordinate amount of these columbiners as two were arrested back in December for bringing guns to Friendswood High School.

As of May 9th, the freshman had been released under a plea deal while the sophomore had his case continued.

It’s not just sexual predators that parents have to be on the look out for with their kids’ social media accounts. While you may not want to admit it, there’s a chance your child could be on the path toward criminal behavior. Any kind of idolizing or sympathy toward school shooters is not just a phase, it’s a loud cry that they are in immediate need of mental healthcare.

Student arrested for threatening shooting at Port Neches-Groves High School

Student arrested for threatening shooting at Port Neches-Groves High School

(Story broke 4/21/2017)

A 17-year-old student from Port Neches-Groves High School in Port Neches, Texas, was arrested on April 13th for allegedly threatening a school shooting. The student, who I won’t name, allegedly told others of his desire to obtain a gun, which hallway would be the best for killing his victims, and what teachers and students he wanted to kill. The shooting was supposedly set to take place on April 20th, the anniversary of the Columbine shooting. The suspect has been released on $100,000 bond after undergoing a mental evaluation. His lawyer claims his client was just discussing the Columbine anniversary in a historical context.

I haven’t read enough information to give an opinion on the guilt or innocence of the suspect but this was just the first in a number of arrests across the country that happened this year around the anniversary of Columbine.

The reason I’m not naming the suspect is because it’s plotters like this, if the charges are true, are really the ones seeking attention.

School suspends 20+ students for liking Instagram post about school shooting

School suspends 20 students for liking Instagram post about school shooting

At a prep school in Charlotte, North Carolina, two idiot teens posted a picture to the photo sharing app Instagram that said “(School name) gon have a school shooter one day.” Other than that, there was really nothing threatening about the picture. It was just two kids standing there in what appears to be a parking lot. Neither kid looked all that threatening.

The problem came when 20-some other students of the school gave the picture a like on Instagram. Because of that, the school suspended the students that liked the picture.

Of course since personal responsibility died some time ago, some of the parents of the suspended students are up in arms.

“None of us are happy with the decision,” said the parent. “We feel like this is going to follow our kids.”

She claims the school said that the suspension for endorsing the threat will stay on her daughters’ record until she graduates.

“Twenty plus students could’ve learned a lesson today, not necessarily been sent out of school for three days”.


There’s another lesson that could have been taught from this incident, the lesson that actions have consequences, even on trivial social media posts. Your kid probably wasn’t getting into Harvard anyway.

Pa. student arrested for threatening rap song called ‘Columbine’


East Stroudsburg classmates’ reactions vary on student’s arrest over ‘Columbine’ rap song:

An 18-year-old student from East Stroudsburg High School North in Pennsylvania has been arrested for allegedly posting a rap song online called ‘Columbine’. He’s been charged with felony counts of aggravated assault and terroristic threats. Of course all the ‘Constitutional experts’ are calling this a violation of free speech, except it isn’t.

In the alleged rap song the student is said to have named staff members of the school by name in his threatening rap. Guess what kids. That makes it a threat which is not protected speech. It doesn’t matter how many samples or R&B Breaks you may have behind it, it’s still a threat. No word on how much time he’s looking at but since he’s 18 it’s big boy jail for him. Now we’ll find out how hard a rapper from the Poconos is.

I’m sure the same people would complain if he did shoot up the school asking why was nothing done to stop him when the signs were there?

Stop being outraged at everything. Be analytical and logical instead.

Texas mutants signify the start of school year with arrest

Judson and Murray

Judson and Murray

Two jailed in Alamo Heights High threats:

I can always tell when the new school year is about to start even though I don’t have school age kids anymore. I can usually tell because some mutant inevitably gets arrested for plotting or threatening a school shooting. This year is no different.

This year’s contestants are Marshall Judson, 18, and Matthew Murray, 17, both of Alamo Height High School in San Antonio, Texas. It seems the criminal geniuses were tripped up when someone else spotted their Facebook posts comparing themselves to the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold.

The initial post, which police say was made by Murray, was a graphic photo of the Columbine suspects lying in a pool of blood with the caption, “BEST FRIENDS TILL THE END!!”


In a Facebook exchange littered with typos, one said he thought he could get a car and another said, “lol can I borrow a shotgun I making the ipebombs,” police said.

They also discussed making different types of shotguns, police said, then Murray stated, “so wanna be Dylan klebold” and Judson responded, “lol yes matt,” and then, “I wanna b eric harris I acvt like himxD.”

No weapons were in their possessions and they’ve both been charged with making terroristic threats.

As usual no word on where the parents were in this case. Also no word on motive other than they’re mutants.

Stuart Little charged with mutant threat against Texas high school

Stuart Alexander Baxter Little

Stuart Alexander Baxter Little

Pflugerville HS student arrested on felony terroristic threat charges:

Pflugerville ISD Student Arrested For Terroristic Threats:

17-year-old Stuart Alexander Baxter Little has been arrested for allegedly making threats against Pflugerville High School in Texas. Police say that Little used Facebook and e-mails to send threats of a school shooting to school staff and the Austin Police Department threatening a school shooting at the high school.

It also turns out that Stuart Little is a mutant. Not only was this school shooting supposed to take place on April 20th but he also supposedly used the oh so clever pseudonym of “Cire Sirrah”.

On the 20th of April police say that Little sent an e-mail to a TV station warning of the attack. That was when police were able to track him down and arrest him.

But it gets even better. His mom is begging authorities not to throw her autistic son in jail. I think I know where this is leading too. Probably it’s going to be claimed somewhere down the line that Little has Asperger’s and that will be used in his defense. However as I’ve said before these kind of defenses are not only medically inaccurate to insinuate that Asperger’s causes people to kill but it also spreads that kind of ignorance.

The kid is a mutant plain and simple and deserves to punished for his crimes.

Threats in the wake of Chardon

It seems that the threats against schools has leaked out of Ohio in the wake of the Chardon High School shooting and have affected other areas around the country as well. Here’s a sampling…

Two Attleboro men arrested for threatening “Columbine-style” attack at high school:

In Attleboro, Massachusetts 18-year-old Natick Sands and 20-year-old Ryan Ringuette were both arrested for allegedly discussing an attack against Attleboro High School on their Facebook pages.

On a Facebook page bearing Sands’s name, the most recent status update, posted this morning, read “and people wonder why i [sic] talk about random killing sprees all the time… FED UP.”

A posting on the page bearing Ringuette’s name replied, saying “im with u [sic]” and “columbine ove [sic] again.”

Ringuette allegedly graduated from the school in 2011. When I graduated from high school it ceased to exist in my mind. Why do these losers continue to hang on to it after they’ve graduated?


Siloam Springs student arrested after alleged school shooting threat on Twitter:

A 16-year-old female student of Siloam Springs High School in Arkansas was arrested for allegedly posting a Columbine-like threat on her twitter account.


Student Arrested, Accused Of Threatening To Shoot Up School:

At Menomonee Falls High School in Wisconsin 17-year-old Lewis Summit was arrested for verbally threatening a school shooting.

In the criminal complaint, he’s quoted telling a teacher and a police officer that, “Teachers better be getting off of this, or it’s going to be like Columbine up in here. I’ll be spraying kids.”

Another quote in the same article shows that people are still not getting it…

“You never really hear about that, like, here. You never think (about it in) a small town like Menomonee Falls, but it’s a big thing,”

Out of all the school shootings that I’ve posted about over the past dozen years none of them happened in a big city. They all happened in small towns where people thought ‘it can’t happen here’.

This threat actually happened in January so it doesn’t fit the Chardon timeline but I thought I would include it for the ‘can’t happen here’ quote.


UPDATED: Student threatens ‘shooting rampage’:

19-year-old Alexander Song was arrested for allegedly threatening a shooting at the University of Maryland. Song is said to have posted the following on reddit and Omegele (a Chat-Roulette clone)…

“I will be on a shooting rampage tomorrow on campus,” “stay away from the Mall tomorrow at 1:30” and “hopefully I kill enough people to make it to national news,”

He was placed into psychiatric custody.


When a major school shooting happens there are always copycat threats that come right after it. Unfortunately that’s nothing new.

Someone will inevitably say that these kids were just ‘crying out for help’ and you know what? I don’t care. If you’re going to cry out for help get an ill thought out tattoo, or dye your hair green, or get your face pierced 152 times where your earlobes are stretched out to where they can hold a roll of duct tape. But when you break the law like this you go to jail. It’s as simple as that.

Mutant threatens Florida school shooting

Emmanuel Costas

Emmanuel Costas

Teen planned shooting rampage at Lake Brantley high, police say:

Last week in Altamonte Springs, Florida police arrested 18-year-old Emmanuel Costas for allegedly threatening a school shooting at Lake Brantley High School.

Police there say that Costas kept posting the veiled threats on his Facebook…

“151 dayz left!!!”

His friends tried to guess what his countdown was for. The end of the world? “Nope,” he replied. “U will see,” he told friends in the cryptic posts. “Too early too tell ya.”

“4/17/12 is gonna be a day to remember dat day will bring joy to me and saddness to otherz”

Police say that Costas planned the shooting not only because he was ‘teased’ as a freshman but that he ‘respected’ those who committed the Columbine massacre. In Trench-speak, he’s a mutant who worships the cowardly scumbags Klebold and Harris.

So he’s 18 which in theory would make him a senior. So for the fact that he was ‘teased’ 3 years ago makes him think that the proper response is to commit mass murder. What a joke.

Since he’s 18 he’ll be in big boy jail. If he thinks being teased as a freshman was bad wait until he gets to prison. He’ll wish he was back in high school.

Remember kids, take it from someone who was there and was a victim of actual bullying in high school. While those four years may seem like the longest time in your life in reality it’s just a blip on the timeline of your existence. It’s not worth killing or going to jail over.

Allen Doelitsch gets a real sentence

I originally posted about Allen Doelitsch here and here. Well, those were the important ones anyway.

The then 18-year-old Doelitsch was arrested back in 2008 for threatening an attack against Samuel Champion High School in Boerne, Texas. A high school he didn’t even attend.

He also tried recruiting a 14-year-old student of the school into his plot. The 14-year-old was down with the plot but he told friends who in turn told the school who in turn told the police.

Doelitsch was just another mutant who tried blaming his actions on his depression and said that he wasn’t going to carry out threat.

But recently he manned up and took his medicine by pleading guilty to criminal solicitation of a minor to commit capital murder and theft of a firearm and was sentenced to 25 years behind bars.

It warms my cold black heart to see one of these cretins get a real sentence. There’s been too much probation and coddling for my tastes for these kind of crimes.