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Govt. IT guy sentenced for solicitation of a minor

Lake Worth man gets 12 years for wanting sex with 12-yr. old:

Former Information Technology Specialist at the Department of Veteran Affairs John Gerard Krantz was sentenced to 12 years in prison for using the internet to attempt to entice a minor to engage in sex.

The Lake Worth, Florida man will also have 10 years of supervised release after he gets out of prison.

It seems that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received 16 tips in four months about a Lake Worth man who was approaching underage girls on MySpace. That’s when the police got involved. They posed as a 14-year-old girl on MySpace. Krantz is said to have approached the ‘girl’ on MySpace and was told repeatedly that the girl was 14. That didn’t stop him from sending explicit videos of himself. And being an IT guy he instructed the girl on how to cover his tracks.

Not surprisingly child porn was found in his house.

You would think that an IT guy would realize how skilled law enforcement is in these matters. Then again I’ve worked for some companies where I was a better IT guy then the people they hired.

Florida teacher busted for lewd MySpace messages

Geneva Henry

Geneva Henry

Jupiter teacher arrested over MySpace messages:

That’s Geneva Henry. She’s a former teacher in Jupiter, Florida. A 14-year-old male student would message Henry on MySpace because he felt he could talk to her about anything. Apparently she felt the same way since the messages she returned were of an illicit nature.

This was my favorite quote from the article…

The student saved the messages into a word document for the investigator.

No he wasn’t. He was saving them for posterity more than likely.

Anyway since Henry is a female and semi-attractive she’ll get a slap on the wrists. Female sexual predators tend to get less time than their male counterparts.