Facebook vigilantes strike again: Accuse KS man of sex trafficking

Facebook vigilantes strike again: Accuse KS man of sex trafficking

Once again, the idiots of Facebook worked collectively to try to ruin a man’s life just by resharing a post that had absolutely no evidence or truth behind it. A man in Liberal, Kansas, which I understand is not very liberal, was accused of sex trafficking in a Facebook post that took off like wildfire. Facebook removed the post but whoever had it out for this guy took it to the other place where crazy people will believe any bullshit they see, craigslist. Craigslist removed the post after being contacted by local news. Local police say there is no evidence of the man in question being involved in any actual trafficking.

Even though the post was removed, there are still going to people in his area who not only believed the post but will continue to spread the unfounded accusation all throughout town. This man may have to keep defending his reputation in the real world for years to come because of the ever-present Facebook lynch mob that always seems to be looking for reputations to be fed into its cavernous maw. Again, these type of baseless accusations can be incredibly devastating to the people falsely accused and have caused at least one man to take his own life.

If you see people doing this on Facebook, don’t be afraid to call them out. Or send them to me, as I have a history of calling people dumbasses on Facebook.

Seattle backpage pimp and rapist busted

Joseph Anthony McDaniels

Joseph Anthony McDaniels

Woman escapes from violent pimp:

Charge: Rapist turned to pimping after prison:

42-year-old Joseph Anthony McDaniels is one nasty scumbag. Previously he did a 15 year stint in prison for raping a 16-year-old girl. The girl placed a classified ad selling a trumpet. McDaniels posed as an interested buyer, entered the girl’s home, raped her, robbed the house and then left her tied up with a towel in her mouth. So how did McDaniel’s rehabilitation go? Not too good apparently.

Instead of being a rapist he became a pimp…’allegedly’ Police say that he turned out two women on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com. One of the women kept trying to escape from McDaniels’ violent ways but every time she did he would beat her. Once he threatened the woman’s brother…

McDaniels “threatened the victim that if he ever went back to jail because of her, he would tie her and her brother to a tree in the woods and she would have to watch while he tortured and killed her brother,” Deputy Prosecutor Christopher Bell told the court. “After he killed her brother, he would torture her and she would have to beg for her life.”

Sex traffickers are notorious for keeping their ‘word’ on threats like this. He also threatened to shoot up the woman’s mother’s house.

Thankfully the woman saw her chance to escape. McDaniel made her go to the courthouse to vacate a restraining order against him, instead she begged the court for help. She told them that her life was in danger and told them all about McDaniel. Police were waiting for McDaniel when he came back to pick her up.

Not only does this show there is no rehabilitation for rapists but Backpage probably thinks his threats are protected as free speech like the blood money they make off the violence of these cowardly pimps.

Trafficker used craigslist to recruit women and backpage to sell them

Roshaun Nakia Porter

Roshaun Nakia Porter

Long Beach Man Accused of Running Sex Trafficking Ring:

Long Beach man indicted for allegedly luring women on Craigslist and forcing them into sex trafficking:

Long Beach man allegedly forced women into prostitution in OC:

36-year-old Roshaun “Kevin” Nakia Porter of Long Beach, California was recently indicted on charges of sex trafficking. He’s accused of allegedly forcing several women into prostitution in the Orange County area.

Investigators say that Porter would meet these women on craigslit and a site that bills itself as being the #1 site to find a sugar daddy. The women say they thought they were becoming Porter’s girlfriend. Instead he put them to work on the streets. Just like every other cowardly pimp he threatened them or their families with violence.

Then to complete the circle of slavery he advertised them on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

He was eventually arrested by the Santa Ana police.

Surprisingly he’s looking at life in prison which is what all sex traffickers deserve.

This story points out two things. The first is don’t meet guys on craigslist. They’re probably scummy in one way or another. The second is backpage will say that this is a free speech issue and it’s their constitutional right to make money from the ads where these women are sold against their will.

Florida man tried trading daughter for sex

Port St. Lucie Father Arrested In Sex Sting:

Gregory White of Port St. Lucie, Florida has been arrested for trying to trade his daughter for sex, his 2-year-old daughter.

White was in a chat room with an undercover police officer and asked “you want to swap? Or just watch me do yours?” The officer posed as a man with an 11-year-old daughter. White then allegedly asked in their chat if he could have anal sex with the officer’s daughter and that the officer could have oral sex with his daughter.

When White was arrested his alleged stripper wife told police that ‘he likes young girls’. Um…ew.

Someone please tell me why scumbags like this don’t get executed.

Thanks to Mr. A for the tip.