10-year-old boy fends off sister’s Instagram stalker

10-year-old boy fends off sister's Instagram stalker

Michael Maurice Williams

I come from an age when if you were on the internet you never used your real name, hence the reason I’ve been using a pseudonym for 20 years. But today, people not only use their real names but some post almost every aspect of their lives onto social media. One of the many drawbacks to having such an active social media presence is stalking.

25-year-old Michael Maurice Williams of Delray Beach, Florida, is accused of allegedly breaking into the Boynton Beach home of a 20-year-old woman with a burgeoning music career he was following on Instagram. Williams is said to have repeatedly tried to stare into the woman’s bedroom, but one night late in November, Williams reportedly entered her home through the bedroom window, forced the woman down on the bed and tried to forcibly remove her clothing. I’m just going to go ahead and call that attempted rape even though that charge was not mentioned in any of the articles I read.

Williams was foiled by the woman’s 10-year-old brother who charged at him with a knife. Williams pushed the boy away but the woman and her brother were able to force Williams out of the home. Now that’s a brave kid. Williams is currently being held without bail.

While Williams is ultimately responsible for his own twisted actions, social media, much like anything else, should only be indulged in moderation for safety reasons alone.

Palm Beach Post

Stalker tries to hire rapist on craigslist

Stalker tries to hire rapist on craigslist

Jared W. Baratka

21-year-old Jared W. Baratka of Plymouth, Minnesota, had been previously convicted of stalking a teenage girl. He was sentenced to 90 days jail and 36 months probation, but the jail time was suspended, because letting stalkers run around free is such a good idea. After being picked up for one of his many alleged probation violations, police found emails on his phone that has led to him being held on $1 million bail.

Baratka allegedly took out an ad on craigslist looking for someone to rape the girl that he was stalking, and for them to record it.

A 56-year-old man said he answered a personal ad on craigslist, which turned into a request to kidnap and sexually assault a teen girl in Plymouth. The man told police that, as a hobby, he roleplays on Craiglist in the adult section, but that in this instance it became too real when the man he was in communication with — who police believe to be Baratka — supplied photos of the girl, an address, and the make and model of the car driven by the girl.

The man supplied communications he had with Baratka to officers in which Baratka encourages him to kidnap and sexually assault the girl while filming it.

The informant repeatedly asked if Baratka was serious, to which Baratka responded “I definitely 100 percent want this.” He allegedly offered $100 to the man during their communications.

This is far from the first case of someone soliciting the rape of another person on craigslist, in what I refer to as ‘rape by proxy’. Tragically, a number of the ones who have tried this before have been successful. The one that leaps immediately to mind is Jebidiah James Stipe, who orchestrated the rape of his ex in Wyoming through craigslist in California. Only by sheer luck was Baratka not able to carry out his plan.

Minn. teacher charged with Snapchat stalking of 12-year-old

Minn. teacher charged with Snapchat stalking of 12-year-old

Cody Woodrow Hansen

I swear I’m not cherry picking Snapchat stories that involve teachers. It’s just that the majority of Snapchat stories that reach my inbox deal with an inordinate amount of teachers.

The teacher in question this time is 25-year-old Cody Woodrow Hansen who was a middle school teacher in Eagan, Minnesota. He’s been charged with allegedly stalking a 12-year-old female student through Snapchat. Using several aliases Hansen allegedly messaged the student for months.

In the messages, prosecutors say Hansen told the girl she was cute, asked if she’d ever kissed anyone and asked if she liked older men.


Snapchat prides itself on its messages disappearing after a certain amount of time. That didn’t stop this 12-year-old from taking screenshots of the messages and turning them over to police.

Hansen is said to have admitted getting the girl’s Snapchat handle from her Instagram account. Does anyone else detect a problem here? While this guy is allegedly at fault for harassing this poor girl a 12-year-old girl does not need to be on either Snapchat or Instagram. It doesn’t take much for predators to discern where your child may live or attend school just by the pictures they post on social media.

UPDATE 11/22/2016: Hansen has only been sentenced to “30 days of house arrest for the next five years after pleading guilty.” That sounds like he gets to pick and choose which 30 days he gets to spend at hone over the course of the next five years. Some sentence. If it was any more cushy he’d have a fur-lined ankle monitor.

B*tch, I got ur address

Bryan Harris

Bryan Harris

27-year-old Bryan Harris, of Blue Ash, Ohio, isn’t your typical Facebook creeper. While it is alleged that he solicited underage girls for sex and explicit photos he took it up a few scary levels. Rather than tell you myself I think the three local media outlets did a fine job of describing just how scary this guy is.

From Cincinnati.com

Online conversations the FBI recovered indicate the suspect threatened to call the police and tell them the girl was suicidal in order to convince her to meet with him.

The transcripts of the Facebook conversations show the suspect using profanities and calling the girls “fat” and “lazy” and “fake.”

“I couldn’t cheer a game in high school because he drove an hour to stalk me,” one reply said.

She told the FBI he has come to her place of employment twice uninvited.


“lol I have your full name and location goodbye,” one message states.

Using the second account, Harris allegedly sent the girl a screenshot showing directions from his home to hers as the conversation proceeded past 1:30 a.m.

“B—- I got ur address,” one message states in a series pressuring the girl to invite him over.

Investigators wrote about a number of similar conversations held between Harris’ accounts and underage girls, calling one teen a “f—— c—.”

Investigators say that Harris used the aliases of B-Ryan Italians, Bryan Blue, and Bryan Delfavro to target his victims. To make matters worse Harris is said to have admitted ‘having sex’ with 17 victims under the age of 18 which makes me wonder how many times were done under coercion.

Harris claims that he sent the messages to his victims’ because he was ‘lonely and has conversations with women for attention’. There’s a big difference between attention and stalking. Hell, this is worse than stalking. This assclown is like the super villain of stalking.

This article from WLWT has some great tips for parents….

“We used to have to just worry about laptops and PCs and things like that. Now we’re seeing more of the issues with iPads, cell phones. android phones, iPhones and things of that nature. What a lot of parents don’t know is that there are still a lot of parental software apps for these devices,” Mason Police detective Jeff Wyss said.

The article also states that the Ohio based Beech Acres Parenting Center is hosting a digital safety workshop November 10th for area for parents.

“We want parents to be educated about social media, which is an ever changing thing. It’s not easy to keep up with so we’d like to give parents resources of how to stay on top of how things are going. What’s going on out there? What are kids using and not using?” Jill Huynh, of Beech Acres, said.

If you’re a parent living in the area and your tech skills may be lacking when it comes to social media you may want to check out the workshop. Or you can wait until it’s too late and someone like this has already approached one of your ids online. It’s your call.

UPDATE 10/14/2015: The FBI has opened a hotline for anyone who else who may have been one of Harris’ victim…

Any individuals who believe they may also be a victim in this case are encouraged to call the FBI victim information line at 513-979-8882, where they will be connected with a member of the FBI Cincinnati Child Exploitation Task Force.

Also Harris has pleaded not guilty.

Man arrested after offering $10K Facebook bounty on ex-girlfriend

Joshua Payne

Joshua Payne

Kentucky man offered $10,000 reward for help finding woman who fled from him:

There are few things more frightening for a woman then when she’s trying to escape an abuser. Even though you did nothing wrong you’re on the run like a criminal. Always looking over your shoulder afraid of your abuser finding you. It’s even worse if you have a child, always wondering if your child is safe while not in your immediate view. Now imagine that not only your abuser found you but finding out that someone you thought was a friend sold you out to your abuser. That’s what investigators say exactly happened in Longmont, Colorado.

Police say that 29-year-old Joshua Payne of Kentucky posted on his Facebook page that he would give anyone $10,000 for information leading to him finding his ex-girlfriend. His ex had fled Kentucky with her son to get away from Payne and with the assistance of a woman’s shelter she made her way to Longmont. She was in the process of changing her name and Social Security number in order to better hide from Payne.

Payne’s ex was befriended in Longmont by a woman named Madison Greenfield. She had told Greenfield all about Payne’s abuse and the fact that she fled with their son. Greenfield is said to have Googled information about Payne where she found his Facebook page and the $10K offer. Greenfield allegedly gave up the goods on the woman to Payne.

A witness tipped off police in Longmont and they tracked Payne as soon as he entered Colorado. He was arrested when police found him parked outside his ex’s building. Greenfield has also been arrested on charges of conspiracy.

Unfortunately the story isn’t over yet. Payne was able to post bond and is out walking the streets.

This coward shouldn’t have even been given bail in my opinion especially considering he had to cross multiple states to get to his ex. Things like restraining orders and pending court hearings do not stop violent abusing pussies like this.

I can only hope that the victim is under some kind of protective custody.

Thanks to Cynical Me for the tip.

UPDATE: Payne is back behind bars after being arrested on a Kentucky warrant for custodial interference.

Indiana man made fake Facebook of his rape victim to stalk his ex

Travis Allen Davis

Travis Allen Davis

Indiana man charged with stalking Pa. woman using Facebook page in name of woman he raped:

23-year-old Travis Allen Davis of New Castle, Indiana is one sick son of a bitch. He pleaded guilty to raping an ex-girlfriend of his in Ohio. He broke into her house armed and handcuffed her and raped her. Apparently that wasn’t enough to keep him behind bars or to keep a gun out of his hands.

Davis is now accused of creating a fake Facebook profile of his rape victim in order to stalk his most recent ex. Using the fake profile he threatened the woman, now living in Pennsylvania, saying that if she didn’t return to Davis he would send a video of them having sex. The woman was unaware that she was being filmed while having sex with Davis.

How the hell does this douchebag keep getting women? He looks like a douchey version of Screech.

Anyway Davis was found outside of the woman’s Pennsylvania home in his car. He was armed with a .45, three magazines filled with bullets and box cutters and had a stolen Pennsylvania plate taped over his Indiana plate.

I wonder if this latest charge will keep him behind bars. You would think that the Ohio courts would have held him until sentencing since he basically admitted he was a rapist.

Michigan man sentenced for MySpace stalking

Michigan man sentenced in MySpace case:

I originally posted about George Costales here. He was arrested back in November for stalking a California woman after meeting her through MySpace.

For more than 10 months Costales sent a Thousand Oaks woman unwanted e-mails and messages, many of them including sexually explicit language, according to Russell.

Russell said that although the woman told Costales she didn’t want any contact, he told her he was coming to California to find her. He was arrested when he approached her home.

Yesterday he was sentenced to two years in prison where he’ll have to deal with a different type of stalker.

Mercades Nichols arrested again

Girl In Taped Beating Case Arrested Again:

Mercades Nichols, she of the Victoria Lindsay beating, has been arrested once again for charges not related to the beating.

Sometime between Oct. 31 and March 28, Nichols stalked and threatened the victim online and in person, even when Nichols was aware that an injunction had been placed against her, Wood said.

“She harassed, cyber-stalked and placed the victim in fear,” Wood said, reading from the arrest warrant.

The victim is said to be Nichols’ ex-boyfriend.

She’s being held without bond.