Sparks Middle shooter was a 12-year-old mutant


Nevada school shooter had photos of Columbine gunmen on his phone, left 2 suicide notes:

Chilling details, no motive in Nev. school shooting:

For those of you who may not remember back in October of last year 12-year-old Jose Reyes took a gun to Sparks Middle School in Sparks, Nevada and ended up shooting and killing teacher Michael Landsberry and himself. Recently the Sparks police released a 1300 page report about the shootings.

Now normally I don’t blame these shootings on video games and I’m not now but look at some of the video games this 12-year-old had…

Forty-seven of the 69 video games in the boy’s collection were “violent themed first-person shooter or shooter type games” such as “grand Theft Auto V,” ”Assassins Creed” and “Call of Duty 4.”

Who the hell gets these kind of games for a 12-year-old? These are all M-rated games in the US which means they’re not suitable for anyone under 17. While I’m all for adults being able to play any video game they want if a 12-year-old is exposed to violent games like this it can warp their mind in regards to violence. That’s why they have the ratings but the ratings are only as good as the player’s parents.

Speaking of parents, this is actually not surprising considering that it was his parents’ gun that he used and the only excuse they’ve given is they didn’t know that he knew they had a gun. When I was 12 I knew everything that my dad had and where he hid it. Luckily for both of us they were only a couple of vintage Playboys but 12-year-olds know more of your secrets than you think they do. By the way the Reyes’ are not being charged with any crime even though their gun was unlocked and easily accessible.

What strikes me most about this report is that Reyes was in fact a mutant. Again, that’s my term for a fanboy of the Columbine shooters. Reyes had pictures of the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold on his cell phone. On his laptop he also had a copy of the Columbine fanboy masturbatory homemade game Super Columbine Massacre RPG.

Also on his cell phone were two suicide notes that seem to be somewhat conflicting…

In one to “teachers and students,” Allen said the boy “clearly expressed anger … over his belief that he was embarrassed and mistreated at school” and “indicated he would get revenge.”

Reyes wrote that he’d been called gay, lazy, stupid, an idiot, had his money stolen and been accused of wetting his pants.

“Well that all ends. Today I will get revenge on the students and teachers for ruining my life,” he wrote, adding that he would bring a pistol and rifle to school “to shoot you and see how you like it when someone (sic) making fun of you.”

“Have a great death at school,” he said on the one-page note of spiral notebook paper he closed with a drawing of a tombstone that read: “Sparks Middle School 1965-2013.”

But in the second contradictory note to his parents, he said “this shooting is not because of the shooting games, bullying or other stuff.” He said it was because “some bad things in the past cause of me.”

“And now I’m just a monster,” Reyes wrote. “If you hate me and my family doesn’t love me it’s okay. I know that I’m just an idiot. But I love you and I wish the past would be good and better someday.”

It seems like to me that the parenting in the Reyes household went from one extreme to the other. They’re either buying an underage kid M-rated games and letting him do what he wants or he’s getting hit by his father.

With that kind of parenting it should be no surprise the kid turned out like this. It’s just unfortunate that he had to use violence in trying to make up for his own inadequacies and take the life of another.

Alvaro Castiilo thread 8/12/09

Alvaro Castillo

Alvaro Castillo

Footage hints at Castillo’s confusion:

Lat week I mentioned that Castillo allegedly had an imaginary twin brother named Red and I joked that if it was Red Forman he would have put his foot in his ass. Well it seems that I wasn’t far off as Castillo is claiming that Red raped him.

It seems that Castillo was also a fan of our favorite video game Super Columbine Massacre: RPG. He claims he used it to train which is ludicrous considering the way the game is played but it shows you what type of people play this game.


Castillo: ‘I deserved to die’:

This article brings us more details on Castillo’s alleged pedophile predilections. In one of his videos he claims that he was taught about sex by a boy at the age of 5 and was exposed to pornography soon after. Because of that he claims he became aroused by a three-year old boy at the age of 15 and even kissed the boy.

Ick. Not the first report of a pedophile mutant we’ve had though.


Clinic knew of Castillo’s danger:

A social worker testified on Monday that Castillo believed that there were microphones in his house and that a pictured in the house was watching him. The social worker tried to get Castillo into a psychiatric care clinic where he had been seen before. However the clinic turned him away because they thought he was faking it to get out of National Guard duty. That’s also what I believe he’s been doing this whole time.


You know, I keep reading in articles that Castillo’s mother and sister said that Rafael Castillo was a violent man but the only testimony I’ve seen mentioned that he was hard on his kids and wanted them to succeed, he made them have no friends, and when he wanted to punish them he made them either take a cold shower or eat natural food. While that’s a little harsh I wouldn’t exactly call that domestic violence.


SCMRPG creator condemns V-Tech game

It seems that one Danny Ledonne, creator of the ever tasteless Super Columbine Massacre RPG, is even down on V-Tech Rampage. He left the following comment at Game Politics

Inevitably, comparisons between SCMRPG and VTech Rampage are being made right nowÂ? For myself I wish to point out that SCMRPG was never a for-profit endeavor and thus I never posted statements like that which is on the VTR game’s homepage:

I will take this game down from newgrounds if the donation amount reaches $1000 US, i’ll take it down from here if it reaches $2000 US, and i will apologize if it reaches $3000 US.

This quote seems to indicate that Ryan has no intention of leaving the game up permanently or having a channel for discourse (as I have done) but instead has unfortunately chosen an artist’s statement that reads more like a hostage note

I would like to ask bloggers to consider not whether a game about the Virginia Tech shooting SHOULD be made but how we might go about making a game that accomplishes more than VTR does with the subject matter.

Wow, when you’re being talked down to by the original tasteless homemade game designer you must have something wrong with you.

And to answer your question Danny, a game about Virginia Tech should not be made. Just like there shouldn’t have been one made about Columbine.

Culture of death

Kids submerged in culture of death games:

I don’t know if this is a letter to the editor or not but this may just be one of the most misinformed opinions about video games I’ve ever heard. It’s basically a commentary about how the media is to blame for crime like Virginia Tech and blah blah blah…

What is appalling is what most consider to be mass murder is now being exploited as a profitable venture. The video game entitled “Super Columbine Massacre” allows the gamer to play the part of murderers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as they randomly shot their Columbine High School classmates in the halls, classrooms, library and cafeteria. This real-life portrayal of a murderous rampage that took the lives of 11, ending with the double suicide of the killers, has been turned into a marketable source of entertainment.

Other games put the participant in the role of Lee Harvey Oswald during his assassination of President Kennedy. Another allows a shooter to take aim on Mexicans crossing the border. And yet another provides vivid instructions as to how to assassinate the president. All are presented in explicit and bloody detail. What is next: Terrorist-in- training videos?

What does this say about our society when “entertainment” vehicles are available to anyone that wishes to become a murderer at the click of his or her mouse? What possesses someone who seeks enjoyment from killing in cyber space? And what stops a person from acting out these fantasies in real life? Sometimes these people are not stopped and what took place at Virginia Tech is the result.

I can’t believe I’m defending games like SCMRPG and JFK Reloaded but these games are niche games that you can’t just go out and buy at your local video game store. And SCMRPG is not presented in explicit and bloody detail. It’s cartoony at best even though it’s message is disturbing. Also, to make the leap from video games to “Terrorist-in- training videos” is absolutely ludicrous. Let’s not forget the age-old classic of parental responsibility either. If kids under the age of 17 are playing M-Rated games it’s more than likely that the parents are letting their kids play it. But it’s much easier just to blame video games isn’t it?

It's not a First Amendment issue

One of our favorite attention whores, Danny Leddone creator of Super Columbine Massacre RPG, is going to be a guest speaker tomorrow night at Loyola Marymount University’s First Amendment Week.

Tuesday will also feature another First Amendment event that will discuss video game violence in St. Robert’s Auditorium at 4 p.m. Participants will have a chance to play the controversial game “Super Columbine Massacre RPG” from 4 to 7 p.m. and listen to the creator of the game, Danny Ledonne from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Ledonne’s game, available on the Internet, reenacts the day of the Columbine shooting through the eyes of the shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Recently, the game was pulled from the Slamdance video game festival due to its controversial content.

Again I have to ask why do people keep making this out to be a first amendment issue? The government never said that he couldn’t make his atrocity of a game. The Slamdance Festival is not the government. The people who protested against the game are not the government. Read the following words carefullyÂ?


Learn it, love it, live it.

Don’t make me say it again.

SCMRPG almost makes it through Slamdance

Columbine game blocked from receiving Slamdance special jury prize:

It seems that attention whore extraordinaire Danny Ledonne tried to backdoor his game into the Slamdance Festival competition but as a documentary rather than a game.

Ledonne showed a demo of his travesty of a game, Super Columbine Massacre: RPG, to Slamdance juror and filmmaker Brian Flemming. Flemming then discussed the “game” with two other jurors. The three jurors then decide they were going to award Ledonne an unofficial special jury prize. But their intention was to try to slip it past Slamdance director Peter Baxter by surprising the audience by announcing the special prize along with the film documentary award. However Peter Baxter caught wind of it and put a stop to the award claiming that the award could not be presented to music clearance issues. The game contains midis of copyrighted music.

How do we know all this? Ledonne told Joystiq himself. I’ll give Captain Smug this much. he definitely knows how to market himself.

To make matters worse Ledonne says he’s going to make a documentary about the game and all the controversy surrounding it.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say that was his plan all along. Create controversy and turn it around to a film career.

If Mr. Ledonne is still serious about not trying to cash in on Columbine then he should put his money where his mouth is. If he successfully makes the documentary and money he makes from it should be noted to the Columbine Memorial fund. But then the Memorial isn’t dedicated to his heroes. Only the victims.

Danny Ledonne on AOTS II

I finally got to see the video of Super Columbine Massacre RPG’s creator Danny Ledonne’s interview on AOTS. You can see it if you go to AOTS’s video page and go back to 1/22/07.

I could tell it wasn’t going to be a heated debate when host Kevin Pereira basically stated that Slamdance’s decision to pull SCMRPG from its competition amounted to censorship. Why is it that people still don’t realize that censorship can only come from the government? A private organization like Slamdance has the right to let in or kick out any game they want.

Then Captain Smug himself, Ledonne, came on and basically acted like he was the Messiah of all video games with Kotaku’s Brian Crecente acting like one of his disciples.

I thought at one point we were actually going to get a decent debate when Pereira asked Ledonne if he thought SCMRPG glorified Columbine. Ledonne avoided the question and both Pereira and Crecente let it slide. This wasn’t as much of a debate as it was a bunch of ass kissing.

What they should have done is have someone with an opinion that actually was opposed to the game. Like a Columbine victim’s family member or a Columbine survivor. I bet it would have been a lot different debated if they did.

Granted AOTS isn’t exactly a bastion of journalism but they did a great disservice to their viewers by having such a one-sided conversation.

Ledonne on AOTS

Crecente, Ledonne Talk Columbine on AOTS:

I guess if I’m going to take this blog seriously I have to start watching (ugh) Attack of The Show again. It seems that our favorite attention whore, SCMRPG creator Danny Ledonne, was on AOTS tonight discussing his virtual abortion of a game with one of Kotaku’s writers. I didn’t see it tonight so I’ll have to try to catch the replay over the weekend. If someone out there has a video of it that they can post on YouTube please let me know.

Slamdance explains why SCMRPG was pulled

Columbine game was pulled over legal risk:

In a follow-up to Alyric’s post about Super Columbine Massacre RPG Slamdance Festival co-founder has said that the reason SCMRPG was pulled from the festival’s competition was for legal reasons…

The “hurt” factor and a moral obligation to the public, along with a “very high” legal risk, were a few reasons given Sunday during a panel discussion about why the controversial video game “Super Columbine Massacre RPG” was pulled from a Slamdance game competition.

It didn’t help the game’s reputation, panelists agreed, that there was a “mushroom cloud” of negative and uninformed press and knee-jerk reactions to Danny Ludonne’s game.

“It was a very hard decision to pull Danny’s game from the competition,” said Slamdance co-founder and president Peter Baxter. “We have not got the time or the money to take on the first round of civil action on this.”

Prior to the start of the annual film festival and its newer video game competition, Slamdance was already getting outside pressure to distance itself from Ludonne’s game over fear of a civil lawsuit, possibly coming from relatives of Columbine victims.

But Ludonne’s game was described by panelists and the discussion’s audience members as part documentary and part “art” for its depiction of actual events that took place when its creator, now 25, was a sophomore in a Colorado high school. When he created the game and submitted it anonymously to an Internet address, Ludonne said he was trying to work through notions of how he identified with the two Columbine killers.

First of all it cracks me up to no end that they misspelled Danny Ledonne’s name throughout the entire article. Secondly SCMRPG is hardly what I would call art. And it’s more of a “fan tribute”, if you will, then a documentary. Documentaries are supposed to be impartial. SCMRPG is an obvious tribute to the Columbine killers even though Mr. Ledonne says otherwise. And yes I actually have played the game.

When the game was pulled from the competition Mr. Ledonne claimed that this was a blow against free speech. I disagree. I think that it’s the best exercise in free speech. The protesters voiced their opinion and the founder of the festival listened. That is what free speech is all about.

Do I think the game should be banned? Not at all. We have the right in this country to make any kind of offensive piece of crap we’d like, just about. However the game should not receive the praise that it has. It is not art. Art contributes something to society. The only thing this game contributes to is the designer’s own ego. It’s not close to documentary due to its inaccuracies. For example calling the victims generic names like “Jock” instead of using the actual victims’ names. If you’re striving for authenticity why not go all the way?

Personally outside of hero-worship I think the game is nothing more than an experiment in attention whoring. It looks like the experiment was a success.

Gamemakers defend Columbine game

(Guest post by Alyric)

This story is a bit unusual in that there is no crime being blamed on video games – rather, the video game is based on a crime. Also, it’s a week and a half old, but the site hadn’t started yet when the story first came out – so bear with us.

For those of you who have been fortunate enough not to hear about it, Super Columbine Massacre RPG is a game created by Danny Ledonne. You will not find a link to it on this site; not now, not ever. Essentially, the game allows you to play as Harris and Klebold in a virtual recreation of the massacre at Columbine Highschool. Not only that, the content in the game and the author himself glamorize what they did. This was, sadly, hero-worship; a tribute, of sorts. Trench has covered this story previously.

The game has been around for a while, but just recently it made headlines again. According to Newsweek, a Utah Gamemaker Competition dropped the Columbine game from consideration. In response, six of the fourteen finalists have quit in protest, and seven sent letters requesting the game’s reinstatement.

To be fair, I suspect that most or all of these finalists are ignorant of the true nature of SCMRPG and many of the remarks made by Danny Ledonne. Still, making such a public demonstration of support for something you aren’t familiar with is dangerous at best.

Consider a quote from the article by Jonathon Blow, one of the finalists that dropped out after SCMRPG was removed from the competition. “As long as we persist in believing that games are just for kids … we’re not going to get where we need to go.”

This quote, I can only imagine, broadly assumes that the game has been removed for violent content. Mr. Blow, this has nothing to do with violence, only the standards of public decency, and respect for the families that lost loved ones on that day. The game constantly refers to Harris and Klebold as “brave boys”, and runs a tribute montage to them after their deaths. How could the Slamdance Festival afford to be seen as supporting that?

If the lack of respect showed by Danny Ledonne towards the families of the people murdered at Columbine wasn’t bad enough, consider his refusal to respect the wishes of the organizers of the event; from the second article – But SCMRPG! creator Danny Ledonne has told other finalists that he plans to go to the festival anyway and distribute copies of his game.

Kudos to Peter Baxter, president of the event, for not caving in to the pressure.