Trench Reviews Stardew Valley


The Reynolds Ranch

I can’t recommend Stardew Valley enough, If you’re an old-time gamer like myself or you appreciate retro-style games then this game is for you. It is very reminiscent of the 16-32 bit era games. To me it reminds me of all the best minigames from Suikodens II and V, my favorite games of all time, then throws in just enough of Minecraft and a little Zelda-like dungeon crawling and you have yourself a great PC game. Granted it is technically a farming simulator but it has such great RPG elements that I’ve already sunk 50 hours easily into this game and I’m only 2/3 of the way through. In my opinion, this is how games should be. No DLC, no micro-transactions and no online play, just a complete game at purchase.

Speaking of purchase at $15 this game is more than a steal. I personally recommend picking it up at GOG however if you want to help my site out think about buying a Steam Gift Card from Amazon. (Sponsored link)

Stardew Valley gets the full 5 fedoras out of 5.