Dallas Breeder leaves kids in car while in strip club

Dad Left Babies Outside Dallas Strip Club, Cops Say:

Look. I’m a guy. I used to be a guy who enjoyed strip clubs. I don’t think there is anything wrong with going to one AS LONG AS YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR FREAKIN’ KIDS WITH YOU!!!

Seriously what is wrong with you assclowns that keep doing this. Are you so lonely and horny that your kids’ welfare is second to your desire to get a lap dance?

The latest assclown in the strip club parade is 36-year-old Michael Galloway who left his 3-year-old and his 9-month-old in the car with the windows rolled up in the parking lot of a Dallas strip club.

I’ve never been to Texas but if it is anything like North Carolina I would imagine you’re having some pretty warm weather right now.

Dickweed said that he was only in the joint for 20 minutes like that makes it any better. However witnesses say he was drinking in the club for at least an hour.

He was arrested around midnight which is a great time to have your kids out on the town with you.

Thanks to Michelle for the tip.

Dr. Pervy Leaveskidincar DDS

Dentist goes to strip club, leaves infant in car:

I’ve been noticing a theme in my infrequent posts lately. People you would think are smart enough not to commit child abuse and neglect. First we had a lawyer, then a teacher, now we have a dentist.

Now the joke is that dentists are just doctors who couldn’t get into med school. However I worked in dental insurance and it can be a very complicated.

But when you’re thinking with the lower instrument it can make you short bus stupid.

For example take dental surgeon Dr. Omar Abdo. He was arrested in West Palm Beach, Florida for leaving his 8-month-old baby in his Jeep while he went into a strip club. This was after Midnight by the way. The Jeep had the windows rolled up and it was running.

Luckily an officer on foot discovered the baby in the car and when the car was opened the baby was face down in a bassinet crying.

Abdo claims that he was in the club for just a second but video surveillance allegedly shows that he was in the club for hours.

Like I said, smart enough to know better but too stupid to realize it.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

He was in the vehicle when it was tooken

Police: Man left son in semi while visiting a strip club:

39-year-old Donald Crawford of Indianapolis was arrested last week for leaving his 5-year-old son in the cab of his semi while he went and drank at a strip club. Not only was he already allegedly drunk when he got to the club but he also refused to pay for $80 in lap dances and only had one drink. Ladies and gentleman this is only one of the many species of douchebag. The cheapskate at the strip club.

Anyway, after he was thrown out of the club he couldn’t find his truck and called 911 to report it missing. The 911 call is transcribed in the article but the fact that the told the dispatcher that “He was in the vehicle when it was tooken.” Even here in the south that’s not close to proper grammar.

And it gets better. When police finally found Crawford and the truck the truck was unlocked with the keys in the ignition. Luckily his son was unharmed and watching cartoons.

But wait…there’s more. The article says that Crawford was released into the custody of his wife. Does that mean that she bailed him out? Ladies, would you have bailed out your man if he did something like that.

When I was single I went to a lot of strip clubs. After I got married and inherited some new kids I went once and was embarrassed when I came home and my kids said I smelled funny. It was probably the combination of beer and stripper perfume that made me that way.

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Kids left in car while man goes to strip club

Largo man left children in car to visit strip club:

You know, when I was in my single days I used to frequent the gentlemens clubs. I may have even put a couple of dancers’ kids through school. But one thing I never did was take kids with me.

That didn’t stop Kenneth J. Summers though. He allegedly went to a strip club in Clearwater, Florida at 11pm while leaving a 3 and 4-year-old in the car. He was in the club for somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes.

It doesn’t say how police were notified but of the club patrons were the ones that called police it kind of restores my faith in humanity a little.

It also doesn’t say what his relationship to the kids were. Any guesses? I’m thinking bad boyfriend.

Thanks to Snoopy and Brandon for the tip.