Shots fired at Baton Rouge high school

A 14-year-old suspect has been taken into custody after he allegedly produced a weapon and opened fire on the campus of Scotlandville Magnet High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Luckily, no one was struck by the bullets.

Early reports say that the student was a recent transfer to the school and witnesses say that the suspect was going to fight someone at lunch before pulling the gun and firing randomly outside. Please keep in mind that early reports of shootings like this can often be rumors and are subject to change.

The suspect was caught off campus by a plainclothes detective after the shooter allegedly threw the gun onto the roof of a building. The gun has been recovered. So far the shooter has not been named due to his age. Also there’s been no word on how the gun was obtained.

Since he was a new kid and was allegedly supposed to fight someone I can almost hear the ‘bullying’ cry going out. Let’s wait before we hear more details before we start the weeping and gnashing of teeth. As with the majority of shooters, it could very well turn out that he’s the bully. Even if he isn’t, it’s still no reason to try to kill someone.

UPDATE 2/7/2017: Investigators say that a fight between the shooter and four other students started on social media. No word what the fight was about yet.

UPDATE 2/9/2017: Yesterday, bail was set for the suspect at $110,000 on second-degree attempted murder charges. As of yesterday he was still being held in juvenile detention.

UPDATE 2/14/2017: Yesterday another student of the school, 17-year-old Quantae Kentrell Gray, was arrested for bringing yet another gun to the school. This same article that I linked to also identified the initial suspect as 14-year-old Jermaine Moore.

Parents prevent possible school shooting in Utah

Parents prevent possible school shooting in Utah

Hell has frozen over, the Seventh Seal has been broken and grab two of each animal and head for the border because the end is nigh. Two parents in Bountiful, Utah, actually prevented their 15-year-old son from possibly shooting up Mueller Park Junior High. The suspect allegedly stole two guns from his parents’ gun safe and took them to the school. The parents not only noticed the guns were missing, but that their son was acting strangely the morning of the incident. Let’s hear it for attentive parenting for once.

The parents rushed to the school in order to locate their son when they heard a gunshot. The suspect fired a shot into the ceiling of a classroom then held the gun to his neck. His mother found him in the classroom and disarmed him before anything else could happen. Luckily no one was physically injured. The guns were said to have been secured properly in their safe, but it has not been made public how the suspect obtained the guns.

The suspect is currently being held in a juvenile facility and has been charged only with misdemeanors so far. Felonies could be forthcoming. So far no motive has been made public.

How many school shootings in the US could have been prevented just by parents being more attentive than they were? How many more people would be alive today if more people acted as parents rather than friends? Not just friends though, a lot of parents of school shooters acted even more like acquaintances being barely involved in their children’s life. Too many parents are trying to be the cool parents rather than good parents. Luckily these parents were very good.

UPDATE 12/17/2016: Local prosecutors are looking to charge the suspect as an adult. He has been charged with three felonies of two counts of theft and a count of discharging a firearm on school ground.

UPDATE 12/26/2016: The teen suspect has pleaded not guilty. His attorney says it was a ‘cry or help’ and he never meant to hurt anyone.

In my opinion that doesn’t matter. He allegedly took multiple guns to the school and fired one of the guns. It’s only by sheer luck that one was injured or killed.

UPDATE 2/13/2017: The suspect has entered a guilty plea to discharging a firearm at the school. The plea agreement means three other charges have been dropped. He could be held in juvenile detention until he is 21 when he is sentenced on February 23rd.

UPDATE 2/27/2017: Late last week the suspect was sentenced to juvenile detention for an indeterminate amount of time. According to reports, he could be held as little as six months and as much as until he’s 21. The judge left that matter in the hands of the Youth Parole Authority.

Ga. school gunman sentenced, why Trench thinks it's too long

Michael Brandon Hill

Michael Brandon Hill

Do you remember Michael Brandon Hill? A little bit more than a year ago he took several guns into the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in DeKalb County, Georgia. No one was hurt after he briefly exchanged gunfire with police and he ultimately surrendered after being talked into it by the school secretary. Considering he was armed to the teeth and had 500 bullets in his possession, yet no one was hurt, I had suggested that he was trying to commit suicide by cop. I was right.

This past Tuesday Hill pleaded guilty to the charges against him. He said that he wanted to take responsibility for his actions. He was then sentenced to 20 years in prison, that sentence doesn’t help anyone. Hill has a history of mental illness, specifically being bi-polar. According to Hill’s brother he was off his meds because his Medicaid ran out, a situation that I can certainly relate to. Even at his hearing Hill admitted he was trying to commit suicide by cop.

“He knew because there were children the police would come there and they would fire at him and he would die,” Deets told Superior Court Judge Mark Anthony Scott. “He is a 21-year-old man who had the deck stacked against him from birth. He reached out for help but our system, as it exists, is not equipped to give people like Mr. Hill help.”

Not to mention, and yes I will keep beating this horse, that seeking help for mental health issues in our society is still stigmatized. His own brother even said that he had ‘the bi-polar’. That’s a great example of how many people are still ignorant of what these terms really mean.

Bottom line is 20 years in prison is too much for Michael Hill. This is someone who actually needs treatment and not jail. Sentence him to a state psychiatric facility? Fine, that I have no problem with. In prison I doubt he’ll get nearly the help he needs.

Memorial Middle School shooter released from detention

Joplin school shooter released from lockup:

Thomas White in 2009

Thomas White in 2009

One of the more the highly debated stories on this site was the one of Thomas White. In 2006 a 13-year–old White walked in to the halls of Memorial Middle School in Joplin, Missouri with his dad’s MAC-90. From what I can discern the MAC-90 is a variant of the infamous and ubiquitous AK-47. Hey look at me doing more research than most media outlets.

Anyway White fired some rounds into the air but the gun jammed. A shell casing failed to clear the gun so when White pointed the gun at his principal the gun did not fire. Only by a freak occurrence was no one killed. He claimed he was bullied but just like in so many other stories the claims were unsubstantiated and no ‘bullies’ were targeted. Even his father, Gregory White, was charged for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

White was sentenced in 2009 to spend up until his 21st birthday in a juvenile detention facility. A decision at the time I did not agree with. Two weeks ago however (always timely that Trench) White was released from said facility. Unlike most shooters I don’t think White is going to be much of a problem any more. According to reports he seems to have actually been rehabilitated. I still say that’s the exception and not the rule.

White plans on relocating to California which is probably for the best. I actually wish the kid the best of luck. Damn, I must be getting soft in my old age.

500 bullets

Brother: Georgia school shooter changed as a teen:


A big deal is being made about the fact that Michael Brandon Hill allegedly had 500 bullets on him when he exchanged gunfire with police at the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy. A lot of people seem to think that this shows how intent he was on killing people at the school. I’m still not buying it. I still think that he was trying to commit suicide by cop. Not to take credit away from Antoinette Tuff though. She talked him into surrendering rather than taking his own life. However if Hill was really intent on killing kids he would have because any kind of security in our country is mostly theater, or done for the sake of appearance if you will. A man with an AK-47 and 500 rounds of ammo can go anywhere he damn well please depending on his willingness to kill and again I don’t think Hill had it in him.

Hill’s brother appeared recently on Piers Morgan’s show and stated that his brother has a history of mental illness.

“Once he started hitting his teenage years, something happened with him. Everything just started changing after doctors started messing with his medicines here and there, and changing them up and putting him on a different one and institutionalizing him multiple times to correct his medicine. It just escalated from there.”

He said Michael Hill set fire to the family’s home when eight people were inside sleeping — the fire was discovered before it spread — and at another point their mother awoke to find him standing over her with a butcher’s knife.

“My stepfather and mother ended up having to lock up…like all the knives in the trunk of the car, just to protect everybody in the home,” Tim Hill told Morgan.

Tim Hill also confirmed that his brother threatened his life on Facebook, prompting him to call police. He said he feared for his life.

Not to excuse Hill’s actions in any way but supposedly he was off of his medications because his Medicaid benefits ran out. That opens up a whole other can of worms that we won’t get into right now. All I’m saying is that no one was physically hurt in any of Hill’s previous violent tendencies. I think these were all cries for attention as he seems to be all bark and no bite.

Like I said previously this is one of the rare cases where I hope the suspect gets the help he needs. It just shouldn’t take having to storm an elementary school with a loaded rifle to get it.

Yesterday’s shooting at DeKalb County elementary school in Georgia

Police: Gunman wielded AK-47 inside Georgia school; no one injured:

‘Lucky we didn’t have anyone killed’: 20-year-old charged after school shooting:

Neighbors: Alleged shooter quiet, friendly:

Michael Brandon Hill

Michael Brandon Hill

Yesterday 20-year-old Michael Brandon Hill stormed the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in DeKalb County, Georgia. The school is an elementary school. Hill was said to be armed with an AK-47 among other weapons. Considering the media and I haven’t seen a picture of the actual gun that’s up for debate if it was an AK-47 because sometimes the media thinks that just about any rifle is an AK-47, but I digress.

Once inside the school Hill told a school employee to call local TV station WSB to tell them ‘start filming while police die. After exchanging shots with police Hill surrendered peacefully. Not to flog a deceased thoroughbred but I was unable to find which weapon he used to exchange gunfire with police. It’s also unknown at this time if Hill has any connection with the school. No one was injured in the fracas. Some reports say that a school secretary by the name of Antoinette Tuff talked him into surrendering. Hill’s brother says that the suspect has a history of mental problems ‘including bi-polar’.

Neighbors say that Hill was quiet and polite and looked after his roommates’ kids without any trouble.

On the surface I’m going to say that this was more than likely a suicide by cop plan. Hill slipped into the school behind somebody and if he was really going to kill any children he would not have hesitated and what better way to get the attention of an entire police force? Since he has ‘bi-polar’ as his brother put it he could have been having an extremely depressive episode which could have triggered this. As some who has the ‘bi-polar’ I can sympathize with Hill but I can’t excuse his actions. Just with that brief exchange of gunfire with police could have resulted in the deaths of innocent victims. If my hypothesis is correct this would be one of the few times I would prefer to see the suspect sentenced to a mental facility rather than prison.

Just by his brother saying that he has ‘bi-polar’ shows how much that people with depressive conditions are still stigmatized in today’s society. We need to let this stigma go so more people would be willing to come forward to get the treatment they need than resorting to acts of self-violence that could also harm others.

Memorial Middle shooter was not bullied

Thomas White in 2009

Thomas White in 2009

This is a great editorial from reporter turned teacher Randy Turner from Joplin, Missouri.

Mr. Turner teaches at a middle school in Joplin but not Memorial Middle School where Thomas White bought a semi-automatic rifle to school and fired a round into the ceiling.

In his editorial Mr. Turner details about how he was targeted not only by the local media but also the group known as Justice for Juveniles who believe that no teen should ever be charged as an adult. You may have seen me refer to them as the Kid Criminal Crowd. He was targeted after he said that strong measures should be taken against anyone who brings a gun into a school.

Again its amazing how little actual investigation is done by the media in these cases and how they automatically believe any bullying claim made by shooters.

Mr. Turner has also investigated on his own about Thomas White being bullied and he discovered that White was not bullied at all. Yet this is the rallying cry behind everyone who supports White. This just shows that as soon as any kind of school shooting happens bullying is automatically the first thing that comes to a lot of people’s mind because of what I like to call The Columbine Myth. So many people believe that the Columbine cowards were bullied yet no real evidence exists to support that.

Thomas White sentenced to 10 years

Thomas White

Thomas White

Thomas White sentenced to 10 years in state custody:

Thomas White was sentenced to be a 10 year guest of the state for bring an assault rifle to Memorial Middle School in Joplin, MO, firing a shot into the ceiling and trying to fire a shot at the principal.

In reality the 16-year-old White will be held in a juvenile facility until around his 21st birthday. At that time a hearing will be held to see if he’s eligible for release.

Thomas White enters into plea

Joplin teen who fired gun inside middle school pleads guilty:

Joplin teen pleads guilty:

As you’ll recall Thomas White of Joplin, Missouri was arrested some years ago for firing an assault rifle inside of Memorial Middle School and trying to fire the gun at the principal but the gun jammed. The last we heard the now 16-year-old White was ruled incompetent to stand trial.

Recently he was found competent and entered into a plea agreement yesterday. Under the terms of the plea White has pleaded guilty to two assault charges and the remaining felony charges against him will be dropped.

Sentencing is set for September and more than likely White will be released before he becomes an adult.

In death Larose-Cut Off shooter saved lives

School teen shooter’s organs donated:

Justin Doucet’s organs were donated after his death and may save the lives of many. As you know by now Doucet fired a shot at a teacher at Larose-Cut Off Middle School in Larose, Louisiana before running into the bathroom shooting himself under the chin. Doucet was in a coma before finally dying this past Saturday.

His parents chose to donate his organs and in turn his heart and liver have gone on to save two children and several more might be saved.