'A Monster Took Him'

‘A Monster Took Him,’ Family Speaks Out About Suspect Accused Of Beating Infant To Death:

Man jailed after infant’s death:

Said monster, Steven Shaw

41-year-old Steven Shaw of Coldwater, Michigan, is only 5 feet (1.5m) tall. His small stature hasn’t stopped him from being the worst kind of monster. In the past Shaw was accused of the rape of a 13-year-old girl and choking his own 7-year-old daughter. He escaped justice both times. He’s also been accused of abusing his ex-wife but charges were dropped. Unfortunately, growing up in an abusive household I know how that scenario plays out. Doesn’t mean the abuser isn’t guilty. This time Shaw is accused of killing his girlfriend’s 7-month-old son, Carson Burm.

Shaw allegedly beat Carson to death while the mother was at work. Shaw was also said to have been watching over the mother’s 2-year-old daughter as well. While the mother was at work Shaw is said to have shaken the baby and struck his head against a hard object. The force was enough to snap the baby’s spine.

Of course Shaw tried the usual BS when abusers try to cover their crime…

Medics found the baby on the floor, turning blue and unresponsive. Shaw told the responder he had laid the baby in its crib but moved it to the doorway when it stopped breathing.

Of course the hospital and coroner found out otherwise. Do they think that if they’re story is convincing enough that no one will check? Police also found a hole punched in the wall so take that for what you will.

CPS was said to have visited the home 3 times but did not take Carson away. My friend, who we’ll call CW, works for a state child protection agency. I asked CW why wouldn’t CPS interfere if they’ve been their 3 times. CW told me that a judge would more than likely not agree to have a child removed from a home unless there were visible marks and bruises. At the time Carson was only treated for what one doctor called an ear-infection even though they noted that there was blood in Carson’s ear.

Shaw seems like one of those guys who tries to make up for his stature by trying to be a tough guy, but like most tough guys it seems he only takes his violent rage out on victims smaller than himself. I wonder how that’s going to work out for him in jail.

In the meantime Carson’s father has set up a memorial fund on GoFundMe which can be found here. They are in need of money to help pay for Carson’s funeral. Please give if you can.

If you live in the Coldwater area there will also be a fundraiser for Carson.

Family said a fundraiser will be held on Saturday, June 7 at the Butler Motor Speedway, located at 1031 Clarendon Rd. 49082. The race will start at 7 p.m.

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Deaf Parents Kill Baby for Crying. Wait, what?

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Zuniga and Quinones

Zuniga and Quinones

Deaf Texas Parents Allegedly Kill Crying Baby:

Richardson police say 5-month-old girl was beaten to death as deaf parents tried to get her to stop crying:

Drunken Deaf Texas Couple Beat Infant to Death for Crying:

This story leaves me seriously without words. Usually, here at BB, we hear an awful lot of stories where a bad breeder kills their kid over crying because they became frustrated. I will say, with my kids, when my son had colic I found myself crying with him because I couldn’t stop his crying due to discomfort and it was at times overwhelming, but when I got to the point where I couldn’t handle it I put him in his crib and walked away so I could take a “breather”. I can admit babies’ cries can be very nerve-wracking, however I have always thought it was the dumbest effing thing a child could lose their life over. What kills me about this story is the simple fact that these parents were deaf and they could not hear the sound coming from their baby but it did not stop them from murdering their 5 month old baby girl.

According to reports the gruesome twosome featured in this story, which we will call fucktard 1 (35-year-old Hector Rene Cupich-Quinones) and fucktard 2 (37 year-old Maria Guadalupe Zuniga) for the duration, found their 5 month old girl struggling to breathe on Sunday, April 28th 2013 at 5:30 AM. They called the authorities where an officer performed CPR on the baby noticing suspicious bruises all over the infant’s body; the baby girl was then transferred to Medical City Dallas Hospital. Hospital staff confirmed the responding officer’s suspicion of child abuse stating that “she had bruises on her chest, back and both arms, also noting she had massive trauma to the back of the head” which lead to fucktard 1 and fucktard 2 being brought in for questioning.

During questioning fucktard 1 admitted to shaking the child during an argument with fucktard 2 because wait for it, the baby was crying, what…the…fuck. Fucktard 1 said that he and the missus were imbibing in alcohol and they began fighting because the baby was crying and neither moron wanted to try to console the baby so fucktard shook her to stop the crying then slammed her head on the counter 3 or more times, also admitting to punching her in the face permanently silencing her then leaving her in the care of fucktard 2 who put her to bed around 1:00 AM. Around 3:30 AM fucktard 1 found the baby unresponsive and picked another fight with fucktard 2 about who cause the injuries…Fucking seriously? Finally they called the police and the baby girl was pronounced dead about 10:00 PM.

Both fucktards are being held at the Dallas County jail. Fucktard 1 is being held on a $1 million bond and fucktard 2 is being held on a $750,000 bond. Thankfully this happened in Texas and I hope they throw the book at these fucking assholes.

R.I.P Baby Girl

Bad tweaker boyfriend didn’t Tickle this baby

Tickle and Schlund

Baby allegedly shaken: Pair faces charges:

22-year-old Trey Tickle of Kearney, Nebraska has been charged with felony child abuse for allegedly injuring his girlfriend’s infant daughter. After being airlifted to Omaha it was determined by doctors that the baby had head injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome. Tickle’s story? The baby fell. Shocker right? Tickle allegedly claimed that the baby fell from her swing while he was vacuuming. Again another moron that thinks he knows more than doctors and professorial investigators. But wait there’s more.

The baby also tested positive not for just being in the presence of meth but also had previously ingested meth. The girl’s older brother (1 1/2 years) also tested positive for meth and weed.

In a shocking turn of events, shocking for this site anyway, the Breeder has actually been charged too. 21-year-old egg-donor Brittany Schlund has been charged with two counts of felony child abuse for putting her kids in a dangerous situation. Very rarely do we hear of the Breeder being charged as well so kudos to the prosecutors on this one.

Both kids have been placed in the custody of DHS. No word on how the injuries will affect the girl later in life. Hopefully she’ll live a fuller life than either of these two.

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Tattooed douche killed baby

Tattooed douche Wayne ‘Wolf’ Walker

Murder Warrant Issued In Infant Death:

Before we get started I’m pretty sure that picture is a mugshot, just not the mugshot. I can’t think of any state that takes drivers’ license pictures from the side. Then again any picture this toolbag was in would probably resemble a mugshot.

Said toolbag is 44-year-old Wayne ‘Wolf’ Walker. On the night of November 28th police in Pickaway County, Ohio received a 911 call for a 10-month-old baby who was non-responsive. Long story short the baby later died from shaken baby syndrome. It was at this point that a murder arrest warrant for Walker was issued.

Walker was the recent boyfriend of the baby’s mother. He was watching the baby while she was at work. Haven’t we heard this story before? Anyway Walker fled but was caught getting off a bus in Sacramento, California. Walker has also waived his extradition back to Ohio.

Now here is the mugshot.

Not so cheery now are you douchebag?

And before you get your inked up sphincter all puckered out not everyone who has neck tattoos is a criminal, just most of them.

Wayne “Wolf” Walker is covered from the neck down in tattoos and has an extensive criminal background.

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Another douche that can’t handle a crying baby


Gloucester Township Man Charged With Assaulting 5-Month-Old Son:

Gloucester Twp. man accused of shaking infant son:

There’s not a whole lot of detail on this one but you don’t really need a lot in this case.

28-year-old Richard Pease of Gloucester Township, New Jersey has been arrested for allegedly breaking the skull of his 5-month-old son. Police say that Pease couldn’t handle his baby’s crying so he allegedly not only shook him violently but also threw him on to the couch.

Now I’ve never had my own biological children so I never had a child that young. But I come from a very Irish-Catholic part of the country not very far from where this happened. I’ve had plenty of relatives and friends who did have children this young. Of course being Uncle Trench I’ve had to hold every single last one of them. I’ve held more babies than a politician. I’ve been pooped on, puked on, peed on, snotted on and yes I’ve been in close proximity with crying babies for extended periods of time. Never once did I think that the best way to deal with a crying baby was to shake it until its brain bled then fling it across the room.

How many times have we said it? Babies cry. It’s what they do. That’s why they’re called babies. If you’re a ‘man’ and you can’t handle a crying baby then castrate yourself now because you aren’t really a man.

If it’s any consolation he’s being held in the Camden County Jail. Camden County Jail is worse than most state prisons.

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Baby thrown on bed so he could sort his shit out


Baby critically injured, mom’s boyfriend arrested:

Police in Whitman County, Washington arrested 21-year-old Nathan Cranfield after his girlfriend’s baby was rushed to the hospital with a brain injury.

As usual with these assclown boyfriends the 5-month-old was crying and allegedly Cranfield lost his shit. His story to the police is said to have changed several times before he told police that he was rocking the baby. Police say the way he was showing the way he rocked the baby was “hard and rapid”. Originally he told police that he accidentally hit the baby’s head on a door jamb. He also said that he wrapped the baby in a blanket and threw him on a bed so the baby could “sort his shit out.” It was then that Cranfield said he heard the baby make a “wet burp”. That wet burp was probably the baby gurgling as it was trying to get some air as he stopped breathing.

The hospital said that the baby had a brain injury consistent with being shaken. The baby is currently in critical condition.

The video says that Cranfield and the baby’s mother took turns waking up with the baby. Instead of flinging a baby across a room and shaking him how about waking the mother up for a little help. Would that have been such a big deal. And ladies when your that young the guy your with then is probably not the guy that you’re going to be with for the rest of your life no matter how much you think you love each other. Knowing guys the way I do he was probably only in it for the nookie and the baby was just a distraction.

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Ten days ago, Kiki died

Platteville girl’s quiet life ends far too soon:

This is one of those posts I really don’t want to do.

Kiki was a 14-year-old girl from Platteville, Colorado. She died from abuse. The thing is that when she was was born she was premature and weighed less than 3 pounds. At 8 weeks old someone shook her violently disabling her for life. She died due to her disabilities after 14 years of suffering.

The suspect has never been brought to justice. Please read the article to see if you can help.

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Baby dies in Colorado shaking case

bkollarJack Koller, baby in alleged Lafayette child abuse case, dies:

I originally posted about alleged child abusing douchebag Benjamin Charles Koller here. To refresh your memory whether you like it or not Koller was accused of shaking and smothering his 2-month-old son Jack because he couldn’t stop the baby from crying.

Now Koller has been upgraded to alleged child murdering douchebag as his son has passed away. an autopsy was performed but the results have not been made public as of yet.

Murder charges have not been filed yet as prosecutors are awaiting the autopsy results but I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t be.

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Man accused of beating his 10-week-old daughter to death

Baby beaten to death, father arrested:

Cops: Father Beat 10-week-old Daughter to Death:

If you haven’t clicked the links above stop reading right now and don’t click the links. This story is so brutal you may not want to continue. If you keep reading just remember you have been warned.

*deep breath*

Last chance to stop.

39-year-old Nilesh Patel of Edison, New Jersey was arrested in the beating death of his 10-week-old daughter. He allegedly beat his daughter so bad that she blead from her eyes and ears.

So far no motive has been given and police say that he abused his daughter continuously. The autopsy said the girl died from shaken baby syndrome.

Do you know what ‘they’ should do with guys like this? Have you ever gone to your local home improvement store and seen one of those paint can shakers? ‘They’ should make a larger one of those, clamp scumbags like this in it then shake ’em until a similar effect is achieved.

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Colo. man arrested for shaking and smothering son

Lafayette man suspected of dropping, biting infant:

That’s 26-year-old Benjamin Charles Koller of Laffayette, Colorado. He’s accused of not only shaking his 2-month-old son but also smothering him to the point that the baby has extensive brain damage and may not survive.

Of course it was because the douchebag couldn’t handle the baby crying. And check out the precision in which he used to suffocate his own son…

“Benjamin demonstrated and described with his hands how he put his fingers over Jack’s face, with two fingers on his mouth and two fingers on his throat, with his thumb on the back of his neck (counter pressure), constricting Jack’s airway,” the affidavit reads. “Benjamin said that Jack kicked his legs and moved his arms during the process. He said once he realized Jack began to change color, he stopped.”

It’s like this jackass has a black belt in child abuse.

He also allegedly shook the baby so hard the baby fell from his arms and hit his head against a changing table.

It seemed his 20-year-old common law wife wasn’t too concerned about the injuries either.

There’s also some accusations of biting the child as well among other sadistic moves.

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