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Austin craigslist creeper offered free room and board to teen for “adult video work”

Joshua Rube

Joshua Rube

Due to all the breaking stories lately I’ve had to put the craigslist creepers and other predators on the back burner so I’m going to try to get these stories out as quick as possible today.

Anyway, 31-year-old Joshua Rube of Austin, Texas, has been charged with allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl that he met through craigslist. Police say that Rube placed an ad promising free room and board for someone who’d be willing to do “adult video work.”

A 16-year-old girl responded to the ad and is even said to have told Rube her real age. Sadly this was not an undercover detective but an actual girl who Rube allegedly had sexual contact with. The girl’s mother discovered the e-mails between Rube and the victim.

Since when is 16-years-old considered ‘adult’? This also shows that kids are on craigslist despite what the creeper defenders say.

UPDATE 4/15/2015: Back in February, Rube was sentenced to 15 years behind bars.

UPDATE 7/9/2015: Rube has been given 2 more years for child solicitation. No word on if that is concurrent or consecutive.

Your latest Kik Kreepers


In Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, investigators there have arrested 27-year-old Melvin Rivera Gonzalez for allegedly using messaging app Kik to solicit sex from a 15-year-old girl. That girl turned out to be a federal investigator. The middle school he worked for reported him for allegedly using Kik to lure a student.

In Glastonbury, Connecticut, police there arrested 24-year-old Mijael Fabian for allegedly using Kik to communicate with a 12-year-old girl. Unfortunately in this case police weren’t involved until it was too late. Fabian is accused of meeting with the girl and having ‘inappropriate sexual contact’. As opposed to appropriate sexual contact with a 12-year-old. Fabian wasn’t caught until the victim’s mother found explicit photos on her daughter’s cell phone.

As I’ve said previously to parents, I would recommend checking your kids’ phones for apps like Kik. It’s up to you what to do if you do find them but it my opinion no 12-year-old should have any kind of messaging apps on their phone. If it was my child they wouldn’t be allowed to download any app without my say so.

Green Bay man charged with sexual assault of craigslist baby sitter

Woman Sexually Assaulted Responding to Craigslist Ad:

Man charged in sexual assault after placing babysitting ad:

Tyler Olson

Tyler Olson

24 year-old Tyler Olson of Green Bay, Wisconsin, has been charged with the alleged sexual assault of a 20-year-old woman he met through craigslist. Actually it sounds a lot like rape to me but apparently that’s taboo to use in a headline these days.

Anyway police say that Olson placed an ad on craigslist looking for a baby sitter. The victim responded to the ad and went to Olson’s home. Once inside Olson is said to have pulled a knife on her then sexually assaulted her.

It’s only by chance that were probably not talking about another craigslist killing. Olson forced the woman to derive him around but they ran out of gas and were spotted by Green Bay police. The woman was able to ask the officer for help while Olson fled. He’s been locked up and is being held on $100,000 bond.

Again it doesn’t matter how innocuous a craigslist ad may be you never know what kind of monster is waiting on the other side of it.

San Antonio Facebook predator gets slap on the wrist

Alleged Facebook predator takes child injury plea:

Facebook predator takes plea deal for 10 years probation:

Jeremy Andrew Martinez

Jeremy Andrew Martinez

In 2012 22-year-old Jeremy Andrew Martinez of San Antonio, Texas was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. It seems that he allegedly lured a 13-year-old girl to his hotel room after finding her cell number on Facebook. He then ‘had sex’ (And what do we call that? That’s right, child rape) with the 13-year-old after she said no.

Late this past July Martinez pleaded no contest to the charges and received 10 years. I’m sorry I mean he pleaded no contest to the lesser charge of injury to a child and was sentenced to 10 years of probation. That’ll show him. I’m surprised his lawyer isn’t appealing calling the sentence cruel and unusual. What I really want to know is was Martinez’s lawyer that good or was the prosecution that bad?

Craigslist housekeeper sexually assaulted by RSO

Woman Sexually Assaulted after Answering Housekeeping Ad in Craigslist:

Sex Offender Attacks Housekeeper:

Arnold Briggs

Arnold Briggs

Police in Cordova, Tennessee recently arrested registered sex offender Arnold Briggs, 55. Briggs allegedly hired a housekeeper from craigslist to clean his cabin in the woods. The victim says that when the cleaning was done Briggs put his hand under her shirt and pants and asked her to stay two more hours for 50 bucks.

Briggs was convicted of sexual battery back in 1987.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business, service or merchandise you’re offering through craigslist, when you do you run a pretty good chance of running into creeps like this. Again it makes me wonder how many times he may have gotten away with this because this sounds like an M.O. rather than a spur of the moment thing.

Transient lured woman to L.A. through craigslist for sexual assault

Garry Dwayne Boga

Garry Dwayne Boga

Man charged in assault of woman lured to L.A. via Craigslist:

Man Arrested in Alleged Craigslist Sex Assault:

Even after all these years I’m still amazed at some of the convoluted lengths that sexual predators will go to in order to find their victims. I’m even more surprised when some of the more outlandish plots work. For example take 27-year-old Garry Dwayne Boga. Boga is a transient from Arkansas that was staying in the Los Angeles area. He allegedly lured a woman to L.A. by placing a craigslist ad saying that he was a music industry bigwig named Tavion who was looking for a personal assistant. His victim was from Illinois and came out to L.A. for the non-existent job. He picked up the woman and said he was running late and would conduct the interview in the car. Then he took the woman to an apartment in Glendale and told her that she needed to submit to a medical exam for the job and that he was also a medical professional. What are the odds?

Boga has been charged with sexual penetration by a foreign object and felony sexual battery by fraud among other charges. Police believe he may have other victims.

Anyone who has been victimized or has information about Boga may call Det. Ernesto Torres at (818) 548-3106. To remain anonymous, call Glendale Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone use craigslist to find a job let alone one in the entertainment industry. That’s an industry well documented in the way it chews up and spits out most hopefuls and is rife with fraudsters and predators. Exactly the kind of people who use craigslist.

UPDATE 8/30/2013: Last month Boga pleaded no contest and received six years in prison. His alias of Tavion is said to have stood for “Taking All Victories I Own Naturally”. Where he’s going he won’t be taking any victories and will likely be owned himself.

Did you know that predators attack through social media?

Edwin Arpi

Edwin Arpi

Predators attack via social media:

There’s your no shit Sherlock headline of the year. This article is not about how sexual predators in general use social media to find their victims. I would think that readers of my site are already well aware of that danger. The article is really about one alleged predator in particular.

Early this past week police in Hamden, Connecticut arrested 21-year-old Edwin Arpi. Arpi is accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl that he met online. The article did not state what website was used but Connecticut is no stranger to online predators going back to the heyday of MySpace. The victim says that Arpi assaulted her, choked her and threatened to kill her all in his car.

If your child is online and using social media you have to educate yourself to be smarter than them. Know what sites they’re using. Ask about their online friends. Get their passwords. Check their internet history. Set ground rules and if they’re not followed don’t be afraid to cut them off. Your kids’ safety is more important than their social status among their friends. In other words be their parent and not their buddy.

Another MocoSpace sex assault in San Antonio

Aaron Herrera

Aaron Herrera

Online Friendship Lands Man in Jail:

Man accused of sexually assaulting teen:

You can see my first post about MocoSpace here. For 7 years I’ve never posted a story about it and now not only am I posting 2 stories in 2 weeks but they both happened in the same city, San Antonio, Texas.

This time 22-year-old Aaron Herrera has been charged with having sex (child rape) with a 14-year-old girl that he mt on the mobile gaming social site. Police say that he had someone drive him to the girl’s house in Marion, Texas. The pair had sex on the way back to San Antonio. Then he kept the girl in San Antonio for three days where they repeatedly had sex. He then had someone else drive her back to Marion.

Herrera is using the ‘she said she was 19’ defense. Let me know how that works out for you. If you can’t tell the difference between a 14 and a 19-year-old than you have no business in the dating pool let alone the gene pool.

And where in the hell were this girl’s parents? She was gone for three whole days and was returned without so much anyone doing anything about it. According to the articles it was the girl herself who called police when she got home. A little false imprisonment maybe?

Texas man charged with assaulting mentally challenged girl that he met on MocoSpace

Jose Webster

Jose Webster

Man accused of sexually assaulting teen:

S.A. man accused of molesting mentally-challenged teen he met online:

Castro’s ugly nephew over there is 52-year-old Jose Webster of San Antonio, Texas. He’s been charged with the alleged sexual assault of a mentally challenged 16-year-old girl that he met over MocoSpace. I know what you’re thinking. WTF is MocoSpace? That was my reaction to? I had obviously heard of it before since it was on my Google News alerts but I’ll be damned if I could find another post I did about it. It turns out that MocoSpace is a mobile gaming social network that has been around since 2005 and boasts 22 million users.

One of those users was Webster who police say convinced the girl to meet him at a bus station. It’s always a bus station with these jokers. Webster is said to have fondled the girl on several occasions and gave her money and stuff to keep her coming back. Eventually the girl moved in with Webster. He also allegedly told her that if she didn’t allow him to touch her she would have to leave.

Webster turned himself in after the girl was reported as missing. He is using the ‘I thought she was 18′ defense.

I’m not ready to lower the boom on MocoSpace just yet. In 7 years this is the first time I can remember something like this happening through their site. However when I go to their website I do get that MyYearbook vibe.

This should come as yet another warning to parents. Not only should you be monitoring your kids’ activities on their computers but their phones as well. If you think it’s too difficult because you don’t know how you better learn before your kid ends up in at a bus station in the hands of a predator.

Man turned out teen on backpage, kept her hooked on crack


Man accused of sexually assaulting, trafficking teen:

Man charged with sexual assault of a child:

In San Antonio police arrested 38-year-old Robert Parton for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl. Some other reports have stated the girl’s age as 15. Police say that Parton not only supplied her with crack for ‘sexual favors’ but that he also turned her out on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

The victim referred to Parton as her boyfriend of course. Parton would also take the money the girl made to buy more crack to give to the girl. That may be the most disgusting vicious cycle I’ve ever heard of.

Yet this is the type of person, and I use that term loosely, that backpage and VVM say has a first amendment right to post ads on their site in order to exploit underage girls.