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Lady Thug charged with being Backpage child pimp


Charge: ‘Lady thug’ pimped kids in Kent, Seattle:

I would assume that most people think of pimps and sex traffickers as men but women can be pimps and traffickers too, in some cases they’re even more vicious than their male counterparts. Sometimes they are romanticized by referring to them as madams but there is nothing matronly about them.

Take 20-year-old Jacqueline Pamela Oliver of Seattle, the accused pimp with the phrase ‘Lady Thug’ tattooed on her leg. She’s been charged with prostituting at least two underage girls, ages 15 and 16, on Backpage in the Seattle area. She was turning out the girls while keeping all their money. She was supposedly even living in a motel with the 16-year-old as her ‘girlfriend’. See, female pimps can just be predatory as the men.

Do you know who else made money off of these underage girls? Backpage, of course. They say that have a ridiculous amount of safeguards in place but as far as I can tell they’re not working very well. Like they care.

Seattle backpage pimp and rapist busted

Joseph Anthony McDaniels

Joseph Anthony McDaniels

Woman escapes from violent pimp:

Charge: Rapist turned to pimping after prison:

42-year-old Joseph Anthony McDaniels is one nasty scumbag. Previously he did a 15 year stint in prison for raping a 16-year-old girl. The girl placed a classified ad selling a trumpet. McDaniels posed as an interested buyer, entered the girl’s home, raped her, robbed the house and then left her tied up with a towel in her mouth. So how did McDaniel’s rehabilitation go? Not too good apparently.

Instead of being a rapist he became a pimp…’allegedly’ Police say that he turned out two women on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com. One of the women kept trying to escape from McDaniels’ violent ways but every time she did he would beat her. Once he threatened the woman’s brother…

McDaniels “threatened the victim that if he ever went back to jail because of her, he would tie her and her brother to a tree in the woods and she would have to watch while he tortured and killed her brother,” Deputy Prosecutor Christopher Bell told the court. “After he killed her brother, he would torture her and she would have to beg for her life.”

Sex traffickers are notorious for keeping their ‘word’ on threats like this. He also threatened to shoot up the woman’s mother’s house.

Thankfully the woman saw her chance to escape. McDaniel made her go to the courthouse to vacate a restraining order against him, instead she begged the court for help. She told them that her life was in danger and told them all about McDaniel. Police were waiting for McDaniel when he came back to pick her up.

Not only does this show there is no rehabilitation for rapists but Backpage probably thinks his threats are protected as free speech like the blood money they make off the violence of these cowardly pimps.

Fake Seattle cop sentenced for backpage child rapes

Julian Tarver

Julian Tarver

Man who posed as officer to get sex sentenced to 14-year term:

26-year-old Julian Tarver of Seattle previously did a stint in prison on arson and child porn charges. You would think that since he was caught after committing multiple rapes that he would get a real sentence. As my wife likes to say that’s what you get for thinking. In a plea deal Tarver was only sentenced to 14 1/2 years.

Tarver would pose as some kind of law enforcement officer when he raped several women that he obtained through the escort section of the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com. He would flash his fake badge and then rape them. Two of his victims were 15-year-old girls.

How is this trash not getting at least 25 years if not life in prison especially considering that he’s a repeat offender? And how are backpage and Village Voice Media still claiming that not only is there nothing wrong with the escort ads but that they take steps to make sure that children aren’t being peddled? I think I and many other people have proved time and again that they’re not doing nearly enough.

Fake Seattle cop pleads guilty to backpage child rape…sort of

Julian Tarver

Julian Tarver

Felon guilty of impersonating cop, extorting sex:

I originally posted about Julian Tarver here. This piece of human filth would pose as a Seattle cop in order to rape prostitutes. Two of those prostitutes were 15-year-old that he found off of the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

He pleaded guilty to many charges against him but the plea deal allowed him to plea guilty to only two charges of third-degree rape of a child. He is only looking at 14 1/2 years. He was previously jailed on child porn charges.

He’s obviously a serial predator so why are prosecutors making deals with scum like this?

I wonder if Village Voice Media think that it’s Tarver’s first amendment right to rape child prostitutes that he acquired from their site.

Yet another SeaTac backpage pimp busted


Prosecutors: Violent Pimp Coerced Woman Into Prostitution On Backpage:

This time the alleged trafficking scum is 22-year-old Allen Almarco Winston. No wonder these guys take street names. What the hell kind of name is Almarco? Anyway Winston is accused of pimping out his on again off again girlfriend on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com. Of course police say that he physically assaulted her in order to get her to do so, And guess what kids. He’s already back out on the streets.

How much you want to bet that he’s probably already turned out someone else.

But hey, according to VVM this is their way of protecting The Constitution.

Police rescue three 15-year-olds from backpage prostitution


Detectives Recover Three 15-Year-Olds In Backpage Prostitution Stings:

Investigators in the SeaTac area of Washington state were recently able to rescue three 15-year-old girls who were being advertised for prostitution on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com. A joint task force of several law enforcement agencies found the girls while conducting an internet prostitution sting. Seattle and the state of Washington have been at the forefront of combating human trafficking and child prostitution on backpage.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn had the following to say…

On Thursday September 22, while Backpage.com was drafting its lengthy rationalization of their practices, our High Risk Victims Unit participated in a task force operation in SeaTac. We recovered three female children who were being advertised for sex on Backpage.com. Rescuing children from being sexually exploited is a top priority for our police department, but we can never get ahead of this crime while a company like Backpage.com profits from the sexual exploitation of children and uses their newsrooms to minimize the extent of the issue.

This is unacceptable. How many more children will be exploited for profit on Backpage.com before this company changes their policies?”

Again this shows that backpage’s so-called concern for children is nothing more than lip service.

So far I have not received any information on arrests but I will update this post as more information is received.

Backpage pimp made almost $200K In 8 months


Man reportedly made at least $192,000 in 8 months from prostitutes in Kent, Seattle:

32-year-old Shacon Fontane Barbee (nice name) is an alleged backpage pimp from Seattle. He’s in hot water not just for prostitution charges but child prostitution and Social Security fraud.

Her was arrested back in December of last year when Kent, Washington police noticed a backpage ad that was advertising a girl they knew was underage.

Investigators estimate that Barbee made $192,000 in 8 months from prostitution…

“Based on those figures, if (she) earned $2,000 a week, she alone would have given Barbee approximately $64,000 in the eight months she worked for him,” detectives wrote in the charging documents. “If Barbee had two other females working for him at that time, he would have taken in about $192,000. This is a very modest estimate. This number is based on figures that other girls, who were posting (ads) online, only earned $2,000 each week. (She) believed they earned far more than that.”

It is believed that this is even an underestimation and that Barbee had at least 40 women working for him at one time or another.

The worst part is that Barbee is only facing 15-years in prison. When are lawmakers going to start taking sex trafficking seriously. These are real human lives we’re talking about, not just statistics on a piece of paper.

Also, as usual this is at least one more child prostitute that made it on to backpage past their supposedly stringent but mysterious screening process that costs them millions of dollars, allegedly.

Fake Seattle cop charged with rape of two child prostitutes

What a fake cop's badge may look like. (Unrelated to story)

What a fake cop’s badge may look like. (Unrelated to story)

Charge: Fake cop raped child prostitutes hired off Backpage:

26-year-old Julian Daniel Tarver spent roughly five years in jail for a string of arson and child pornography. This time last year he was arrested for allegedly impersonating a Seattle police officer in order to rape a prostitute. Further investigations turned up that he may have raped two child prostitutes using the same m.o.

Care to take a guess where he found the two child prostitutes? Go ahead, take a guess. The answer may surprise you.

Actually, no it won’t. Police say that Tarver found the girls on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com. Both girls were only 15-years-old.

So not only is backpage making money off of the trafficking of children they’re making money off of the rape of children. Then again the two go hand in hand since any underage girl being turned out is being raped every time she turns a trick.

To Village Voice Media, instead of trying to spin this with PR how about doing the decent thing and just shut the adult sections down? You’ll forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.

Another young face of backpage trafficking


Natalie’s story: life as a child prostitute:

This is a great piece from Sara Jean Green of the Seattle Times about a 16-year-old girl who they call Natalie who has been prostituted on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

As I’m sure you know Seattle has had more than its share with underage girls being found trafficked on backpage. It’s gotten to the point where Seattle mayor Mike McGinn has gone after backpage and the Seattle Weekly to change their ways.

Back to the article though. Again this is one of those articles that really needs to be read in its entirety as one of my bad summations will not do it anywhere near the justice it deserves. However I will give you one quote to make sure that you will read the article…

She lost her virginity to an Everett pimp who raped her soon after she left home the first time. She never knew his name.

This is real people. This is actually happening. It’s not overblown as Village Voice Media would have you believe. Real children are being trafficked in the pages of Village Voice Media publications and backpage but nothing will change unless you take a stand.

Stand up for freedom and not greed.

Mayor Mike McGinn lays the smackdown on Seattle Weekly

Fictional representation

Fictional representation

Afternoon Jolt: McGinn, The Weekly, and Child Prostitution:

It seems that this past week Seattle mayor Mike McGinn appeared on a local radio show along with Seattle Weekly Editor-In-Chief Mike Seely over the prostitution ads in the Village Voice Media owned Weekly and backpage.com.

Mr. Seely had this to say about the Weekly and backpage defending their questionable business practice…

“Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession for a reason. If you’ve got Backpage.com cooperating with law enforcement, you’re a lot better off and the problem will get eradicated a lot more quickly.”

So basically he’s saying that backpage is doing the world a service by having pimps in traffickers all in one place. Never mind the fact that women and children are being trafficked on their site daily.

Mayor Mike McGinn fired back with some common sense…

“I don’t really think we’re in the business of trying to promote fencing operations for the sale of stolen goods so that it makes it easier to attract burglars, nor do I think we open up other kinds of illegal operations to attract criminals. Our duty is to work to stop” child prostitution, not draw pimps to a particular web site.

I tend to not vote for Democrats however if I lived in Seattle Mayor McGinn would have my vote.