2 years later and Socastee shooter’s parents still blame bullying

Christian Helms

Christian Helms

Parents say bullying pushed Christian Helms to the edge:

Two years ago a then 14-year-old Christian Helms walked into Socastee High School in South Carolina with a gun and some pipe bombs. A shot was fired in an ensuing scuffle with the school’s resource officer Erik Karney. Luckily neither Karney nor anyone else was struck by the bullet before Helms was subdued. Helms was tried as an adult and was sentenced to six years after entering an Alford plea.

Now this article comes out in the local media where some reporter once again tries to shove the bullying myth down our throat. As an aside when I say bullying myth I don’t mean that bullying is a myth. No one knows its reality better than me. I suffered concussions, a separated shoulder and broken bones in my youth due to bullying. What I mean by the bullying myth is that Helms and other shooters were driven to their crime by bullying.

Back to the matter at hand. In this article Helms parents squarely place the blame on bullying for Helms’ actions and again I have to ask oh really? So it had nothing to do with his obsession with guns and bombs? Or nothing to do with his Columbine obsession? Let’s also not forget that while in juvie lock up Helms was trying to collect press clippings about himself. Other reports also state that Helms had lots of friends and was well liked. And what about the fact that one of the kids on Helms’ hit list had a cleft palate and was probably more bullied in one day than Helms was his whole life.

This had nothing to do with bullying. This is a media inspired lie that Helms parents are telling themselves so they don’t feel responsible.

Student on hit list criticizes Socastee sentence

Christian Helms

Christian Helms

Student on hit list: Helms’ sentence “ridiculous”:

One of the students named on Christian Helms’ hit list has a problem with the six year sentence he received and I can’t say that I blame him.

The student, who I’m not going to name, says that it’s funny that Helms’ claimed bullying as the reason for the shooting considering the kid on the hit list has a cleft palate and is bullied himself. The student says he didn’t even know Helms all that well and had little interaction with him. The student is also worried about what’s going to happen when Helms is released in six years at the age of 21.

About the sentence the student’s father out it best…

“What Judge Cooper has done with this sentence is he has shown that he places more value upon the attempted rehabilitation of a Columbine-loving, Columbine-admiring evil vicious kid, he places more value upon that, than he does on the lives and the safety of the 13 children that were on that hit list,”

“The only regret that is in Chris Helms’ mind right now is the regret he didn’t get to kill the people he wanted to kill.”

Previously I said that the sentence was a slap in the face to Officer Erik Karney who Helms fired at and barely missed. I should also add that it’s also a slap in the face to not only to the kids that were on the hit list but to their families as well since they’ll have the threat of Helms hanging over their head in six years.

UPDATE: This article has copies of some of his journal entries. He’s just another Columbine obsessed mutant and he’s not going to be any better once he’s out. And the reasons he placed people on his hit list is so petty and selfish it can’t even be called ‘high schoolish’.

UPDATE II: According to this article Helms ‘regrets’ the shooting and says that he doesn’t know why he did it. The fact that he’s a Columbine worshiping mutant may have had something to do with it. Also his parents believe that the gun went off by accident in the scuffle with Officer Erik Karney. So he’s got them fooled.

What I found most interesting about that article is that one of the commenters posted a link that showed that Helms family have a history in law enforcement which could a long way to show why his sentence was so light.

Socastee shooter sentenced

Christian Helms

Christian Helms

Former Socastee High student sentenced to six years for shooting:

Even though 15-year-old Christian Helms was charged as an adult in the attempted murder of his school’s resource officer he received a juvenile-like sentence of 6 years.

If you’ll recall Helms brought a gun to Socastee High School in South Carolina and shot at the school’s resource officer at point-blank rage. Luckily Officer Erik Karney was not struck and was able to subdue Helms.

So for that Helms only gets 6 years with time served. He’ll be held at a juvenile facility until he’s 17. He’ll also have 4 years probation and if he violates it he’ll be sent to jail for another 5 years. Considering he was looking at 60 years this is a joke.

Apparently the judge bought the boo hoo bullying story and not the fact that Helms is a gun and violence obsessed nut. Did they not see his twitter page where he talked about guns, pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails and swastikas?

To receive only 1/10 of the max sentence is a slap in the face to Officer Karney.

Socastee shooter enters Alford plea

Christian Helms

Christian Helms

15 year old enters plea in school shooting:

15-year-old Christian Helms was set to go to trial yesterday for shooting a gun in Socastee High School at point-blank range at the school’s resource officer. Instead he entered an Alford plea. An Alford plea is basically like pleading no contest. It means that the defendant knows the prosecution has enough evidence to convict but the defendant isn’t pleading guilty. However reports state that as far sentencing goes that the Alford pleas is the same as pleading guilty.

Helms was charged as an adult and is looking at a max of 60 years. 30 for the attempted murder charge and 30 for the two bomb charges since Helms brought pipe bombs along with him to school.

He’s scheduled for sentencing on Wednesday.

Christian Helms to be tried as an adult

Christian Helms

Christian Helms

Sorry that I’m late on this one.

Anyway last Friday a judge ruled that accused Socastee High shooter Christian Helms will be tried as an adult.

Again I don’t care what the kid looks like but this is the only logical step to take. If he was successful in shooting and killing school resource officer Erik Karney would we even hesitate to have a cop killer tried as an adult?

Don’t want kids like this going to jail? Be better parents.

More on Socastee hearing

Christian Helms

Christian Helms

More details from the hearing to determine if Socastee shooter Christian Helms will be tried as an adult or not.

First let’s hear from a video that Helms made describing what he planned on doing….

“It’s a strange thing to know you’re going to die,” 

“Try not to remember me as anything negative . . . I’ve acknowledged the fact I’m a psychopath. . . . This is what you got – a high schoolshooter – deal with it.”

And let’s hear more bullying sob stories…

Helms’ parents and attorney, Russell Long, said the teen reacted to years of being bullied by older, stronger classmates. 

“I’ve been picked on all my life and it just builds up over the years,” the teen said in an audio recording when he was interviewed by Horry County police detectives about two hours after the incident.

 More on how that’s a load of crap later but speaking of Helms’ parents where do you think Helms got the gun he used?

He said he stole a gun from his dad’s truck early that morning and had been up all night making the pipe bombs.

That gun was the .38 he used to point at school resource officer Erik Karney which ended up going off in the ensuing scuffle. In South Carolina you can keep a gun in your car if the gun is secured. This doesn’t sound like it was all that secure to me. I wonder why dear old dad isn’t being looked at. I may be digressing but between leaving the gun unsecured and not knowing that their son was making pipe bombs it’s pretty evident that as usual the parents of a shooter we’re again not paying attention.

And it seems that of course Helms was a mutant…

The teen told police he wanted to be remembered and had studied school shootings including Columbine and the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007.

Apparently these kids do some lousy research on these shootings or else they would know that neither Cho Seung Hui nor the Columbine cowards were not bullied.

And speaking of bullying, like I said, that may be a load of crap

One boy testified the teen was often teased while riding the bus, with others kids calling him “midget man” and “leprechaun” because of his small stature and red hair. But the same boy also testified that he never saw the teen being physically attacked. 

Other students testified that the teen had many friends and was cheered on by other kids for his breakdancing ability at a school dance.

That’s what’s considered bullying these days? No we’re raising a generation of marshmallows. Get back to me after you’ve been concussed and had your shoulder separated and various other injuries. That’s how I was bullied and yet I never went and got a gun.

It also seems to me that Helms is trying to ‘turn to Christ’ in order to not take responsibility for his action…

Granchelli read several parts of a journal she said Helms kept while in his holding cell. 

“I’m not a violent person,” she read, “I was bad at one time…I’ve turned myself to God.”

Just like so many criminals trying to get paroled or off of death row.

Helms’ defense attorney had this to say about his client…

” Christian decided not to pull the trigger; It was serious but not as serious as planned. Personal injury did not result from this crime…This is a child…there is nothing adult like about him.”

Except for the parts where he knowingly stole a gun, built several bombs and pointed a gun at a police officer. If he had pulled the trigger before Officer Karney was able to tackle him we’d be talking about a 14-year-old cop killer right now.

And let’s get some more evidence of his mutantcy…

Gail Ward, Helms’s former teacher at Forestbrook Middle School, testified that he wrote a research paper about the April 20, 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 13 of their classmates before committing suicide. 

”All Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold wanted was for people to remember them for their actions,” Ward read from a copy of the paper, “It’s too bad that people will only remember them for the horrible things they did and nothing good.”

Yeah, because they did such great humanitarian work, right. At that point I would have called an emergency parent-teacher meeting but I could see the parents just blowing this off.

It also seems that Helms was apparently proud of what he accomplished while he was in juvi lockup…

Staff members also confiscated news clippings of the incident because Helms was showing them to other juveniles and staff members, Granchelli said. Helms also asked to view online comments at news sites about the case, but staffers declined to allow him to see them.

How’s that for remorse?

A decision should be rendered on Friday whether or not Helms will be tried as an adult.

Hearing on Socastee shooter

Christian Helms

Christian Helms

Again, don’t let the babyface fool you. 15-year-old Christian Helms was only inches away from being a stone cold killer.

Back in September he allegedly brought a revolver to Socastee High School and in a struggle fired the gun at school resource officer Erik Karney.

Of course the usual excuse of that he was supposedly bullied, boo-hoo,

Anyway this past Monday there was a hearing to determine if Helms will be tried as an adult. It was revealed during this hearing, at least for me, that Helms is in fact a mutant.

Helms said he got the idea from the school shootings at Columbine (Colo.) High School in 1999 that left 12 students and one teacher dead.

Karney testified that Helms pointed the  gut between his head and his chest and still can’t believe that he wasn’t struck. Luckily Karney was able to subdue helms after the gun went off. Helms was also said to be in possession of pipe bombs as well.

I’m sorry but if you bring a gun to school and you fire it at someone I don’t care how old you are your ass should be tried as an adult no questions asked.

More from the Socastee Boo Hoo files


Teen school shooting suspect remains in detention:

The unnamed 14-year-old gunman from the shooting at Socastee High School in South Carolina was back in court this past week. He was ordered to remain in detention for at least another 45 days while he undergoes a psych eval.

The bone I’d like to pick with is with his supporters.

The boy’s family members and friends showed their support by wearing blue ribbons, the symbol of an anti-bullying campaign. A friend of the boy’s father says, the 14-year-old is a good kid, and the shooting incident was out of character. “He’s got a big heart, and he’s been pushed around, and it just makes me mad, and that’s why, right there, (touching blue ribbon) I want people to realize that bullying thing’s got to stop,” said Jami LaFon.

LaFon believes the boy kept the bullying from his parents and school, fearing that if he told anyone about it, it might get worse. LaFon says he knows the boy will have to pay for what he did, but he hopes common sense will be used and that those who bullied the boy will feel some remorse. “I just hope good comes out of this, that’s all.”

If his friends knew that he was being bullied why didn’t they do anything to stop it? Not to mention his alleged bullying wasn’t the only thing his parents didn’t know about. They obviously also didn’t know about the guns and bombs that their kid was allegedly posting about on his twitter page.

If you want to actually do something about bullying instead of wearing ribbons, which accomplishes nothing, get the schools to actually stand up to the parents of bullies without flinching.

Still, guns are never the proper response to being bullied as not only does that make you a bully but it makes you a coward as well.

From the Boo-Hoo files: Socastee shooter was bullied


Attorney: Socastee High shooting suspect was bullied:

It was inevitable really.

Anyway the attorney for the 14-year-old gunman from Socastee High School says that his client was bullied half his life. According to reports that will play a prominent role in the defense of the still unnamed teen who fired a gun at school resource officer Erik Karney. Bullying doesn’t explain why he shot at a school resource officer but I digress.

Prosecutors are trying to have the teen tried as an adult but the teen’s lawyer is whining about that as well.

“I’ve got a client who is a little boy who has some severe emotional mental issues. We’re going to do everything we can to get him the help he needs,” Long said.

If you mean he was inches away from being a murderer then yes, he has issues.

Again, idiots like this who think a gun will solve a bullying problem, real or imagined, take the school’s attention away from bullying and place it on potential murderers. You’re only going to make things worse for the victims of bullying by either justifying or repeating his actions. Besides if you think you’re being bullied now just wait until you get to jail.

Bombs confirmed at Socastee


Second Socastee High student facing charges; Accused shooter could face terrorism charge:

The article that I linked to is about a teen from Socastee High School that was arrested for posting a threat on a social networking site. He’s been released to the custody of his parents but he’s not my main focus on the article.

My main focus is that the article confirms there were bombs at Socastee that allegedly belonged to the shooter. Yeah, I know this is old news, so sue me, I’m behind.

Anyway the article says that police found two pipe bombs in his book bag and that he was wearing his book bag at the time of the shooting. It’s a good thing the shooter was such a lousy shot or there may have been a larger human toll.