The tragic life and death of Daniel Pelka: Yet another child failed by UK social services

(Written by Cobalt Rose)

Everyone to blame but no one punished: Teachers, doctors, the police and social workers escape justice after missing 27 chances to save tragic Daniel Pelka:

The following is yet another tragic, tragic story of a child who was horrifically failed by UK social services. Daniel Pelka isn’t the first, and I’m sure he will not be the last.

On March 3rd last year, Magdelena Luczak and her boyfriend, Mariusz Krezolek, called 999 to report that Daniel Pelka, Magdelena’s four-year old son, was unresponsive. Paramedics arrived at the home in Birmingham to find the little boy cold to the touch. Unfortunately, Daniel was pronounced dead in hospital. Cause of death? ‘Severe’ blunt force trauma to the head. He weighed just 20 pounds. It would later be revealed that Daniel was subjected to a regime of ‘incomprehensible cruelty’ at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend. He was beaten, starved and tortured for months before his death.

The mattress Daniel was forced to sleep on.

Police were called to the home 27 times due to violent, drunken rows erupting between Magadelena and Mariusz, yet nobody ever thought to look at little Daniel, who was locked in a room, forced to sleep on a filthy, soiled mattress. He was viciously beaten, force-fed salt until he vomited, had his head held under water until he passed out and was starved to the point where he was stealing and eating food from the garbage at school. In 2011, Daniel suffered a broken arm. Mariusz claimed that it happened whilst him and Daniel were playing hide and seek…. Yeah. Even though Daniel’s mother failed to turn up for a follow-up appointment for Daniel’s broken arm, no alarms were raised. In February of 2012, Daniel’s doctor reported that he was ‘severely underweight’. What did he determine was causing this weight loss? Worms. Yep, worms. Not abuse. Not surprisingly, Daniel was already known to social services. He had poor school attendance, and Daniel’s mother often failed to turn up for paediatric appointments, yet again, no action was taken.

Daniel’s school is, in my opinion, are also partly to blame for this tragedy. Teachers report that Daniel ‘looked like a concentration camp victim’, ‘an old man with sunken eyes’ and was ‘wasting away’. He had black eyes, red marks on his neck and bruising all over his body. He was often spotted eating out of the garbage. He was very timid and quiet. My God, it breaks my heart to hear how much this little boy suffered in his short life. Yet did these teachers pull their finger out and actually report any concerns, you know, like anybody with any shred of sense and morally decency would? Of course they didn’t. They instead put Daniel’s emaciated state down to a ‘medical condition’ a lie which was fed to them by Daniel’s egg donor. Unfortunately, it would be this terrible attitude, simply standing by and believing every single lie that they were given by two sick pieces of monstrous scum, that led to a little boy’s tragic and entirely preventable death.

Computerised images of some of Daniel’s injuries

During their trial last month, like typical cowardly child abusers, Magdelena Luczak and Mariusz Krezolek denied that they had ever harmed Daniel, and when that didn’t work they blamed each other. However, there was clear evidence that they had both brutally abused the little boy. In a text sent to Mariusz just a few days before Daniel died, Magdelena said (and these are the exact words) – “Well now he’s temporarily unconscious because I nearly drowned him. He’s already in bed covered with the duvet and asleep and I am having some quiet time.” And later; “I won’t be hitting him but if I hear him when he later wakes up then he’s going back to the bathtub. I didn’t let the water out.” And; “We deal with Rudy [Daniel] after school. He won’t see grub at all.” I feel sick. That is his MOTHER. What utter, utter scum. The day before Daniel died, Luczak and/or Krezolek brutally beat him, leaving him with fatal brain trauma. They would delay calling 999, thinking that he ‘would be ok in the morning’ and there was ‘no need’ to get him medical attention.

Later during the trial, Krezolek admitted that he had force-fed Daniel salt until he was sick and had ‘physically disciplined’ Daniel, but again stated that it was Luczak who made him, and she was the primary abuser. The court decided that they were both equally responsible, finding them both guilty of murder. They were both given life, and must serve at least 30 years before being eligible for parole. I personally think they should rot, first in jail and then in the very depths of fiery Hell. They are absolutely vile and rotten to the core. I feel like crying, when I read of the horrors this little boy was subjected to in his short, tragic life. A ‘serious case review’ was conducted this week to see just HOW and WHY social services failed Daniel so terribly, and recommendations were made, and the social workers involved said that ‘lessons had been learned’, but it’s stuff that we have heard over and over again. Ever single time a child like Daniel dies in such a horrific way (Baby P, Khyra Ishaq, Victoria Climbie….) they all parrot out the same apologies and promises, and yet children still die. Daniel wasn’t the first, and he won’t be the last. Much as we would like to think that nobody would ever harm a child, there are those who do, and it seems that those responsible for protecting vulnerable children are doing very little to stop it.

Philly Breeders starve 3-year-old girl to death

Rivera and Ramirez

Parents charged with murder in starvation death of 3-year-old girl:

Ah Philadelphia, how I do not miss your barbarism towards your fellow-man. City of brotherly love my ass.

This time the participants are 30-year-old Carlos Rivera and 27-year-old Carmen Ramirez. They’ve been accused of allegedly starving Nathalyz Rivera, their 3-year-old daughter, to death. When Rivera found little Nathalyz unconscious instead of calling 911 he called Ramirez who was at a male friend’s house. Ramirez and the male friend came over and THEN took Nathalyz to the hospital.

The M.E. ruled her death homicide by starvation and said that she showed obvious signs of abuse. The Captain of Philadelphia’s homicide unit said it was one of the worst cases of abuse that he’s seen. When a Captain of the Philadelphia homicide unit says something is the worst he’s ever seen you can take his word for it because Philly is never short on atrocities. Police also say that Ramirez claimed that Nathalyz was a special needs child which makes me wonder if they were just starving her or the other four kids as well.

Police are still investigating and asking the public for tips…

As this investigation continues, anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia Police at 215-686-TIPS (8477), text a tip to PPD TIP (773847) or through

Thanks to Sarah for the tip.

Detrimental Breeders of Delaware

Hohn and Watterson (He’s both the eggman and the walrus.)

Escape prompts abuse charges:

In Newark, Delaware a 12-year-old boy went from door to door looking for an ex-schoolmate of his. He hadn’t seen him in several months and didn’t know exactly where he lived. All he knew was that he lived across the street from the school. When he finally found the house he was looking for the parents of the boy found a barefoot and bruised boy suffering from malnutrition. They took the boy in and fed him for what they say was four hours.

The parents of the friend called police and while on the phone a car pulled looking for the boy. A woman from the car said they were looking for a boy with bare feet. The friend’s father smartly and thankfully said…

Nope, hadn’t seen him. Why don’t I take down your number and if I see him, I’ll give you a call.

Which he promptly turned over to police.

Arrested were the boy’s sperm donor, 41-year-old Robert J. Hohn III, and the step-monster, 39-year-old Shannon Watterson. It turns out that the boy had allegedly been kept locked in his room since September, was only provided minimal food and was only allowed out to go to the bathroom. Considering the bruises I’m going to say that he probably got his fair share of beatings too but that’s just me.

His siblings were allowed to go to school while the boy was ‘home-schooled’. Now before you home schoolers get all righteous on me, save it. While there are many great parents who do a great job in home schooling their kids however the reality is that many abusers use it as an excuse to hide child abuse. I wish the state would do more to prevent this but that’s another rant for another day.

It get’s better. Hohn and Watterson’s attorney says it’s not as bad as it seems. The lawyer says that boy had discipline issues with running away and hurting himself. If I had to hang wet clothes in the rain while being sprayed with a hose in the fall I’d probably want to runaway too. On top of that the only furniture in the boy’s room was a bare bulbed lamp and the door knob was put in backwards so it could only be unlocked from the outside. But it’s no big deal right?

Here’s what I don’t get. Being an actual human being with feelings how could they stand to see their son malnourished like that. Back when my stepson was this boy’s age he came down with a nasty virus so bad that we had to take him to the ER. While he was in the treatment room waiting to be admitted his eyes were so sunken that I thought we were going to lose him. I literally ran from the room in the tears so he wouldn’t see me cry. I could never imagine withholding food intentionally from a child where he wastes away to that point.

Now they’ll know what it’s like to be in a room where they can’t get out. They both should be starved and beaten with a sock full of wood screws.

Thanks to Kelly for the tip.

Adoptive Breeder and girlfriend make girl eat in bathroom

Regina Marquez and Deanna Martinez

DA: Parents Forced Adopted Girl To Eat In Bathroom:

When I first glanced at the article I thought this was going to be another story about adoptive Breeders who were in it for the money. In a sick way that makes sense. Greed is a huge motivator for all sorts of criminal acts. Then I read the article and it turns out the Breeders in question are just evil.

In Denver police have arrested 35-year-old Regina Marquez and her 36-year-old girlfriend Deanna Martinez for severely physically abusing a 6-year-old girl who Marquez had adopted.

Marquez is the girl’s biological aunt who adopted the girl when the bio mom could no longer care for her. That is supposed to be an act of love when you adopt a relative’s child when they can’t care for them. Instead this became just another act of torture.

The girl was allegedly made to only eat in the bathroom and was not fed all that often. The girl’s hair was falling out and she had the development of a 2-year-old girl. The girl was also found to have several fractures that were in a state of healing in her arm and fingers. Marquez claimed the girl’s arm broke when she ‘fell’ while carrying a box of Legos.

To make matters worse Marquez also adopted the girl’s 2-year-old brother but I have not seen any claims of abuse on him. Was the girl singled out for some reason? Because the fact that they targeted the girl makes it seem so.

You know, there is an adult version of Legos. They’re called cinder blocks. One of the favorite implements of justice at the (P)BB Department of Poetic Justice. Which brings me to what ‘they’ should do.

Have their arms tied down and extended on a slab of concrete then repeatedly drop cinder blocks painted to look like Legos dropped on their arms. Of course this would be after they were starved for a while.

Nice neck tattoo by the way. Seriously classy.

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Cult Breeder gets no jail time for starving child to death

Woman gets probation for starving son with cult:

I originally posted about Javon Thompson at my other site here. He was a 1-year-old from Baltimore whose remains were found stuffed in a suitcase in Philadelphia. He was starved to death by his breeder Ria Ramkissoon on the urging of a cult that she belonged to because the 3-year-old Javon did not say ‘Amen’ before meals.

You would think that the courts bring the hammer down on such an obvious case of neglect and idiocy and betrayal of basic parenting trust.

No such luck.

Baltimore Circuit Judge Timothy J. Doory sentenced Ramkissoon to probation with the caveat that she report to a residential treatment facility for young women.

The treatment program includes Bible study, and Ramkissoon will be required to complete the program, which doesn’t have a specified length, before she can live on her own.

So she’ll be out in plenty of time to be stupid enough to listen to someone else to abuse any future children she might have.

The cult leader herself, Queen Antoinette, also known as Toni Ellsberry or Toni Sloan, is looking at 60 years in Javon’s death.

It seems that the sentences should be inverse. The parent is suppo0sed to be responsible for the well being of their own children. Not sentencing Ramkissoon to jail time sends the message that you’re not responsible for your own actions.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

A sock full of rice

Police: Stepson beaten, burned and not allowed to eat:

27-year-old Jaime B. Day and 30-year-old Murray Day of Calcasieu Parish in Louisiana have been arrested and held on millions of dollars of bail for severely abusing Murray Day’s 9-year-old son.

The boy was starved to the point where he was 38 pounds. He was allegedly tied to a door knob with a dog leash. He was forced to watch the rest of the family eat. The boy allegedly became so hungry that he would eat his own feces.

Also the boy was burned with a rice sock that was obviously overheated.

Sometimes I joke, but not in the ha ha way, that there is some kind of underground child abuse ‘fight club’ who compete with each other to come up with a new and creative ways to abuse a child. The rice sock is a new one to me.

Thanks to Lori for the tip.

Another child locked away in a room

Is it me or do we post an inordinate amount of stories from Arizona? Well, here’s another one.

Scott and Andrea Bass of Phoenix were arrested for allegedly keeping Scott Bass’ 14-year-old daughter locked in the bathroom, starving her and abusing her.

The girl was able to escape from the house and had a coffee shop call police for her.

The bathroom she was kept in had no working water so once again we have people giving their child a bucket while locking them up.

Scott Bass allegedly made her do exercises until she dropped and beat her with a belt and rod because the girl supposedly cheated on at home test and stole food.

This allows me to address two things. Obviously this girl was home schooled in order to hide the abuse. I have nothing against people who home school their kids however when it’s abused for illegal reasons it ruins it for everybody. Secondly what is up with the whole ‘stealing food’ thing? That seems to be an excuse trotted out constantly by abusers like they all have the same handbook or something.

The part of the article I loved is when police went to the house and Bass had a visibly surprised look on his face when he opened the door to the bathroom and the girl wasn’t there.

I wish they published a picture of that.

Thanks to everyone who submitted this tip.

Texas clown car accused of starving child

34-year-old Almita Nicole Lockhart of Houston, Texas is accused of starving her 8-year-old daughter, Halle Shamille Smith, to death.

Lockhart is a known drug addict who had nine other children, hence the clown car comment. CPS had investigated her on several occasions but the children were never taken away.

I bet they’ve taken them away now.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip and the title inspiration.

Breeders locked girl in closet for a year

Child Locked In Closet For Over A Year:

Is it me or is locking your kid in a closet the new ‘in’ thing among child abusers?

This time we go to Brownsville, Texas where Leticia and Alfredo Ines were arrested for locking their 12-year-old daughter in a closet with no light. She was ‘allowed’ to go to school but as soon as she got home it was back in the closet.

The closet also contained a bucket that the girl used as a toilet and she was forced to clean the bucket every day.

The birth organism claims that the girl was locked in the closet so she wouldn’t steal food. (Damn this sounds familiar.) However the girl was undernourished and was the size of an 8 or 9 year-old. Leticia doesn’t look like she’s refused a lot of meals in her time.

One of her brothers told the school about what goes on at home.

Granted both Breeders should be sent to prison with no light and no food but how did the school not notice this?

Thanks to JoAnna for the tip?

Wisc. Breeders starve daughter for a year

Parents Accused Of Starving Daughter:

Dodge Co. Parents Charged In Abuse Of Adopted Girl:

Kathryn Krier of Dodge County, Wisconsin has been arrested for allegedly starving her stepdaughter for over a year. At the age of 12 the girl weighed 98 pounds but at the age of 13 she only weighed 70.

Krier allegedly chained the refrigerator shut to keep the girl from getting any food and also broke the girl’s fingers. She also allegedly made the girl sleep outside in the nude. Krier was able to pull the wool over the eyes of doctors and social workers by claiming the girl had an eating disorder. She also pulled the girl out of school because the school had the audacity to give her breakfast.

The father, Kenneth Krier, was also arrested for not doing anything to prevent the abuse.

What I don’t get is why they would starve a girl. Is Krier one of those mothers who think anything over being a stick is morbid obesity? Or is she just a selfish bitch?

Thanks to JJ for the tip.