"Do it. Kill yourself. I don’t really care."

When I was a teenager I tried to kill myself, twice. I was being bullied at school and my dad was abusing my mom at home. I had no refuge, no escape. I know now that I suffer from depression and I’ve gotten help for it. I would never consider it again. Only because of my brother catching me during both attempts that I’m able to type these words today. I was afraid if I had told my father that I was suicidal that something like the following would happen.

In Osceola County, Florida, a 13-year-old boy is said to have told his father that he was feeling suicidal. Instead of getting his son help 44-year-old Michael Yatsko allegedly gave his son a .45 and urged him to kill himself.

When the teen said he wanted to kill himself, Yatsko allegedly went into the boy’s bedroom, threw the handgun on the bed and told him, “Do it. Kill yourself. I don’t really care.”

Police were initially called to the home on physical abuse allegations. Yatsko also allegedly told police that he did it because his son was ‘acting cowardly’. I would too if I had a violent psychopath for a father. I did , but that’s beside the point.

Luckily the gun was said to have been unloaded.

Michael Yatsko

This is part of what’s wrong in society today. Thoughts of suicide are a mental health issue. Too many troglodytes like this assclown think that it’s a sign of weakness or cowardice. It is none of those things. You didn’t necessarily fail as a parent if one of your children is suicidal but this one obviously did.

If you are a teen or you know a teen who is suicidal there are places you can reach out to help like ReachOut.com or you can call their help line at 1-800-448-3000

Suicide is selfish


So as we all have heard by now a renowned celebrity killed himself recently. When my wife told me the news I said that I don’t get it. She said to me that I of all people should get it. What she means is that I suffer from depression, horribly. Also in my younger years I have attempted suicide. I tried in my teens because of a hellish situation at home and in my mid 20s because I experienced a drastic life change for the worse at the time. I have not made any attempts since then. That’s not to say the thought never enters my mind but I digress.

Getting back to the celebrity in question, the reason I don’t get it is because as far as I can tell he had the means and resources to get help. I’ve heard reports that he committed suicide due to financial issues but how bad could they have been? Would they be to the level where he would have to live on the street? I doubt it. I’m not faulting him for being successful in his career but he should have taken advantage of that success in order to get help.

Suicide mostly has to do with mental illness, no one knows that better than me, however it is also an act of selfishness. No matter who you are if you take your own life it will have repercussions among those closest to you for years to come and may affect someone in a negative way for the rest of their life.

Take me for example. Like I’ve mention ad nauseam I suffer from depression. I take medication for it which helps but there are still bad days. For example right now I’m unemployed. I have been for the past 7 months. I didn’t work at my previous job, which was a temp job, long enough to be able to collect unemployment. What little money I’m able to scrounge up comes from panhandling to friends and strangers on the internet. I can’t even get hired by retail or fast food let alone my own field.

My car is in a serious state of disrepair. Because of my financial situation I am unable to get the car repaired which means I can’t get inspected or registered for the year. Because of that the car has been ticketed multiple times for having expired tags. In less than 30 days I have to do one of the following, pay a $250 fine which only delays getting ticketed again, turn in the tags which leaves me with no transportation, or go to jail for not doing the previous two.

Speaking of my meds, I have to ration them because I don’t know when I’ll be able to afford them again or be able to afford a visit to the doctor’s.

The past seven months have been very hard not only on me but my family as well and yes there are some days where I’m so depressed that I pray for the release of death. A situation like this I’m sure has broken people before but I persevere. I have to. There is no other way. I have no choice. I have a family who would be devastated if I were to take my own life. I care for them too much to ever do that to them no matter how bleak my situation gets. I don’t tell you this for your pity, I tell you this because suicide is not a normal or healthy thought.

If you are considering suicide I urge you to get mental help as quick as you can. There’s no shame in admitting that you need help.

Convicted Marshfield plotter committed suicide

Marshfield High bombing plotter found dead in Quincy:

I thought long and hard about posting this story. I thought either way if I did or did not post anything about it someone would be offended so I decided to post anyway.

Starting in 2004 I posted about a school shooting plot that was set to take place at Marshfield High School in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Two kids were arrested. I thought one was guilty and one was innocent. Both were convicted and served their time. I thought and still think that Tobin Kerns was innocent. Conversely I thought and still think that Joe Nee was guilty. The weekend prior to the Thanksgiving holiday Joe Nee took his own life.

I’m not here to rehash history. Also I take no pleasure in Joe Nee’s death. What I’d like to do today is talk about suicide.

Suicide is a byproduct of mental illness. Believe me I know. In my youth I attempted suicide a number of times. If you’re having thought about harming or killing yourself it means you need help. No matter what anyone says there is no shame in reaching out for that help. After being suicide obsessed for so many years I reached out and I’m thankful that I did. Also if you think that no one is going to miss you that’s just not true. Your suicide will have negative impacts on friends and family members for years to come and they might never be the same. I wouldn’t want that and I know most of you wouldn’t either.

Again it can’t be said enough. There is no shame in seeking professional help for a mental health issue. It may be the difference between life and death, not only for you but those around you as well.

It’s been seven years since the cyberbullying death of Megan Meier

Tina Meier Reflects On Seventh Anniversary Of Daughter’s Suicide, Cyberbullying Prevention Efforts:

Megan Meier

Megan Meier

It’s hard to believe that it’s been seven years since the tragic suicide of 13-year-old Megan Meier. For those of you who may not know the story Megan committed suicide after being cyberbullied on MySpace by her neighbor. When I say neighbor I don’t mean another 13-year-old girl but someone who was supposed to be considered an adult, Lori Drew was a woman in her late 40s who had a teenage associate create a fake MySpace profile of a boy named Josh Evans that feigned a liking to Megan. After some time the imaginary Josh Evans started sending demoralizing and disparaging messages which caused Megan to kill herself. Lori Drew never spent a day in jail. Megan’s death was supposed to at least signify a change in our society that should have gone a long way to end cyberbullying. Unfortunately that has not happened.

How many kids have taken their own lives in the last seven years, and in that seven years how many times have the tormentors act like they’ve done nothing wrong? Not to mention the fact that the parents of these little scumbags usually defend them. Therein lies the problems. Much like Lori Drew never felt she did anything wrong when one of their family is being blamed in someone’s death the adults try to deflect blame from their demon spawn crotchfruit as well. How can we do anything about kids cyberbullyoing each other when the idiot parents allow it?

Megan would have been 20-years-old. She could have been worrying about college classes or already a couple of years into a career. She could have been engaged to a sweet man who helped her through a difficult time. Instead she’s just another statistic while her tormentor is living a life without regret and freedom. As long as there are ignorant pieces of trash out there that are willing to allow their children to engage in such behavior the body count will continue to increase.

Ask.fm and cyberbullying suicides

Social network site pledges changes after teen suicide uproar:


Ask.fm is a Q&A type of social network. Users can field questions about themselves from registered or anonymous users. Think of it being more like Formspring rather than Quora. For example here’s my ask.fm profile that I just signed up for. Recently a 14-year-old girl from England committed suicide after allegedly being harassed on the site. I’m not going to mention her name because in a moment it may seem like to some that I’m disrespecting the victim and all victims of cyberbullying.

The solution to cyberbullying is relatively simple. If you can’t handle negativity and harassment from anonymous lowlifes on the internet don’t put yourself out there. I would say that most 14-year-old girls aren’t mentally ready for that kind of pressure. I wish I could say the answer was for everybody to be tolerant to everyone else but that’s not a reality. The hard truth is that there are always going to be intolerant assholes and the more they can be anonymous the bigger the asshole they’re going to be. This is not only for kids but for adults as well. Do you think I could blog for 13 years without being able to take the barbs from various mutants and trolls?

Again my advice for parents is to check up on your kids’ internet and smart phone activity to see if they’re on sites like ask.fm. If you don’t think they’re ready to handle that kind of abuse then there is no need for them to be on ask.fm or any other Q&A site. Tumblr has that function as well.

Michigan man kills wife and sons, then goes to sleep… PERMANENTLY

 Husband kills wife, 2 sons and himself

 Mother and 2 sons found dead in home, father kills himself

With the economy the way it is and everyone struggling financially to keep their heads above water, we can understand the stress and even the dark thoughts to end it all, what we can’t understand is the father that decides not only to end his life, but the lives of his wife and two sons first.  That is the case in this story coming to us from my home state, Michigan.  Let’s get to it shall we.

On January 13th Police in Novi, MI, received a call from a family friend after Camden Schons (4) and Tynan Schons (6) did not show up for school and their mother Jennifer Schons (38) missed a scheduled appointment.  Officers went to their home around noon for a welfare check; inside they found their bodies.  Jennifer was in her room and had died of multiple stab wounds.  The boys were found in another room both had been choked to death.  The father Mark Schons (39) was not in the house, so an alert was issued for his vehicle.  Two hours later he was found in a Lowe’s (Wal-Mart in some articles) parking lot, he had died of an apparent suicide.  He had lit a charcoal grill in the passenger seat of his SUV and died from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Now I can understand him wanting to end his life and even doing so in the easiest way possible, but this cowardly man stabbed his wife and choked his two sons to death, then he takes his ass out by carbon monoxide, essentially putting himself to sleep permanently.  Where was that mercy when he was taking the lives of his family?  Here’s an even better idea if you really want to end it all, do it, but leave your wife and kids out of it!

The motive is unknown, as suicide note has been found.  According to family the Schons owned a now-defunct party-supply store, were deep in debt, had filed for bankruptcy in December and were considering divorce, although they continued to live in the same residence.

The police are looking into the 19-20 hours prior to the murders/suicide to see what may have triggered Mark to make his fateful decision.  Novi Police Chief Molloy said, “We may never know what triggered this event, but we will know everything about these people and what led to this.” 

The autopsy results:

Jennifer Schons, 38-year-old, female, homicide, multiple sharp force injuries (a knife was found with Mark in the SUV)

Tynan Schons, 6-year-old, male, homicide, asphyxiation due to compression

Camden Schons, 4-year-old, male, homicide, asphyxiation due to compression

Mark Schons, 39-year-old, male, suicide, carbon monoxide poisoning

Tynan and Camden Schons

So sad… R.I.P. Jennifer, Tynan and Camden.

Philip Markoff: Drama Queen in death

Philip Markoff

Philip Markoff

‘Craigslist Killer’ Philip Markoff Wrote Ex-Fiancee’s Name in Blood as He Killed Himself:

We now know how Philip Markoff was able to take the coward’s way out and boy did he have a flair for the dramatic.

Markoff took a pen that was filed down to a slashing tool and cut major arteries in his arms and legs. I guess that Grey’s Anatomy book was used for something else besides hiding his gun. Anyway he also wrapped the wounds in plastic from a plastic bag. He also stuffed toilet paper down his throat and put a plastic bag over his head. Officials say he did all this in order to make sure that medical staff would be unable to revive him. It seems that he really wanted to die. I bet he even went down the road.

But sometime in the middle of all this he was able to scrawl his fiancée’s name in blood. Also he committed suicide on what would have been their one year anniversary. You know, except for the fact that he was arrested for the robbery and murder of Julissa Brisman.

All I have to say is what a bitch. Markoff that is.

Julissa Brisman’s family have expressed their disappointment in Markoff’s suicide saying that he escaped justice. Not to be disrespectful but to them I would say that I believe that justice can be served after this life. I’m sure that Markoff is currently receiving more retribution than this world could possibly inflict.

Philip Markoff reportedly commits suicide (CONFIRMED)

Philip Markoff

Philip Markoff

Report: ‘Craigslist Killer’ Philip Markoff commits suicide in jail:

Fox 25 in Boston is reporting that Philip Markoff committed suicide in jail at 10:20 PM local time last night.

As I’m sure most of you know Markoff was the accused killer of craigslist masseuse Julissa Brisman.

No word yet on how Markoff saved money for the tax payers of Massachusetts.

I refuse to refer to Markoff as the ‘craigslist killer’ because there were craigslist killers before him and there have been craigslist killers after him.

UPDATE: Markoff’s defense attorney has confirmed Markoff’s death.

UK man who killed his daughter kills himself

Father killed daughter then posted on Bebo to pretend she was alive:

How’s this for a bastard?

47-year-old Tony Couchman of England killed his 19-year-old daughter Victoria. He allegedly blamed her for his son’s vehicular death in 2005 and that is believed to be the reason he killed her. Kids found her skull in the woods in October of 2008.

To try and cover up the crime it is believed that Couchman went on his daughter’s Bebo account and posed as her imitating the way teens speak. However his murderous love for his son may have been his undoing as he sent messages to his son’s friends as Victoria asking them to take the pictures of his son off their profiles and was rather rude about which people say was not Victoria’s nature.

To top it all off Couchman killed himself in his cell the day before his trial was to start. When this happens I usually say he took the coward’s way out which he did. However since there is no death penalty in England I say thanks for saving the British taxpayers some money.

(For more social website related crime please check out MyCrimeSpace)

No justice for Megan Meier now definite

Feds Won’t File Appeal In MySpace Suicide Case:

The headline says it all. Federal prosecutors have announced that they will not file an appeal after a federal judge threw out the fraud charges against Lori Drew.

As I’m sure you know the alleged mother Drew used a fake MySpace in order to harass 13-year-old Megan Meier into suicide.

“We had filed a notice of appeal to protect our right in the appeals court,” said Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. “We decided we will not pursue an appeal, so this case is now

Now Lori Drew walks away scot-free with no qualms about what she is responsible for. Yet Megan Meier is still dead. She probably won’t even be shunned by society as she has enough of her own misguided supporters.

Like I said, no justice.