Bomb threat locks down Columbine among other schools

Bomb threat locks down Columbine among other schools

I feel sorry for the students of Columbine High School and the families that send them there. While the community has a defiant spirit to not let the tragedy that occurred there define them,  some idiot inevitably pulls a stunt that reminds them.

Early yesterday, someone called in a threat to Columbine High claiming that multiple bombs had been planted in the school and that they were waiting outside the school with a gun.  This resulted in not only Columbine being locked down but over 20 other schools in the district as well. A rather large police response resulted which found no bombs in the school or any suspect with a gun.

Sadly, this is the new normal as the Jefferson County Sheriffs have admitted…

“Unfortunately, we receive many threats like this to Columbine and we respond to each threat appropriately, which is what we’re doing now,” Jefferson County sheriff’s spokesman Mike Taplin said.

So far I haven’t seen any report of an arrest being made but if I had to hazard a guess I’d say some edgelord cretin from Tumblr, who probably wasn’t even born when Columbine happened, just became a columbiner and thought they would be a badass by calling in a threat to the school where it all started. This probably done between rounds of Fortnite and posting dank memes, as the kids say.

I can’t wait for the arrest to happen so I can hear this pathetic loser cry to his mommy that it was just a joke. I also hope it was done from out of state which will make it a federal crime. Keep that in mind the next time one of you pizza cutters tries something like this.  Why did I call them pizza cutters?


All edge and no point.

The Daily Threat 11/5/2018

The Daily Threat 11/5/2018


Former UAA student arrested for alleged school shooting threats
Police probe shooting threat found on note at Alabama school
Police ID suspect in Snapchat threats against Kilgore, Longview high schools
Police: Woodlan student arrested for threatening school on Snapchat


Police: Broward County teen says he was kidding about school shooting threat
(Don’t they all?)
Dual False Reports Of Shootings At Two Palmdale Middle Schools
Police investigating threats to ‘shoot up’ 2 Faribault schools
Police charge C-A student with making threat against school
Teen shares assault rifle picture and warning, gets arrested

A male juvenile is in custody on terrorizing charges after he allegedly shared a picture of an assault rifle with a message of “Don’t come to school tomorrow” on Snapchat.


Teen threatens to shoot students at Seminole Ridge High School, deputies say
Student expelled for Snapchat threat towards Chelan High School
Update: More info indicates note threatened a school shooting at Butte High
Winona High student arrested for social media message about shooting up school
Niceville High student threatens school shooting
Local student arrested after discovery of Halloween threat
Teenager arrested for school shooting threat

A search warrant was served at the 15-year-old’s house, where deputies reported seizing a 12-gauge shotgun, two .22 caliber rifles, a .357 magnum handgun and approximately 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

Bloomington police temporarily increase school security amid school shooting threats

Police were notified Tuesday night of a Jackson Creek Middle School student who posted a Snapchat of what appeared to be a rifle with the caption “Getting it ready for tomorrow… wear blue.”

Former Two Rivers student arrested for threats on Snapchat
More than eight months after Parkland shooting, Manatee schools still dealing with threats


2 Rangeview students face charges after Snapchat photo showing apparent gun leads to lockdown
Volusia deputies arrest student who threatened school shooting
Police investigate threats made toward several Miami-Dade schools
Police charge 2 Central Cabarrus HS students for bringing gun on campus
West Iredell student arrested for shooting threat
Washington County, TN schools ‘shelter in place’ after discovery of threat


Teenager arrested for threat to shoot Merced school dance

The Daily Threat 10/26/2018

The Daily Threat 10/26/2018
Kilgore High School beefs up security after social media threat

Students kept home over Snapchat threat to Naples High School

Increased Police Presence at Freedom High School After Snapchat Threat

Teen arrested in Snoqualmie after threatening students in Snapchat videos, police say

Snapchat Threat Put School Security to Test

School shooting threat prompts police response, arrest at Nooksack Valley High School

Wilmot High School student facing terrorist threat charge for school shooting threat

Ballston Spa middle school threat not credible, superintendent says

The Daily Threat 10/25/2018

The Daily Threat 10/25/2018

Ferndale High School student arrested after alleged school shooting threat

Palmer High School student accused of threatening school shooting released from custody

Glenbard East Student Charged With Threatening School Shooting

Police increase presence after vague shooting threat mentions a ‘Perry’ school

West Allis Central student arrested for making threats to shoot up the school

This was all in one day.

21-year-old threatens school shooting over 14-year-old girlfriend

21-year-old threatens school shooting over 14-year-old girlfriend

William Ingle

This is a new one on me.

21-year-old William Ingle of Piqua, Ohio, was arrested back in may for allegedly threatening a school shooting. According to reports, Ingle was said to have called a local school threatening a school shooting while calling other school shooters ‘amateurs’. Ingle appears to be another edgelord who referred to himself on his Facebook page as ‘The Satanic Monster’

The supposed reason for Ingle calling in the threat was because his 14-year-old girlfriend was being bullied at the school. Yes, I’ll repeat that for you. His 14-year-old girlfriend was supposedly being bullied.

Ingle was arrested for the threat but I was unable to find any information on if he had been charged with having a 14-year-old girlfriend.


The Daily Threat 4/11/2018

The Daily Threat: 4/11/2018

Summit High student accused of violent threats handed out sticky notes to students he would spare, sheriff says
Locking classrooms becomes latest safety measure in Spokane schools

Franklin teen arrested for terrorizing after alleged threats on Snapchat
(Might be a repeat, but does it matter?)

Teachers Acquire A New Skill: How To Stop The Bleeding Of Shooting Victims
(So we expect teachers to do everything without paying them a decent wage.)

Police: Bay Area school shooting threat a hoax, part of online contest to force evacuations
(FTA: A threat of violence emailed Sunday night and Monday morning to scores of Bay Area school districts and others nationwide was a hoax, part of a twisted contest from an overseas online gaming community to see who could generate the most school evacuations in America and the United Kingdom, authorities said.)

Police: Gun-toting Snapchat leads to arrest of Fairfield student
(FTA: The student, who Landis said was a fellow gun enthusiast, responded with his own message: “Don’t shoot up the school now (laughing with tears emoji),” to which Landis replied, “LMAO no promises.”)

Liberty school locked down for three hours after bomb threat


Police: Friendswood mom helps officers arrest, charge teen son for making school threat
(FTA: Friendswood Police officers on April 5 received the Snapchat threat that said, “Let’s turn Fwood into Florida.”)

Janitor arrested for allegedly threatening school shooting
Norwell charter school placed on lock down after student threats

2 teens charged in Snapchat post that prompted Bomb Squad response in West Brighton
(FTA: A Snapchat post with a photos of a prop suicide vest and the message, “don’t come to school tomorrow,” caught the eye of law enforcement, according to a spokeswoman for the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information.)

The Daily Threat 4/9/2018: One week edition

The Daily Threat 4/9/2018: One week edition

Well, at least this time it was only a week-long break I took, but what a hell of week to take a break. Lots of big news to catch up on. I’ll be honest, it’s my depression and anxiety that’s been keeping me away from working on the website, but this isn’t about me. I just thought you’d like an explanation. Anyway, rules are the same. Dates are from when the story was published and not necessarily the date of the threat.

Olathe Northwest High School student brings unloaded gun to school
(FTA: Administrators were informed by a parent that the student may have brought the weapon to school. Trench: I wonder how they knew.)
Two boys arrested posting guns on Snapchat
State Police: Snapchat Threats Brought Troopers To Vinal Tech
Should teen accused in school shooting plot face attempted murder charges?
Attorney: Teenager who plotted school shooting deserves bail
Macomb County prosecutor: 51 charged with making threats since Parkland school shooting

UCF student who idolized mass shooters online can buy guns, judge decides
(I wanted this one separated from the rest so you can all let that sink in. Sleep tight Orlando.)

Roxbury schools increase security after student Snapchat threats
Michigan fights school threats: ‘This is gonna change your life forever’
Another Warren County boy sentenced for making school threat
School threat hoaxers can’t hide behind Snapchat, feds say
Patriots’ Julian Edelman May Have Thwarted a School Shooting
(FTA: “Dude, there is a kid in your comment section says he s going to shoot up a school, i think you should alert the authority.”)
‘It was stupid:’ Student, 17, faces felony charge, accused of threatening Columbine-like school shooting

False report of Saginaw school shooting draws big police response
Most Guns Used in School Shootings Come From Home

Cliff Park student arrested after school shooting threat, report says
(FTA: “During this meeting, (the student) became upset and yelled ‘(expletive) this, I’m going to go home, get my gun and I’m going to come back and shoot everyone’.”)
Student charged with making threats against North Syracuse school, deputies say
Police: How Syracuse University student was stopped while planning mass shooting
Clovis student arrested for Snapchat threat
(FTA: The caption stated, “F*** CHS I’m going out with a bank” and “don’t go to school tmrw.”)
Increased police presence expected at Kalani High in response to threat
Octorara student arrested after threatening to bring gun to school; references Parkland
Officers Remained at Bridgeport’s Central and Bassick High Schools After Investigations
Manasquan active shooter drill set for Columbine anniversary
(I’m actually ok with this. Since so many plots are usually planned for the Columbine anniversary, it’s a great idea to already have armed and trained officers there.)
Broward high school student arrested after making online threats
(FTA: “…I want to be a professional school shooter… (no sarcasm, Broward County, Florida) J.P. Taravella HS is my target, tomorrow.”)

14-year-old arrested after gun and knives found in backpack
(FTA: Police say the gun was a semi-automatic pistol with 11 rounds of ammunition. He also had a butterfly-style knife and a folding pocket knife.)

1 Arrested After Social Media Post Was ‘Believed’ To Involve Md. High School
School officials wrestle with decision on when to disclose possible threats
HISD police investigating Meyerland school shooting threat

The Daily Threat 4/2/2018

The Daily Threat 4/2/2018

Teen charged with carrying rifle near school to stay in jail

IT’S MY RIGHT: Twisted Georgia woman accused of threatening elementary school shooting
(FTA: Police say Richardson admitted to creating the video as an expression of her right to free speech. Trench: Threats aren’t protected speech dumbass.)

Police: 19-year-old charged after making threat in Snapchat video

Since Florida shooting: 14 threats of violence at area schools
(Central Illinois)

Stockton Teen Threatens School Shooting Over Bad Grades
(If you have bad grades, work harder. It’s not the school’s fault.)